Credit Wallet Loan: amount, interest & how to apply

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Are you working with the federal government of Nigeria or your employer is part of remital payroll and human resource platform?
Credit wallet is a licensed moneylender under the Lagos state government to provide instant loan to all workers that meet the requirements.

Working with any of these agencies is just the basic requirements, there are other steps to take which will be revealed in this article. First, let us take a look at why millions of Nigerians see personal loan as an option when they meet with a tight situation.

If not for any other reasons, having a way out to meet your financial challenges without security or collateral is something. Most banks will want to minimize their risk by making you pass through a very rigorous process and with collateral to safeguard the loan. Although times are now changing, some banks are now offering personal loans.

Another thing to consider is the affordable credit offered by credit wallet. This will go a long way in reducing the fees charged on loan. When a company gives out a loan at very low interest, it helps borrowers reduce the times it takes to pay off debts and reduces the amount of interest.

Generally, personal loans are good for consumers with good credit history. Having a bad credit history can have adverse effect on your loan request, loan could come up with high-interest rate. Loan providers are always clear with their offer right from inception, know your rate before you take up the loan.

What people are saying about credit wallet

This is really stress-free loan
from start to finish……I will come back again if I need your assistance” – Mohammed D

I didn’t believe it at first. It was like a joke when I got the alert of the loan hitting my bank account. This is incredible. Thank you!” – Francis O.

Thank you! You helped me pay my daughters school fees. It is good to finally have access to loans” – Funmi O.

What you people are doing is beyond belief. Wow!” – Kehinde A.

I have been looking for this kind of service for a long time. You have helped me in my time of great need. God bless.” – Chinedu U

Based on the testimonies shared by these customers, it has been proven beyond doubt that Credit Wallet is committed to making loan easy to obtain. It is unlike the traditional method of getting a loan which involves having to pass through several phases. The queue at the bank is enough to discourage people, and followed by the lengthy application.

With your smartphone or computer, you are already half-done and within 24 hours, you can get that credit alert you have been waiting for. Most loans are completed within 2 to 3 hours depending on you. Once they have the documents and accepts loan request, an alert will follow within few minutes. 24 hours grace period only occurs once in blue moon.

Loan amount, interest rate and the tenor

Of course, it is important to be aware of how much you can get on credit wallet. Unlike snapcredit, credit wallet is opened on how much you can get.

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As a salaried worker, you can have between N30,000 to N500,000 depending on your monthly income. Credit wallet loan is repayable between 3 to 12 months with no collateral required to secure the facility. The interest rate on credit direct is 0.25% per day.

Don’t worry about how to make a repayment, there is a provision for that. It is done in such a way that part payment is taken every month until the agreed expired day. In the event that the system fails to debit, you will be contacted on how to make a deposit to their designated bank account.

Do so only if you were called from the credit wallet official mobile number. If in doubt, make enquiries through their official channels.

Requirements to get loan on Credit Wallet

  • Your employer must be on remital payroll.
  • Bank verification number (BVN)
  • One passport photograph.
  • Any govt-issued identity card.
  • Phone number connected to your BVN.
  • Staff ID and salary bank account.
  • A good credit history.

How to apply for loan on credit wallet

Applying for loan is simple and straightforward. Request for loan without leaving the comfort of your home, all you need is an internet-enabled device.

  • Open your smartphone’s browser and enter
  • Locate ”apply now” and click on it. You can as well jump a few processes by clicking here
  • A loan application form will come up, click on the drop-down arrow to select your tenor.
  • Enter your loan amount and tap “continue” to have information about your repayment. It shows the amount charged, amount payable every month and total repayment.
  • Now that you have been able to view your monthly repayment, consent by tapping the agreement policies and then tap “complete application”
  • Fill all the fields required and make sure you successfully submit your application. You will receive a message, prompting you about your submitted application status.
  • After review, you will be contacted by customer service agent.
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Creditwallet App Downloads

  1. Google Play Store: Download Credi Wallet App.
  2. App Store: Download Credi Wallet App on iPhone and iPad.

Credit wallet contact details

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20 thoughts on “Credit Wallet Loan: amount, interest & how to apply”

    • Do you need a loan? Check out the requirements from our pages. There are several loans to consider, just go to loan category.

  1. Will love to apply for the loan, with my friends, we work with both state and federal, can we have a customer care agent that can help with that via email or what’s app? 07038199631…

    • Thanks for dropping by Mr. Oliver. We do not have their phone number but you can contact them via the other channels we provided on this page.

      They should attend to you within 12 hours.

      Thanks once again.

    • Good Evening,I Don’t Know what to believe anymore they said that the interest is0.25 per day right? please can someone tell me how much is the interest of 150000 thousand Naira?

    • What is the loan website name or link to their app?

      I have not heard of any website that requests people to pay before getting loans.

  2. Goodday please i want to know if am qualified for top up please send me the reply via SMS 0902**48046 thanks I will be waiting for the reply…

  3. l collected 100k from credit wallet,for the past 10 monthts #16958 have being deducted monthly from my salary but in Dec2021,#37000 was deducte,why?thats very bad,refund the excess and whats my loan balance.Please reply me via 08037**6876

    • It is probably an error. Have you tried contacting them for rectification?

      Vist site and look up their phone number or email address.

  4. I took a loan with credit wallet #100,000 since November 2020. And when the deducted ones they stopped and later continues and since then all my salary is been packed , presently I have paid #240,000 for the loan of 100,000.
    Please refund me my balance. This is crazy and fraud.

    • Sorry about that. Kindly contact customer care through official channels. This should be rectified and money returned if it was done in error.

      Thank you.

  5. Gudevening Sir, I,am Dimka Zidon with the Phonomber on Remeta d***don**@gmail. com I, have been creditet with 50k From princeptcreditwallet Since 4th/may/2021 Up to now my salaries is deducted I did Understand,for how Long, U told Me told me Is Only For 12 mounth.

    • Please, contact the customer care for resolution through their official channels. This will be fixed if it was done in error.

      Thank you


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