10 BEST Business Schools in Canada

10 BEST Business Schools in Canada (2022)

Of course you have dreams of going to the best business school where you will learn not just theory but practical business patterns and how to make proper decisions and manage risks.

Whether you stay in Canada or not, there are good business schools in Canada that are worth crossing seven rivers for. Graduating from any of these prestigious business schools will double your worth and keep you just where you want to be. Let’s look at them.

List of Top Business Schools in Canada

#1. Rotman school of management

If there is any business school you will be proud to be their student, it is Joseph L Rotman school of management known as Rotman school of management in short. The school is in Toronto, Canada, and it’s recognized as one of the best worldwide. The QS Global MBA Ranking showed Rotman school of management 78th in global ranking and 1st in Canadian ranking.

They offer full-time and part-time Bachelor’s degree courses such as finance, accounting, business administration, and commerce. It also offers masters’s programs in financial risk management, finance, and professional accounting.


#2. Smith’s school of business at Queen’s University.

With over 3000 students studying each year at Smith school of business for bachelor’s degrees, masters, graduate diplomas, doctorate degrees, or Ph.D, it takes the second-best business school in Canada on my list. This school is located at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

The school runs a four years undergraduate program for many business-related courses, and its full-time MBA covers areas such as analytics, corporate strategy, accounting, leadership, communications, etc.

It places a high standard for admission and grading, this has made the school produce the most employable students in the labor market. This amazing school ranks second-best business school in Canada and 64th globally.


#3. Ivey business school

Ivey Business School is the business school of the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada. According to Bloomberg, Ivey was the best business school in Canada in 2017. In the 2018 annual ranking of the Financial Times MBA worldwide, Ivey Business School ranked 88th among the 100 best business schools.

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Ivey offers undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as executive education programs on campuses in London, Ontario, Toronto, and Hong Kong which includes; Honors in Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in Management, Ph.D., Pre-HBA Undergraduate Courses.

Postgraduate programs of this Western business school offer a master of science in Management, an MBA, accelerated MBA, EMBA, and MBA direct for honors Bachelor of Arts students. It is truly one of the best business schools Canada has.


#4. Mc GillDesautels faculty of management

The popular Desautels school of business has about 2600 students studying each year. It is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Desautels Faculty of Management consistently ranks among the world’s top business programs. It ranks 4th in the Canadian ranking of the best business schools and 71st in the world.

The school offers undergraduate and MBA programs in a different manner of flexibility, either full-time or part-time. But it demands the highest GMAT score for admission, with students averaging 670 points on the exam.

Notwithstanding, their education-enabling environment and facilities make it one of the best universities in Canada and should be considered when making a choice.


#5. Schulich business school

Schulich business school cannot be exempted from the list of the top and best business schools in Canada. It is located in Toronto, Canada but has a satellite campus in Hyderabad, India, as well as offices in China, South Korea, and Russia.

Schulich is ranked among the leading business schools in the world and #1 in Canada. Schulich School of Business is ranking 8th in the 2017 International MBA ranking, by Forbes and 1st in Canada. Schulich offers undergraduate and postgraduate business degrees with its MBA programs in two forms.


#6. De Groote school of business

McMaster’s Degroote School of Business in Hamilton, Ontario produces some of the most employable business leaders in the country.

The DeGroote Business School at McMaster offers a variety of undergraduate programs that include Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Commerce, MBA and Doctoral Programs, Executive Development, and International Exchange. They also offer Graduate Programs such as Ph.D. Program in Business Administration and Health Policy Ph.D. Program.

The school is well organized to enter my list of the best 10 Business schools in Canada.


#7. Hec Montreal business school

HEC Montreal is a business school located in Montreal, Canada. Founded in 1907, it is recognized as the first management school established in Canada.

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The business school offers undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate programs, which include a Bachelor of Business Administration, a Master of Science in Management, a Master of Business Administration, and a Ph.D.

HEC Montréal ranked first among Canadian business schools for its MBA program by Canadian Business in 2016, and 17th among business schools outside the non-US from Forbes.


#8. Alberto school of business

The Alberta School of Business at the University of Alberta is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 1916, it is a publicly funded institution focused on research. The Financial Times of London has ranked it consistently among the 50 best universities.  The Alberta MBA was ranked third in Canada for corporate social responsibility by the Corporate Knights magazine.

The Alberta School of Business offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral programs, as well as continuing education and lifelong learning programs. The Alberta MBA program offers specializations in finance, international trade, public policy and management, natural resources, energy and environment, and technology commercialization.


#9. John Molson school of business

The John Molson School of Business is a business school located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. JMSB was created in 1974 by the University of Concordia. This is one of the best MBA universities/schools in Canada.

QS ranks the John Molson EMBA #77 in the world. John Molson EMBA has placed 77th in the world in the Executive MBA category of the 2019 QS World University Rankings.

The Undergraduate programs offer degrees such as Bachelor of Administration, Bachelor of Commerce, and many more.


#10. Sauder school of business

The Sauder school of business is located in the city of Vancouver. The school noffers undergraduate and graduate programs to approximately 4,000 students each year.

The UBC MBA program is ranked in the world’s top 50 Global Elite Quadrant for employability and research excellence.

You can also enroll in one of several master’s programs including an MBA, international master of business administration (IMBA), master of management, or a joint bachelor and master of management dual degree program or a Ph.D. in business administration and be touched by the glorious hands of Sauder school of business, Canada.


What is Canada’s top business school?

According to 5 Palmes Of Excellence, McGill University – Desautels Faculty of Management, HEC Montréal and University Of British Columbia Sauder School Of Business are the top three Canadian universties with strong global influence. (Eduniversal Rankings)

Is Canada Good for Business Schools?

There are many great business schools in Canada, and the country offers a lot of opportunities for businesses. Some of the benefits of doing business in Canada include a strong economy, a favorable tax environment, and access to a large pool of skilled labor.

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One downside to doing business in Canada is that it can be difficult to penetrate the market, especially if you’re competing against well-established companies. Additionally, the cost of doing business in Canada can be relatively high compared to other countries.

Overall, Canada is a great place to do business and has many advantages over other countries. If you’re looking to start or expand your business, consider looking into Canadian schools or programs.

Is worth getting an MBA from Canada?

Absolutely! A Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from a Canadian university is an excellent investment in your future. Here are 5 reasons why an MBA from Canada is worth it:

Reason #1: The Quality of Education

Canadian schools are known for their high-quality education and rigourous academic standards. An MBA from a Canadian school will give you the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the business world.

Reason #2: The World-Class faculty

Canadian MBA programs boast world-class faculty who are experts in their field. They will provide you with the training and support you need to excel in your career.

Reason #3: The Career Opportunities

An MBA from a Canadian school will open up doors to exciting career opportunities in Canada and around the world. You’ll be able to pursue your dream job and have the chance to work for some of the biggest companies in the world.

Reason #4: The Quality of Life

Canada is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. The country offers a high quality of life, with low crime rates and a strong economy.

Reason 5: The Value

An MBA from a Canadian school is a great value. You’ll get an excellent education at a fraction of the cost of an MBA from a US or UK school.

All in all, getting an MBA from Canada is a great investment in your future. The quality of education, world-class faculty, and exciting career opportunities make it an MBA program worth considering.

Is MBA Free In Canada?

No, MBA is not free in Canada. You would need to pay for the tuition, as well as any related costs such as books, fees, and living expenses. However, there are many ways to finance your MBA, such as scholarships, grants, and loans.


With a prepared mind and the above information, you are ready to begin this academic struggle. You should not forget to check out the fee rate of each school. It’s an important factor.

I’m convinced the work is easier now that you know the best 10 business schools in Canada.

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