how to recharge airtel card

Airtel recharge code: How to load Airtel card

Airtel Recharge Code: If you are just joining the Airtel family, it is important to familiarize yourself with some codes, most especially the recharge code needed to load an airtel recharge card.

You will all agree with me that technology has really shaped this world and also the way we do things. Things are now more equipped and faster. For instance, you can now load your Airtel line without buying a recharge pin.

How do you do that? This is what the post is about anyway, you just need to hang around while I deliver to you the best way possible.

Most times, we rely on our banks’ ussd code or some third-party apps that are empowered to sell airtime. With your debit card, there is so much you can do. All you just need include card number, CVV, the expiry date of the card and voila, you can have your line credited with the amount you sent to the server.

Meanwhile, not everyone has tapped into this while some will actually prefer the traditional way of loading a Airtel card which involves using Airtel recharge card and then enter on the phone.

To my understanding, loading using Airtel recharge code is a great way to save, especially that it puts you on the foot. Experience taught me that one spends more using a debit card. However, if you love loading your Airtel number using the Airtel code, then I am happy to provide you with the full information.

Like I always tell people when they ask me, the Airtel recharge code can be used on most devices that are capable of reading your Airtel sim. The devices include push-button phones, smartphones, and modem.

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Let us quickly rush into how to load an airtel recharge card.

Glo recharge code to load your Airtel card

Don’t feel ashamed if you suddenly forgot how to load an airtel recharge card. We all have been there and there is nothing to be ashamed of. This normally happens when a particular GSM network is not our main line, but use it once in a while.

For instance, I have all networks in Nigeria but my main sim is MTN. With the unique benefits that each of the telecom giants offers, choosing one could be a bit difficult. I hold on to MTN and Airtel because they offer the best tariff plans. MTN tariff plans have always been my favourite while Airtel prepaid plans come second.

So if you are the type that forgets your Airtel recharge code easily, then below is a recharge code to load your airtel card:

  • Buy your Airtel recharge card from the local store or reseller.
  • To now load the recharge card using Airtel Recharge Code, dial *126*Recharge Pin from your phone or device.
  • Dialling means you will have to press the call symbol after entering the digit on your phone pad.
  • You will be credited with the value of the recharge card. If you are on Airtel tariff plan that gives a bonus, you will also be duly given what is expected.
  • To confirm if you successfully loaded the Airtel Credit, dial the Airtel account checking code, *123# to check your balance.

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