9ja cash: quick loan app that gives up to 300,000 with no collateral

If you need a quick loan to take care of some stuff, there are lots of loan apps you can access on the play store. Among them is 9ja cash loan app

9ja cash is yet to gain rating like the already established loan apps which include fairmoney, branch loan and paylater loan but it is only a matter of time before Nigerians at large will know if they are in for long term or just a flash.

9ja cash is one of the best loan apps in Nigeria that provides you with an online platform to get personal loan without having to worry about collateral. This innovative fintech app ensures you pass through this phase without the usual rigorous process.

On 9ja cash loan app, you are offered a hassle free and almost an instant loan. Although, I have not used this loan app but I have made some investigations, so far the testimonies have good.

The main focus of this fintech company is to help anyone who is currently in a tight position and urgently needs a temporary cover. 9ja cash loan app will ensure you have the borrowed money quickly.

Meanwhile, there are lots of reasons why an individual will see a loan as an option. It could be to take care of some pending bills, upgrade or buy some appliances, plan a date or wedding, improve a hustle, start an online business. Whatever you have planned out, 9ja cash loan app is available anytime to help you sort it out.

Benefits of 9ja Cash Loan App

  1. Loan is fast, reliable, secure and easy to obtain.
  2. This loan app can be accessed at any time and any day.
  3. Freedom to choose your payment tenure.
  4. There are no hidden charges or collateral to secure the loan.
  5. 9ja cash uses artificial intelligence algorithms to run credit scoring.
  6. Customers will be able to receive an instant credit decision after applying.
  7. 9ja cash quick loan app is paperless, that is you do not need to worry about manual documentation.

How does 9ja cash loan app work

Like all loan emergency loans in Nigeria, it is important to satisfy the basic requirements of getting a loan. The first requirement is to have a source of income that can be verified. It is even better if you are working for an organization or with the federal government. Those that are self employed might need to prove their case beyond reasonable doubt that they can pay as arranged.

A loan of N5,000 to N300,000 can be accessed on 9ja cash and with the repayment period between 91 days to 180 days, that is 3 months to 6 months. If you are just joining the system, you might find your loan amount reduced but as you continue to prove your creditworthiness, you will be able to get even better loan.

Interest and service fee ranges from 1% to 34% with an equivalent monthly interest of 3% – 29% and APR of 29% – 365%. For instance, if you choose to borrow N1000 on a 6-month loan, 9ja cash will charge an interest rate of 4.4% per month. Therefore, the interest rate is 26.4 on a 6 months tenor. Total amount to be repaid is 1264.

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9ja cash will need to verify some information using the data on your phone including your SMS history. The data you choose to share with 9ja cash loan app is also encrypted, which ensures that your shared data is secured.

How to get a loan 9ja cash loan app

  1. Go to Google Play Store to install 9ja cash loan app.
  2. Register your account by providing your details.
  3. After filling out your basic information, click on submit.
  4. Ensure your details are correct, most especially your phone number, address, names and BVN.
  5. The loan amount will be sent to your bank account if approved.

9ja Cash loan app contact details

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15 thoughts on “9ja cash: quick loan app that gives up to 300,000 with no collateral”

    1. You can apply using the provided link. If you are not qualified, you could also see other available loans in the “Loan Category”

  1. 9ja cash is the most worst loan application , there interest is very high , customer services is the poorest, the worst part of it is that they steal your data and start withdraw your money even after paying your loans , Nigerian becareful

  2. Dear sir /ma,
    I I’m hereby to report on the inconvenience and a threat text /defamation of character that I got from of one Mr Daniel with phone number 08037379827 who claimed to be one of the customer care agent in your reputable organization, My name is Adesola Amos Adelowo a client who obtained a loan of #5, 000 on 7th November 2020.
    Having agreed with the terms and conditions of your noble establishment, I was pleased to obtain the loan and make a repayment of #6, 500 I.e #1, 500 interest, meanwhile the repayment supposed to be on the 14th same month but due to a strong riot in my place of work I was unable to repay the money as at when due.

    Few days after this default, I started to received several text from your campany with the additional overdue charges which I also agree to be pay, but to my surprise, I received a phone call from the same Mr Daniel this morning 23rd November 2020, where he was accusing me and he did not even allow me to say a word weather I will have to find means to repay the loan, while he was a call with me I noticed that this Mr Daniel with phone number 08037379827 lack good public relation and which may bring adverse to the company goals and objective /vision and mission, as he was parsuading me make the repayment today despite the fact that I don’t have a means of getting it as at the time we were on call.

    Whereas, I believe the overdue charges is an additional profit to the purse of the campany after when any client has defaulted the repayment, I vehemently believe that whatever interest and overdue that may be attached to the initial loan would still be the responsibility of loanee and the more the increase in repayment day the more the overdue that will be attached to the loan.

    Moreso, this is the loan that has not up to two weeks that I applied for, but your Mr Daniel believes that if he start to mudsling one’s reputation is the best way of making your client to patronize you the more which is absolutely wrong, he has went so far by sending blackmailing text to my contacts where he wrote that I’m a criminal and a fraudster who has ran with campany Money.

    I am highly disappointed /dissatisfied with his action because a total sum #6, 633 can not buy a good name no matter what the case may be, I’m sending this mail right now for management to take a proper step to ensure that the same Mr Daniel disclaim his ridiculous text between 48hrs otherwise, human right may take up the case with immidiate effect, and I promise that immidiately as I confirmed that he has retract his texts, I will make the payment but without that a legal action might be taking against defamation of reputation.

    Adesola Amos.

  3. Igwe Esther Chiamaka

    Good evening sir
    I got an approved loan of #10000 since yesterday (13th February 2020)from your platform but the money have not been credited to my account.
    Please I want this issue to be resolved as soon as possible

  4. Olawuyi esther

    Please how can I cash out the money to my account?cause there is no indication showing withdraw/cash out,thanks.

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