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Best Language Learning Apps To Learn Quickly In 2023

Aside, increasing your value in the marketplace, learning new languages also increases your problem-solving skills. You become more indispensable, effective, and open to increased opportunities with new skills. There are unlimited apps that aid learning new languages, but the best language learning apps you would need to succeed with ease in learning new languages are enlisted here.

Harnessing language learning apps will help the development of your vocabulary. You are assured to become fluent with the lesson patterns which are not difficult to retain and recollect. In addition, making good use of the best language learning apps help to economize when compared to formal school.

Here Are The Best Language Learning Apps That Will Make Language Learning Easy For You

1. Pimsleur

Pimsleur is one of the best language learning apps that deliver opportunities to learn new languages with ease. The app offers fifty-one languages for learning. You will have to choose your choice of language to learn and then commence an auditory lesson that lasts for thirty minutes. The auditory lesson is downloadable and compatible with Alexa.

Pimsleur basically provides information in the form of a podcast. And if you are on a long commute, you can still harness the use of the app as it has a driving mode which helps you continue improving your skills without looking at the screen.

Users receive a free seven-day trial. And a premium subscription with the top twelve selling languages goes for $20 monthly. While subscription for audio-only costs $15 each month. The app has a good number of features which include digital flashcards, role-playing challenges, and reading lessons.

2. Memrise

Memrise tracks a certain learning method that depends on producing weird and humorous associations with the words studied. The fun created on Memrise often lies in gamification and memes. The memes are produced by the community in which everyone can partake.

And if you are considering a good option for fun vocabulary practise, you should go for Memrise. The courses are usually paired with the design of memes to help learners retain and recollect the vocabulary. The app has no shortage of courses. And that is basically for almost every language.

Memrise also helps find standardized courses that are centred around prevalent textbooks. You can earn, revise, and also create memes. You can follow other learners and contest for points. This also helps you track your progress in a certain course. You get motivated when you outscore others.

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Memrise has its strength in mnemonics and spaced repetitions. The algorithm of the spaced repetition evaluates how each word review should be done and then prompts you with reminders. The app is really helpful with its memes that help in memorizing the vocabulary.

However, as a new user, you may need some time to get used to the platform but with consistency, you are sure to come up with your creative mixtures.

3. Mindsnack

Mindsnacks is indisputably one of the best language learning apps as it takes language learning to a whole new level with very amusing designs. The app has seven languages that are taught. And each of them comes with about nine games geared towards improving grammar, vocabulary, and also practising listening.

The app is free for download. But the free version only comes with a limited amount of games to be played. The premium version, however, avails you more game options and helps you partake in more lessons. The games have simple short lessons that are outlined for tests and practices so that they can be mastered. Since the game is timed, it achieves keeping you engaged and intrigued.

4. LinguaLift

LinguaLift is basically for serious learners. If you whole-heartedly desire to under-go a comprehensive language program with a tutor’s guide, then you should consider LinguaLift. It is great with script learning materials, vocabulary, flawless grammar descriptions, and several cultural insights that are not available in many language programs.

The app has tutors who can help you with grammar and make suggestions for additional resources that can help your study. The tutors are also readily available to give answers to your questions while also assigning and correcting your homework.

LinguaLift has an edge over many other similar apps with its availability of Tutors. This means communicating with real humans who are prepared to help your growth. Ensure either as a beginner or intermediate learner to harness the use of tutors on the app.

Courses on the app are revealed in small sections of about ten to fifteen minutes. This so you can learn gradually every day and also not get easily worn out of your learning interest. The app’s algorithm measures your development through the courses and reviews your topics to specifically meet your learning needs.

Subscribing for courses on the app will give you an opportunity to their Language learning secret book that is made available for free and accessible through their homepage. You also receive a study map customized for your learning and is called, ‘a road map to fluency’. To receive this, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire in which you are expected to reveal some information about yourself to their tutors. This information includes your daily schedule, goals, study practices and so much more.

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The tutors use this information about you to create a road map that would guide you on your learning journey. You will be guided on the best study routine that would work for you and also be acquainted with extra resources to harness and how to use them, and the materials needed to cover. The roadmap is your perfect guide.

LinguaLift specifically covers Russian, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew, French, Chinese (Mandarin). You can learn more about their list of languages on their e-book, Language Learning Secrets. The e-book is very important for everyone who is interested in language learning.

5. TripLingo

TripLingo is an app basically for people who travel and want to improve their language skills. It helps you stay connected in communications in every environment you find yourself.

The app helps you communicate in a foreign environment, thereby making every of your journey worthwhile and with reduced stress.

In addition to being able to just communicate in a new environment, the app is also aimed at making learners use current expressions and sound like one of the locals rather than the sounding weird. It also has a feature which is called ‘slang slider’ which unveils diverse levels of casual and formal speech terms. These help you fit into the specific context of that society.

The programs are split into two basic handy units such as, ‘business phrases’ or ‘safety phrases.’

The app serves as an emergency material with its built-in voice translator. The translator helps in translating your English language in the foreign one. And when you seem stranded, you can get a real translator to get you tuned up in communication.

TripLingo’s free version gives you access to up to fifteen percent of the resources on the app. But this excludes audio. And even at that, the app remains a great and exciting resource.

6. Busuu

One of the best language learning apps is Busuu. The app has free features, but to access the broader features, you will need to unlock for the premium version which goes for a monthly fee of $17.

Busuu contains organized lessons with expressions and skills attached to different tasks. The courses also come individually with separate small ‘travel courses’ for people who are interested in getting basic language learning before embarking on a trip. The app acquaints its users within basic dialogues words and questions including audio versions to help learn how natives use them.

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This app lets users get used to native speaking patterns. Its learners contribute their native communication pattern by making corrections of errors made by others learning their language. It also has a desktop version that allows users to communicate live with native speakers.

As you study and contribute to the platform, you are able to ’berries’ points that are used to rank learners on their engagement on the platform. This more importantly helps language learners to keep track of their progress on the app.

7. DuoLingo

There is no list of the best language learning apps that don’t mention DuoLingo. Created Luis von Ahn, the app has garnered over one hundred million users. The app brings together the addition of language learners with gamification. And has become a model of language learning apps.

DuoLingo has courses that are created by people who natively speak the languages. This encourages devoted language learners to get involved. The app doesn’t solely target native English speakers. It extensively aims at people who have differing first languages and produces eighty-one courses.

8. MosaLingua

This app is a complete resource for a good number of languages which include Italian, French and Spanish. With the standard lesson program, you can go any of the topical packs. For example, time, people and tourism. What this means is that you can if you have gone through basic language learning, but only need to upgrade certain gaps in your knowledge of the language, you can boost your learning through the dialogues made available in the app.

Users can learn dialogues in real-life situations before engaging in public discussions. Its learning is also based on a flashcard system that helps you practice each word properly. Also asking you to record your voice as you speak and spell back so that you can activate all your memory channels.

However, you will be expected to pay to unlock each language resources separately. But then, the free version offers a variety of resources that would get you learning for a few days.

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