Airtel 4g router

Airtel 4g router: browse super fast on Airtel network (Airtel mifi)

Do you know there are some devices that allow you to connect better and enjoy superfast internet?
Introducing to you Airtel routers and Airtel mifi. These two devices are what you need to stay longer on the internet because they have some exciting data plans that you will love.

Airtel 4g router is a special device that allows you to connect up to 32 devices at the same time, thereby providing blazing internet speed.

This device can be used at home or in an office space. Everyone can connect with no difficulties at all, this will be cool for people with much to do on the internet. With the Airtel router, you can download with ease, upload, socialize and stream the way you want.

The Airtel router data plans are also exciting. You will get more value using the Airtel ultra plan on the router and mifi.

Another device that could be really good for people who are not looking to connect many people is Airtel mifi, also known as Airtel mobile mifi.

Airtel mifi is a portable device that communicates with up to 10 devices and the internet, thereby generating very fast internet speed. This can be carried to anywhere, it could almost feel like you have nothing on you.

To purchase airtel router or airtel mifi, go to any airtel office or shop around you. Airtel 4g router is sold at N19,999 and you can get 100GB data for free with the validity being 30days.

Airtel 4G Mifi cost N9,999 and comes with 25GB data free. It is valid for 30days.

Who can use Airtel router / mobile mifi

  • The Airtel Mifi/router Bundles are for new and existing customers.
  • Small office Home office (SoHo) and home users.
  • Anyone can purchase and use the data but people that use a large volume of data will find it more beneficial.
  • Small and medium business owners with so much internet activity will find airtel router very capable.
  • People who need to connect several devices simultaneously.

Benefits of Airtel router

  • It comes with 100gb free data on purchase.
  • Airtel subscribers can connect up to 32 wifi enabled devices at once. It is 10 for mobile wifi.
  • It now includes WPS push button for ease of connection.
  • Rollover is available on any data plan subscribed to.
  • Ultra plans are available to both prepaid and postpaid customers.

Data plans for Airtel mifi / routers

The airtel data plans for airtel mifi and routers could be mistaken for unlimited data plans. I would have called it that because it comes with much benefits when you purchase the plans.

The data plans come with data caps put on each of them but you will still be able to use the internet even when you have exhausted your main data plan. A N10,000 data and above would give you such privilege. This will be explained using the table below.

Airtel data plans for Airtel router and airtel mifi

15gbN5,000*370# (30 days)
40gbN10,000*370# (30 days)
75gbN15,000*370# (30 days)
110gbN20,000*370# (30 days)

Ultra data plans for Airtel router and airtel mifi

40GB + 250MB daily upon exhaustion N10,00030 days DIAL *370# TO SUBSCRIBE
75GB + 500MB daily upon exhaustionN15,00030 days DIAL *370# TO SUBSCRIBE
120GB + 1GB daily upon exhaustionN20,00030 days DIAL *370# TO SUBSCRIBE

How to activate ultra data plan on Airtel router / mifi

  • Simply visit, from your browser.
  • Activate your desired Mifi/router plan.
  • You can also visit the nearest Airtel store to purchase a ultra data plan for your airtel mifi or router.
  • Alternatively, dial *370# on your smartphone’s dialer pad and activate the plan.

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