How To Use FCMB FlashMeCash: GoTV, DSTV & Other Payments

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Flashmecash was introduced more than a decade ago to provide top class mobile banking services to Nigerians. Since then, it has seen great transformation and has now transformed from mobile funds transfer to electronic banking platform capable of providing services such as money transfer, retail purchase services, payment and collection services to clients, services to retail customers.

Have you experienced a situation where you are watching a favorite satellite TV program, and then everything goes blank because your subscription expired? What if that happened at midnight?

That is definitely not going to be a good experience to have, as you will be required to hold on till the Dstv/Gotv offices open the following morning, to renew your subscription again. By that time, you have already missed the TV program. This is exactly why FlashMeCash was produced.

What is FlashMeCash?

FlashMeCash is a leading mobile banking platform established in 2002 and is located in Nigeria after the introduction of GSM services. The platform was introduced by Multichoice and has continued to grow and evolve ever since. It used to be just a platform for mobile funds transfer, but right now an established platform for electronic banking. It is currently sponsored by First City Monument Bank (FCMB).

FlashMe Cash proffers services for collection and payments of bills to corporate clients. It also helps in the transfer of funds and service purchase to retail customers. This platform makes it easy for you to renew your Cable TV subscription at any time of the day and anywhere! And it is as easy as renewing airtime on your phone.

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So, with no worries, you can renew your Dstv/Gotv subscription, purchase or renew your mobile airtime, and do much more by harnessing FlashMeCash at any time of the day. There are two options for renewing your subscriptions. You can activate 1200 Gotv and 1800 Gotv plus/Dstv access. More importantly, this payment method is fast and very reliable. This means that you can get your subscription done in less than 15 minutes!

What Account Number Does Flashmecash use?

Flashmecash is used by individual and corporate clients. As an individual, your phone number becomes your flashmecash account immediately you set up for flashmecash.

For corporate clients, an account number will be generated to them; thereafter, they will be able to provide bulk collection and payments. A flashmecash account will be opened to both FCMB customers and people that have no account domiciled with the bank.

What Can You Do With FlashMeCash?

  1. You can make a payment or renew your Dstv/Gotv subscription.
  2. You can achieve mobile banking with ease anywhere you are.
  3. Customers can purchase airtime and also flash airtime to any phone.
  4. Make fund transfer to a mobile phone user or to a third party.
  5. As a flashmecash user, you will be able to use their card on the ATM, web or POS.
  6. Send bulk SMS, make bill payments like DSTV or GOTV and pay for goods via FlashmeCash.
  7. You will also be able to make multiple payments.

Sign in and make use your FlashMeCash via any of the following means:

  1. FlashWallet – This debit card is attached to your FlashMeCash account. The card can be used in making a cash withdrawal from all ATM machines in Nigeria from your mobile account. It enhances your experience with FlashMeCash using card payment services. You can also use it to achieve Quickteller transactions, check your account balance, pay for purchased goods and services through the Web, and POS. You can walk into any FCMB branch to purchase your FlashWallet.
  2. Internet – Go to your browser on log on to Fill in the required columns with your User name and password. You will be able to carry out transactions such as; payment of bills, funds transfer, airtime purchase, balance inquiry, change of password, eAuction, bulk SMS, and Multiple payments.
  3. Mobile App – Mobile phones that are Java-enabled can download the FlashMeCash app. You will need to visit Navigate to ‘FlashMeCash Download’ on the homepage and put in the necessary information to do your transactions.
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How To Sign in / Register On Flashmecash

Visit the bank with your valid ID card and passport photograph and request that you want to open a flashmecash account. A form will be given to you which you are expected to complete and return back to the customer care.

Another way to create a FCMB flashmecash account is when an existing flashmecash user sends a fund to another who is not yet on the platform. However, they will be required to visit the branch to complete registration.

How To Fund Flashmecash

  • Customers will be able to fund their accounts at any FCMB branch in Nigeria.
  • You can also fund your account using other banks via quickteller.
  • Another way to fund flashmecash is by getting funds from other flashmecash accounts.
  • Transfer from FCMB Internet banking to FlashmeCash.

How To Buy Airtime Using FlashMeCash

As a user who intends to purchase airtime through the platform, you can get this done by putting in the required network, and then enter the denomination you intend, and then the quantity and password.

Then send to any of the given numbers; 08036699999, 08034552412, 08037799999. Network – Denomination – Quantity – Password. For example; Network – MTN; Denomination – 400; Quantity – 2; Password – 1333

How To Send Airtime On Flashme Cash

Do you have to send airtime to a third party? You can type the network in the required column, and put in the denomination, quantity, third party phone number, and password.

Then send a message to; 08036699999, 08034552412, or 08037799999. For example; Network – Aitel; Denomination – 500; Quantity – 1; Password – 1223

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How To Make Dstv Payment

You do not have to wait for a nearby Dstv to open the office to do your Dstv subscription. Easily make payment via your FlashMeCash account to activate your Dstv subscription.

Simply put in ‘Credit Dstv’ Decoder code, amount, and password. For example; Credit Dstv 23652615876 10000 2332.

For Gotv, put in Credit Gotv Decoder code, amount, and password. For example; Credit Gotv 23652615876 1900 2332.

How To Send Bulk SMS On Flashmecash

One of the advantages FlashMeCash has over other mobile banking apps is the ability for its users to send BulkSMS. Follow the guide given below:

  • First, list the collected phone numbers for SMS. You can put them in text or excel file format.
  • Save the numbers in a reliable location where it would be easy to upload when needed.
  • Put in your necessary information to logon to the FlashMeCash platform.
  • Navigate to ‘Account’ and click.
  • Locate ‘Bulk SMS’ and click.
  • Navigate and select ‘Upload’. Click ‘Browse’ or select ‘Choose File’, then upload the specific file containing the list of saved phone numbers you want to upload.
  • Add the numbers by selecting ‘Direct input’ to input the listed phone numbers.
  • Then fill in the 11 characters for ‘Sender ID’.
  • Construct the text message you intend to send in the ‘Text Message’ area.
  • Put in your ‘Transaction Password.’ And click on ‘Proceed’ to proceed.

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