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25 reasons to Study Geography

Geography can be defined as the study of the earth and its features. It is a physical science that deals with the description, analysis, and interpretation of landscapes. Geographers use maps, aerial photographs, and other spatial data to learn about different places.

Through geography, we can understand how our world is interconnected and learn about different cultures.

The field of geography is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge, making it an exciting discipline to study.

Considering studying Geography? Here are 25 reasons you might be on the right path.

1. Learn about your world. Most students cringe at the mention of geography class, but it is a very important subject to study.

Geography teaches us about our world and the different cultures that inhabit it. It also helps us understand how geography affects our lives and the world around us.

Whether you are studying geography for personal enrichment or for a future career, there are many benefits to be gained from learning about our planet. So why not take a closer look at this fascinating field of study?

The next time you hear someone mention geography, don’t run away – explore! You may be surprised by what you discover.

2. Geography is a subject that puts life into the other science subjects as it enables students to make connections between different disciplines and apply what they learn to their immediate environment – meaning geographical knowledge applied makes them more interesting and engaging.

3. Geographers spend their time investigating, analyzing, and representing the Earth’s surface and making sense of how people interact with it both now and in the past – and they’re super smart too, but don’t tell them I said that.

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4. Top geographers often go on to study at the university level either to become teachers or scientists (geologists, meteorologists, etc) or even start up their own business or become entrepreneurs.

5. Geography involves learning about the most amazing places on earth, whether it’s volcanos in Hawaii, ancient civilizations in Greece, or skiing down mountains in Canada – you’ll be amazed at how many countries are out there!

6. You can study geography anywhere, but Australia is my favorite place to study geog because of all the different types of landscapes and climates that exist here (deserts, rainforests, beaches) as well as the incredible native wildlife.

7. With geography students get to learn all sorts of cool stuff like weather patterns, population changes, and political boundaries which makes for some really interesting conversation topics!

8. You can often find yourself getting involved with big projects like building water tanks for communities in Africa, studying the effects of global warming on glaciers, or even creating and mapping your own country – challenging but fun!

9. Geographers like to travel and often go off to places like America (ranked number one by National Geographic as their favorite place), New Zealand, or Japan. Or if you prefer staying local you can do a geography assignment about where YOU live!

10. Geography students enjoy working together and coming up with solutions for people living in problems like malnutrition, famine, and disease – impressive right?!

11. Geographers study the past as well as the present so whether you’re interested in ancient civilizations such as Greece, Egypt, China, or more modern times – they’ll have something for you…

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12. The best geographers are both creative and inquisitive – meaning they always come up with new and interesting questions about people and places that need answering!

13. Geography students like to debate, discuss and evaluate what they know, which is the perfect preparation for those all-important exams…

14. Geographers believe the world is a fascinating place where we’re all interconnected through events on weather or politics as well as our cultures and histories (which can be really romantic if you think about it…)

Geographical Formation-Courthouse Towers at Arches National Park

Geographical Formation-Courthouse Towers at Arches National Park | SOURCE: UNSPLASH.COM

15. It’s never too late to study geography! Older people often enjoy studying geography as an adult because of the practical application of geographical skills in solving problems such as deforestation, famine, pollution, etc.

16. Geography is easy to access online but if you prefer to go to a class, there are loads of locations near you – even home classes!

17. Geographers think about the future as well as the present meaning they’re always looking for solutions for problems that haven’t yet been solved – giving them a huge advantage when it comes to job prospects.

18. Geographers spend a lot of time outside exploring and finding out more about what makes people and places tick – getting exercise at the same time is just an extra bonus!

19. Nobody knows all the answers so each opinion is valued and respected by other geographers who want to learn from each other’s different perspectives…

20. In geography no one can fail you because everyone has different strengths and weaknesses so being good at something isn’t the same as being good at everything – everyone has a place!

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21. Geographers believe that understanding both similarities and differences between people, cultures, and countries is vital to peace, security, and sustainable development…

22. There’s always more than one way of looking at something because geography is about asking questions not delivering answers.

23. Geography means you’ll learn all about maps (reading them, making them, using them…) which will make sense of this crazy world we live in 🙂

24. Studying geography will help you understand how closely connected your life is with other people on earth (through things like climate change, shared resources, etc) – makes you feel pretty powerful really!

25. Geography students love thinking deeply about what they see and do in their daily lives, making them great contributors to society.

Career Paths for geography Graduates

There are a number of potential careers for geography graduates, depending on their skills and interests.

Some common career choices include working as a cartographer, GIS technician, urban planner, land surveyor, or environmental scientist. Many geography graduates also go on to pursue further education in order to become professors or researchers in the field.

Base Salary for Geography Graduates

A profession such as Cartographers requires a bachelor’s degree in geography. Salaries start at $65,470 per year.

So there you have it! 25 reasons why everyone should study geography! If we’ve missed out on any other good ones let us know…

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