How To Change A Playlist’s Picture In The Spotify App

Spotify is a Swedish auto-streaming and media services provider that was created in 2006 by Daniel Ek and has built a name in the industry over the years. It is currently rated 4.4 on Playstore with over a 22million reviews.

One of the reasons people would rather opt for the app is the ease of personalizing playlists. But how do you change a playlist’s picture in the Spotify app?

The picture provided by default for playlists created by users is a collage of album art for the first four albums created. But you can change it if you do not like it.


You can choose to rearrange the song order for different collages or simply pick a piece of custom art from your iPhone’s camera roll.

Ensure that your IOS device is actively connected to the internet, then, open the Spotify app. And open any of your playlists.

Check above the list for a three-dot icon, and tap on it.

Select Edit to open the page where the change of name, songs, and arts of your Playlist can be done.

If you are only looking to rearrange the default album collage, then simply tap and drag the three-line icons beside each of your songs to move them. Your cover collage will be the first four albums you have in the playlist.

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So, if you want to add your custom art to the playlist, simply select Change Image. You’ll need to choose between selecting already-saved pictures from your phone library or taking one with your camera at that moment.

If you’d prefer to choose from the saved options you have in your library, then simply find and select your preferred option. You may need to further crop the image into a square-shaped item and then select Choose in the bottom-right corner of your screen.

You’ll be taken back to your Edit Playlist page, check the top right corner for the Save button, click on it to conclude your savings.

Once this savings is made, it will automatically be effected across all your devices.


  • To change your Spotify playlist picture on your Android Phone, simply head to the playlist section. You can also find the playlist by entering a keyword for songs or artists.
  • Scroll down to the bottom, and click on “See all playlists.”
  • Tap the playlist you want to change the picture on Spotify. The system will then ask you for access permission.
  • Click on the “Choose Image” option and then select an image on your device.
  • Once selected, the change is applied immediately.


In essence, if this change is made using a desktop, it would reflect on your iPhone too. On your desktop app, simply open a playlist and rearrange the song as you want or select the cover art or image on the playlist you have created, change it by either choosing from your list or taking a new one. Then click Save, and the changes will be made.

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It is important to know that your choice of picture doesn’t violate trademark, personal image rights, or any copyright.

If you have not started using Spotify, Get started by downloading the app on Google Play or App Store for iOS. You could also sign up using your phone or PC browser.

When signing up, you’ll have to input your email address, create a password, and pick a username. Your gender and date of birth would also be required. After this, you can decide to pick a subscription model or use the free three-month service available on their premium plans to test the waters.

There is also the free plan that lacks a variety of features available on the premium plan.

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