7 Easy Ways To Manage Your Expenses

how to manage expenses

Having a proper record of our income and expenditures is a pretty tough job nowadays. No matter how financially literate we are, we always end up feeling sad and disappointed after every month. When the credit card bills come in, our days turn into waking nightmares. But gradually, people are becoming more and more aware. … Read more

Get Better at Budgeting in 2022: Try This Easy 14-Day Plan

How to start budget planning

No one has been saved from the havocs of the pandemic since its outbreak. In the U.S the unemployment rate reached 14.8% in April 2021, Thousands of companies are shut down and many people are stuck inside their homes due to city-wide lockdown. During this time, the dire need is to create a proper strategic … Read more

How to Improve Credit Score When You Have Bad Credit

How to improve credit score

Those suffering financial distress with one credit arrangement tends to see a knock-on effect on other areas of their life. In hindsight, it can often be easy to look back and see how your finances were impacted and what could have been done. However, once your financial situation starts to deteriorate, it is crucial not … Read more

Financial Stress: Causes and Tips to Overcome It

Financial Stress Causes and Tips to Overcome It

Financial problems are the world over. You will be hard-pressed to find someone who has not experienced monetary problems in their life. Financial stress is inevitable. When you notice a dropdown in your finances, you will naturally be stressed. You are not alone who suffer from financial stress. According to a survey, one-third of Brits … Read more

10+ Best SME Loans In Nigeria

best business sme loans in nigeria

Getting funds for your business is one of the major hurdles most entrepreneurs in Nigeria always face. This is largely not connected to the poor credit facilities available to SMEs within the country. However, there are still platforms to help you acquire SME loans in Nigeria and the best ones to consider are listed here. … Read more