Cheapest Universities in Scotland

Top 10 Cheapest Universities in Scotland for International Students

The lovely landscapes, beautiful lochs, rich culture, and historic castles are among what is usually used to describe the beautiful country called Scotland. It is also a region where students can move to get affordable higher education.

The universities in Scotland are blessed with a good number of experienced and gifted tutors who have impacted both domestic and international students in positive ways over the years.

With such prestige that Scotland Universities hold, it makes it easy for you to be a top applicant for any post in almost any country after your graduation.

In this post, we will be providing the cheapest bachelor’s colleges and universities to study as an international student.

Cheap Universities in Scotland for International Students

Below are the best affordable schools for students looking to continue their studies in any of the schools and colleges in Scotlands.

1. Robert Gordon University

Robert Gordon University otherwise known as RGU is a government-owned tertiary institution in Aberdeen, Scotland. It was formally established in 1992 and is currently among the most affordable schools for both domestic and international students.

The school offers a vast coast of courses from BA/BSc to Ph.D. in most fields. There is also adult education for anyone who wishes to take the next step.

The citadel of learning is well placed when it comes to students’ training, a conducive environment, academic support, learning resources, and most importantly, a higher employability rate.

International Students pay between £4,120 to £18,500 as tuition fees depending on the course of study and program. There are also installment plans for students as well.

2. Edinburgh Napier University

The next on the list is Edinburgh Napier University, another distinguished learning environment with cheap tuition fees for both local and international students. The school is also managed by the government and has won several accolades over the years.

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There are over 300 undergraduate and postgraduate courses to choose from. So there is a big chance of getting the course you desire. If taking that big leap is the next step, we believe Edinburgh Napier University is capable of making that prospect possible.

Here is a brief history of the school. It was founded in 1964 but was later inducted as a university in 1992. Both as a technical school and university, the school delivered which could explain the ease of conversation.

International Students are to pay about £13,999 to £15,999. A deposit of £3,500 can be accepted which is enough to secure your place in the school.

3. Heriot-Watt University

Every student is not just looking for a cheaper university, but also a place of learning where they can actually learn and Heriot-Watt University provides all that. The school is a public school and is dedicated to producing high-quality graduates.

As a student, you are not just being academically exposed, but you will also have the rare opportunity to grow personally which could make a great combo with your academics, especially after your studentship.

You can be part of the 27,000 students by taking a leap. The best part is you can carry out your application online like many schools that do take on international students. The school has 5 campuses and 150 learning centers around the world.

4. University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is arguably one of the most popular schools in Scotland and that is expected when we take a moment to look at its track records over the years.

The students are always made to go through training at their own pace while using a modern and proven practice. For its effective approach which led to excellent performance, it was able to rank 2nd in the country.

It has programmes for almost everyone including online learning that is mostly for people with full-time jobs.

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5. Queen Margaret University

One of the most exciting schools in Scotland with affordable fees, yet a conducive learning environment is Queen Margaret University. Known for its distinctive approach which will lead to students getting prepared for what is to come after graduation.

As a student, you are going to have access to research and tutors with several years of experience. Undergraduate, Postgraduate, CPD, Short Courses, and Online Courses are all available.

The school is highly placed among the universities in the world. Therefore, starting your career at Queen Margaret University could be the edge you can have over others in the same field as yours.

6. University of Stirling

A good school does not have to come expensive and that is what the University of Stirling stands for. The university is among the top universities bent on providing students with quality education.

The school has an excellent reputable home and abroad and is committed to making the students become a better version of themselves.

Over 90% of students who graduated from the school got a job offer within a few months. Also, furthering study using the certificate obtained from the school is so easy. Students are naturally drawn to them due to their known standards.

7. University of Edinburgh

While Parents are always looking for the best schools for their children or wards, it can also come with affordable fees. Among them is the University of Edinburgh, a world-class institution located in Edinburgh, Scotland.

The university has been around since 1583 making it one of the oldest tertiary institutions in Scotland. There are also accommodations for students with an option of shared, standard, or exquisite space.

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland. Students are also going to love the city, the beautiful atmosphere, and vibrant environment would give you an experience of a lifetime.

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8. Glasgow Caledonian University

Not many universities have the reputation built by Glasgow Caledonian University over the years. It is one of the best schools to further after high school.

Over 20,000 students are coming from almost every country. The institution is well-balanced in almost every aspect including being in touch with modern teaching methods. However, getting into the school is not that simple, but would eventually be worth it if you are able.

The school is situated in one of the most lovely cities. Accommodation is also available for a limited number of students, others can get decent accommodation close to school.

9. University of the West of Scotland

It is almost impossible to leave out the classy, endowed, and modern citadel of learning, the University of the West of Scotland. This is an established place of education that has been consistent with providing students with quality and affordable education using both old and new methods.

It has a lot of credit to its name and is easily one of the best choices for parents, guardians, and students. You can be part of the group by applying for a course. The best part of it is that you have the option of running it as distance learning, FT, or PT.

10. Abertay University

Abertay University deservedly earned a place among the cheapest universities in Scotland. It is committed to providing students with a solid foundation and training needed to make them stand out.

Abertay University provides students with undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The school environment is very conducive for learning. It is very close to Edinburgh, the capital city which is a center of attraction.

In the school, you are getting the perfect education from experienced tutors with a deep understanding of your course of study. Despite all that, it still comes with affordable tuition fees.

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