Channels List on DStv Nigeria Confam Package 2022

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If getting a decent and affordable DStv package is all you want for good family time, DStv Confam could be a great choice. Does not bite your pocket much as the premium plan would do, yet comes with a great list of content that will make you want to stick for a while.

Whether you are in for the hot blazing Hollywood movies, local dramas and Tv shows, some sports channels, or looking for another variety of content, you should find at least one among the over 125 list channels available on DStv Confam.

Your kids also have exciting channels they could watch like the cartoon network, nickelodeon, Disney junior, and many more. The DStv Confam package is often referred to as a package for everyone.

In this article, we would update you with almost everything worth knowing plus the subscription price, and how to renew the plan when it expires.


DStv Confam is a TV subscription package offered to help customers to get more content at an unbelievable price. It comes with a remarkable base of content both local and international.

With the amount of content tailored for everyone, it is easy to understand why it is often called the DStv family plan.


S/NDStv Confam Channel NameConfam Channel  Number
1 CCTV Ent – Mandarin Ent Channel 480
2 TNT Africa 137
3Africa Magic Epic 152
4Africa Magic Family 154
5Africa Magic Hausa 156
6Africa Magic Igbo 159
7Africa Magic Yoruba 157
8Africa News 417
9AFRO Music English 326
10AIT 253
11Al Jazeera 406
12Arewa 24 261
13Arise News 416
14B4U Movies 451
15BB Naija (Big brother)198
16BBC African Languages 852
17BBC Lifestyle 174
18BBC World News 400
19BBC World Radio 2 851
20BBC World Service English 850
21BET 129
22Boomerang 302
23Cartoon Network 301
24Cbeebies  306
25CBS Reality 132
26CCTV 4 447
27CGTN Documentary 448
28CGTN French  449
29CGTN News 409
30Channel Islam Internationale 865
31Channels TV 254
32China Movie Channel 481
33Citi TV 363
34Cloud Plus 294
35CNC World 415
36CNN International 401
37Da Vinci Kids  318
38Day Star  342
39Deutsche Welle 446
40Discovery Family HD 136
41Disney Junior 309
42Dominion TV 364
43Dove TV 349
44E! Entertainment 124
45Emmanuel TV  390
46ESPN 218
47Eternal Word Tel Network  348
48eTV Africa 250
49EuroNews 414
50EVA 141
51EVA + 142
52FAITH  341
53Food Network 175
54FOX  125
55Galaxy TV 258
56HIP TV  324
57Hunan TV  483
59Jim Jam 310
60Joy News  421
61K24 275
62LAGOS TV 256
63Lumen Christi 350
64Maisha Magic Bongo 160
65Maisha Magic East HD 158
66Mindset  319
67MiTV 255
68M-Net City 115
69M-Net Movies 4 108
70MTV Base 322
71Nat Geo Wild 182
72NDTV 24×7 413
73Newzroom Afrika HD 405
74NHK 431
75Nickelodeon  305
76NTA 2 369
77NTA I 251
78NTA News 24 419
79NTA Parliament 370
80OGTV 260
81ONMAX 257
82PBS Kids  313
83Phoenix News and Ent  485
84Plus TV Africa 408
85POP Central 189
86Radio France Internationale 866
87RAI International 430
88RAY FM 868
89Real Time 155
90Rhythm 870
91ROK 2 169
92ROK GH 164
93RTPi (P) 525
94SABC News 404
95SBN 345
96Shanghai Dragon TV 482
98Sound City  327
99Spice TV  190
100SS Blitz HD 200
101SS Football 205
102SS LaLiga HD 204
103SS Variety 3 HD 208
104SS Variety 4 209
105Star 869
106Star Life 167
107Sunna TV 351
108TBN 343
109TeleMundo 118
110Televista 194
111Trace Gospel 332
112Trace Jama 333
113Trace Naija 325
114Trybe 195
115TV Mundial (P) 680
116TV5 Monde Afrique 437
117TVC News Nigeria 418
118Universal TV 117
119URBAN TV 328
120Voice of America 853
121WAP TV 262
122Wasafi TV 296
123Wazobia Max  259
124World Radio Network 854
125Zee World 166
126Zhejiang TV 484
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Despite being endowed with various kinds of content for everyone irrespective of age and gender, the subscription fee of the DStv Confam package is quite affordable for most homes and businesses.

With just a monthly fee of N5,300, you can stay connected to your favourite channels and even get to watch Serie A and La Liga. Therefore, if you are a fan of the Italian or Spanish league, this could be the ideal package for you.


DStv Confam Package runs for one month. To continue using the package, you will need to pay another subscription fee.

Renewing it is now easy as there are now several ways to do that if you do not want to visit a nearby DStv store. With apps like Palmpay, Opay, PayU and Quickteller, you can effortlessly pay the actual cost of the package online. Another way is downloading your bank app which is also fast and often without issues.

However, if you do not have an internet-enabled smartphone or tablet, you can also make use of USSD. When trying to renew DStv Confam, you will need your DStv Smartcard number.

The DStv card number can be retrieved by clicking the ‘Ok’ Button on your remote > Information Central > Ok. Alternatively, you can check underneath the DStv decoder to copy out the number.

Once gotten, you will be able to renew the plan easily. It works like your phone number, only you own the number. To renew, simply go to Bill payment or TV depending on what app or payment platform you want to use for the payment.

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Yes, you can watch live football on DStv Confam especially if you love the LaLiga and Serie A games.

Besides, you will also see other sports channels that you are going to love. Having such flexibility is one of the reasons why the Confam package is among the most subscribed Tv Packages on DStv.


Yes, you will be able to watch BBnaija on Dstv Confam. Meanwhile, as long as you have subscribed to any DStv package, you will be able to access it.

To watch BB Naija on Dstv Confam, simply dial 198 on your Dstv remote or tap the next button on the decoder to access it.


Confam is the real deal if you are looking for a package you won’t have to pay heavily, yet with several interesting channels.

There are over 120 channels on DStv Confam which are enough to keep you entertained and updated every single minute.


Whether you are Igbo, Hausa, or Yoruba, there is something for everyone. Aside from that, there are also other channels that have been carefully listed in this content to watch other African and Nigerian content.

However, if you are particular about the language, then we have got you. To watch Africa magic Yoruba on DStv, go to channel 157. For African Magic Igbo and Hausa, the channels are 159 and 156 respectively.

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