Cheap treatments for acne

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Acne is referred to as skin condition characterized by red pimples which is due to infected glands.

This is common during puberty though it can occur at any age. It is not dangerous neither it is fatal. The only downside is that it can leave the skins unpleasant.


  • Hormonal: when there is a certain rise in the androgen level, this brings about a swelling on the parts of the body. In women, it develops into estrogen. Estrogen is the main female sex hormone and is responsible for the progression and regulation of the reproductive system. Also for secondary sex characteristics.
  • Stress: Emotional stress could also bring about the outbreak of acne on the body. When one does not get adequate sleep will also lead to stress which may eventually bring about swelling on the parts of the body.
  • Cosmetics: greasy cosmetics can cause acne. They always show up as red bumps and can as well be stubborn. Applying too much of cosmetics and roughly can irritate the skin. It then results to acne.
  • Young women do complain of pimples before their menstruation. Getting period is healthy and it is a sign that female body works as expected but sometimes, not without the baggage.The changes in hormone can cause pimples. For most ladies, it clears as soon as it is getting towards the end.
  • Heredity: If your family had a history of acne, it is likely that you will have as well.
  • Other causes are diet, environmental factors, and infections.


  • Toothpaste: If you are someone that has had acne for a long time. Chances are you have heard that toothpaste gets rid of acne. The question probably on your mind is, “How true is this?”  The truth is Toothpaste will dry out the acne but could also irritate the skin when left on the skin for long. I recommend Colgate if you must use this method. 
  • Essential oils also help in the treatment of acne. To do that effectively, dip a cotton swab into oils and apply to affected area.
  • Benzoyl peroxide can also be used for the treatment of acne on the skin. It is a medication to reduce acne. For severe acne, one will need to miss other products to get the desired results.
  • Antibacterial soaps also provide a guard against infection. It cleanses skin and helps to fight against germs which might have aggravated acne. Regular usage will go a long in strengthening the base.
  • Aloe vera is another and inarguably the easiest method as it can be easily gotten. People do make use of aloe vera for its therapeutic properties.Aloe vera produces antibacterial properties which are very effective in the treatment of acne.It also reduces the redness caused by acne. For effective usage, wash the leave and then extract the gel from the leave. Spoon can be used to scoop out the gel.

    Apply it raw to the affected areas. Let it stay on the affected areas for not more than 25 minutes.

    Repeat daily to get desired results.

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