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How To Use Google Translate To Shape Your World



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Google translate gives a new breath of life as we can now communicate no matter the language we speak or understand.

Communication will no longer be lost, all thanks to google translate.
With google translate, it does not matter if you speak the language, write, type or snap. You are well covered as you have your personal assistance right next to you.

Ever wanted to make some sales with another person outside your locality, or just trying to get familiar with someone but with no mutual language to connect. Here comes your personal assistant to help bridge the gap.

Technology is on the rise and Google has not been found wanting in this aspect. Google translate has now been more equipped that it now supports not less than 100 languages.

Are you in the United States of America but wants to have some chats with a guy who lives all his life in Korea or China but does not understand English?

Who says business has to stop just because of the language barrier? For so many people who have not to utilize the app, it stops but for you, it won’t as you have your personal interpreter.

Google translate allows you translate text, handwriting, words, and pictures and all available on android, ios devices, computer and on the live web.

Benefits of Using Google Translate

  • Access to about 100 languages no matter where you are.
  • You can now forge a friendship despite the language barrier.
  • A chance to learn a new language.
    Google translate keeps getting better with more accuracy.
  • It is free to use, imagine trying to get someone to help you translate and mostly without a cost. With google translate, you got it all free.
  • It is not limited to just speech or text, the app also supports other mediums like photos and handwriting.
  • It can’t be used anytime and anywhere even when you do not have internet connection. All you need is to download the any of the language into your device.

Languages available on google translate

  • Google translate in hindi
  • Google translate in filipino
  • Google translate in finnish
  • Google translate in Afrikaans
  • Google translate in Albanian
  • Google translate in catalia
  • Google translate in belarusian
  • Google translate in amharic
  • Google translate in arabic
  • Google translate in armenian
  • Google translate in chichewa
  • Google translate in croatian
  • Google translate in corsican
  • Google translate in french
  • Google translate in frisian
  • Google translate in greek
  • Google translate in gujarati
  • Google translate in danish
  • Google translate in dutch
  • Google translate in czech
  • Google translate in galician
  • Google translate in english
  • Google translate in esperanto
  • Google translate in estonian
  • Google translate in german
  • Google translate in georgian
  • Google translate in haitian creole
  • Google translate in hausa
  • Google translate in hebrew
  • Google translate in hawaiian
  • Google translate in hindi
  • Google translate in azerbiajani
  • Google translate in basque
  • Google translate in bengali
  • Google translate in bosnian
  • Google translate in bulgarian
  • Google translate in cebuano
  • Google translate in chinese
  • Google translate in hmong
  • Google translate in hugarian
  • Google translate in icelandic
  • Google translate in igbo
  • Google translate in indonesia
  • Google translate in irish
  • Google translate in italian
  • Google translate in japanese
  • Google translate in kannada
  • Google translate in javanese
  • Google translate in kazakh
  • Google translate in khmer
  • Google translate in korean
  • Google translate in kudish
  • Google translate in kytgyz
  • Google translate in lao
  • Google translate in latvian
  • Google translate in lithuanian
  • Google translate in latin
  • Google translate in luxembourgish
  • Google translate in macedonian
  • Google translate in malagasy
  • Google translate in malay
  • Google translate in maltese
  • Google translate in malayalam
  • Google translate in maori
  • Google translate in marathi
  • Google translate in mongolian
  • Google translate in myanmar
  • Google translate in nepali
  • Google translate in norwegian
  • Google translate in pashto
  • Google translate in persian
  • Google translate in portuguese
  • Google translate in polish
  • Google translate in punjabi
  • Google translate in romanian
  • Google translate in russian
  • Google translate in samoan
  • Google translate in scots
  • Google translate in sesotho
  • Google translate in serbian
  • Google translate in shona
  • Google translate in sindhi
  • Google translate in sinhala
  • Google translate in slovak
  • Google translate in slovenia
  • Google translate in somali
  • Google translate in spanish
  • Google translate in sudanese
  • Google translate in swahili
  • Google translate in tajik
  • Google translate in tamil
  • Google translate in telugu
  • Google translate in thai
  • Google translate in turkish
  • Google translate in ukranian
  • Google translate in urdu
  • Google translate in uzbek
  • Google translate in vietnamese
  • Google translate in welsh
  • Google translate in xhosa
  • Google translate in yiddish
  • Google translate in yorub
  • Google translate in zulu

How to get started with Google Translate

Google makes it easy for users to navigate effectively with the google translate app. The app is available for iphone and android users.

To get yours, go to your android playstore and search for Google translate. The other alternative is to  Download here

When you open the app, the system will ask you to choose your primary language and the other language that might look foreign to you. Your primary language is the language you understand most or use most on social media or in your environment.

You might decide to have the two languages for offline use. To do that, tick the translate offline box.

If you are not cool with having the app on your phone, you can decide to use it on the web. To use the app on the web, visit

How to download google translate language into your device

Google allows you to download language into your device for use at any time. It can now been used offline when you choose to.

  • To do that, open your google translate app.
  • Navigate to the top and click on language.
    There are about 100 languages or more on google language, all you need to do is to go your preferred one and click next to it.
  • A dialog box will pop up asking you to confirm Download..

How to update or remove languages on google translate.

  • Open your google translate and then click on menu.
  • Go to offline translation. On the list of languages available, you can decide whether to upgrade, update or remove a language.

How to interpret language using google translate.

The whole point of language or communication is to understand one another. When such is lost, it becomes relevant.

Translating on google translate is so much easy and quick.

  • Open your goggle translate app on your phone or on the web whichever way you want it.
  • The first selection is always the language that you want to interpret while the second is which language you want to translate into. For example, someone who understands english but speaking or chatting with a french will have to select french in the first selection and the other english
  • Input the words or speech as text into the vacant box.
  • Results will follow immediately.
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Cloud computing services models 2019



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Cloud computing technology services

With everyone trying to be at the top of their game is what makes technology revolves. In the past despite the little success enjoyed in the technology especially on storage, we found out there is another height to be attained, then the birth of cloud computing technology.

Cloud computing service has been excellent so far and could be said to be an upgrade on the traditional hard disk most people are used to.
I agree that hard disk has always been cheaper and easily accessible because you are not subjected to recurring expenses whether for bandwidth fees or subscription. Yet if convenience is what you look for, I am going to give it to cloud computing storage.

No matter where you are, you can always have access to your data compared to having to carry an external device which might get lost or damaged.

Another thing to consider is the issue of security. Being a physical disk, anyone could have access to the device. Your data can’t always get into wrong hands but with cloud computing services offered by cloud storage. With cloud storage, you are like an entrepreneur who has a complete monopoly, you can decide to choose who have access to your data, set limits and choose how your data is stored.Cloud computing tutorials

What is cloud computing

The word, “cloud” can also be called the internet. In a layman language, we will describe, cloud computing as a space user stores and accesses data and program which is done over the internet.

There are so many examples on the web but for better understanding, we are going to use icloud which is almost the same with Dropbox or google drive. If you have ever used a google drive before, I will be confident that you now have an idea of icloud looks like.

On your google cloud, you can save your music, video, pictures, documents, etc which are then stored on another device by google which has the icloud os.

Benefits of cloud computing to users

  • Data security: when you have your data stored on cloud, it is always secured compared to having it on devices or systems. You can lose your storage device anytime but on cloud, it is perfectly safe as there are professionals who work day and night to ensure it is. Most companies have the data spread across countries which as well ensure reliability and back up. There is also provision for effective data recovery in the event of loss, attack and damages.
  • Ease of access: it does not matter where you are, you can always access your data when you need it most just like what we have seen on google drive. You can work from anywhere and distribute to whoever you choose to. This will go a long way in boosting performances and ensure that your reliability with clients.
  • Flexibility: there is now more freedom for users and companies. If a company especially those with poor bandwidth, need to upgrade or downgrade their mode of operation, cloud provides them a platform to make that happen. For those on storage devices, it might take more to change as it might demand for new system.
  • Software updates: as a user, you can be assured that you will always get an automatic software update since most companies would always try to beat off competition by doing what they need to do. The update will be handled by suppliers and you have nothing to worry yourself about whether for maintenance or cost.
  • Beating off competition: with big upgrade comes a big change when you switch to cloud based environment. We are in a very competitive market and investors are doing all they can to ensure that they are ahead and being at the market early also ensure that you get all the juices before other starts noticing. In such light, it is on cloud providers to give in their best to their customers in order to help them beat off competition. This could be mutual in the long in the long run and help the companies improve their customers base.

Top 10 companies that offer cloud computing services

  1. Google cloud platform
  2. Microsoft azure
  3. Adobe
  4. Oracle cloud
  5. Verizon cloud
  6. Dropbox
  7. Amazon web services
  8. Kamatera
  9. Vmware
  10. Salesforce

Local Companies that offers cloud computing services

  1. cloud bigdata technologies
  2. cloud 9 technologies
  3. cloud big data technologies
  4. green cloud technologies
  5. cloud bigdata technologies group
  6. cloud analytics technologies llc
  7. cloud big data technologies llc
  8. cloud health technologies
  9. sgic cloud technologies inc
  10. pr510 cloud by golden technologies

The best cloud computing courses/certification around the country

If you are eyeing an Information technology job. Get or horn your skill by getting any of these top cloud computing certifications.

  1. Certified System Administrator in Red Hat
  2. OpenStack
  3. Exin Cloud Computing Foundation
  4. CompTIA Cloud Essentials
  5. Cisco CCNA-Cloud
  6. CloudU
  7. Certified OpenStack Administrator
  8. Cloud Credential Council
  9. Cloud Genius
  10. VMware Certified Professional
  11. Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge
  12. Salesforce Certifications
  13. IBM Certified Cloud Solution Architect
  14. AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Cloud computing tutorial

There are also a lot of cloud computing tutorials you can get online. This could be beneficial to students or anyone who want to know more about how it works.

The world is changing and every day it demands that professionals take up the mantle and be the catalyst for change.
In order to help you get quick to know the basics and prepare you ahead of the practical class, I will be introducing you to top sites where you can get more informed.


Among the cloud computing services, amazon web services seems to be the most used and popular one. Amazon web services provide a trial version for users and also one of the safest cloud suppliers whose service include network, storage and many more.

Switching over from storage device to cloud computing storage is the right thing to do as cloud computing services offer accessibility anytime and any day with not less than 98.9 uptime.

With cloud computing, you can have more control on files, more power, security and many more. So the switch may what you need to get the big breakCloud computing technologies services

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Game pigeon review: Best game for kids and iphone users



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Game pigeon, another game slowly gaining the attention of kids and parents. For most parents, they have always been conscious of what games their children play online.

Having spent some quality time on the game, thanks to a friend who introduced me, it is safe to say the game is completely harmless and fun.

The game is best played on iphone through the imessage and for now, it has about 5 games with the company promise to come up with more in future. The games currently supported are gomoku, 8 ball, poker, sea battle and anagrams.
Imessage on the ios devices should not only be about live chat, sending and receiving message but you now have a way to go against your friends and family with game pigeon. It is a game which only two people can play.

For the most part of my time with the game, it is unbelievably responsive, everything works the way they should but the downside is the notification which never shows the preview of game activities. A preview could save you a lot of time, you can decide whether to respond now or just leave it pending.

Why you should download gamepigeon

Like I said, there is something for everyone. Are you the type that love to show your skill? Poker could grant you an audience. What better way to sit like a chinese guy and think of a way to outsmart your opponent?

Or you imagine being a war lord, leading a forces against formidable opponent? Sea battle is just the answer. You can claim victory and later then cheeky replies to the falllen warlord.

And if you are a geek who loves to flip letters to get the actual word, anagrams is for you. Aside the fun and trill of playing, you can use it to add to your long list of words.

With anagrams, it wont be long before your english teacher starts taking notice of the rising prof.

Gomoku reminds me of a chinese movie I recently watched. The passion and intensity were not mistaken, glaring on both sides and with each party doing all they can to cancel one another. Gomoku, which is also called 5 in a row is a strategy game that two persons play with black and white stones.Gamepigeon

Game pigeon for android

As much as we all want it on our android phone, there is no official game pigeon for android. Of course, there is a way to have game pigeon installed on your android phone but I can’t give assurance that it will work smoothly and perfectly the way you want it.

Game pigeon is totally an apple’s Imessage gaming which gives you several option of games to be played.

How to install game pigeon on Iphone

If you are looking to install game pigeon on your ios device or iphone, the quick way is to follow this link.

For those who already is in their imessage, go to your imessage app store.

  1. Click on the imessage app store.
  2. Select and click on the dots below your screen.
  3. Click on store and search “GamePigeon” on the space provided.
  4. Select and click to install the game.

How to delete gamepigeon app from an iphone

You probably have had enough of it or you no longer fancy the game. Deleting gamepigeon app is quite easy.

The steps to delete will be shown below.

  1. Open your imessage app on your iphone.
  2. Locate the app, hold unto it until it wiggles.
    Immediately, you will see “X” at the top left corner of your iphone, click on the “X” to delete.
  3. Click on your home key to confirm removal of game pigeon.


If you are asking if this game is safe to play for your wards, i assure you is completely safe. The game is rated 12+, so naturally children whose age are above 12 can play but that is only on paper.
Anyone can play the game even those who have not attained the age of 12.

Another plus here is that aside from english which seems to be the language everyone is familiar with, gamepigeon is also available in Italian, Japanese, Traditional Chinese , Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish.

The downside for now is that we still do not have the official gamepigeon for android but we do hope in the near future, the company can check into where the market is.Game pigeon apk

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Netflix movies 2019: No 1 site for movie streaming and download



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Over the years, Netflix has built a huge followings and also won the popularity contest among its peers.

On netflix, you have access to wide ranges of movies, tv series, documentaries, biographies and many more with no ad being shown.Netflix 2018 movie

With the site daily updated with quality contents, you are assured this is the place to get your favourite tv shows, movies and much more than you can ever imagine.

When we look at the countries with the huge followings, USA beat off the competition but in recent times, African countries have started taken note of the huge strides that Netflix left. An impression borne out of the sheer determination to be stronger and better despite being a paid service.

In this article, we will be updating you about all you need to know about Netflix, some frequently asked questions, how to subscribe, how to set Netflix on tv, how it works and much more. Sit back and let’s unveil all for your pleasure and satisfaction.

Benefits of using netflix

  • Watch on the go, it does not matter whether you are home, business place or outdoor, you can always connect to your netflix anytime and any day.
  • One subscription and unlimited access to several contents. Save yourself the stress of buying movies every time when you can have the content anytime.
  • Be the first to see the latest tv shows, documentaries and movies. You don’t want your friends being the ones to update you. Why can’t you have the bragging right this time? Netflix is daily updated and you can be sure of getting your contents there.
  • You are your own boss and you can subscribe today and cancel today.
  • You can watch offline or for later just like we have seen with fzmovies. Streaming could lead to consuming great amount of data but on netflix, you can save it into your device and watch offline.

How to set up Netflix on any devices and get it for free

Here is how to get neflix for free but the free period is only limited. It is just for 30 days but that is more than enough to give you a lasting impression. Now let’s get you to speed on how to set up and get netflix. Please carefully follow the below steps.

  • Insert into your browser
    Click “watch free for 30 days” to sign up. For the first 30 days, it is free but you will still need to select a plan which can be cancelled anytime.

Netflix will make sure you are updated 3 days to the expiry days so you can decide if to continue or not.

There are 3 plans to choose from, they are basic plan, standard plan and premium plan.

For the basic plan, you pay $7.99 and benefits attached are that you can only watch on 1 screen at the same time and on any approved devices like laptop, tv, phone and tablet. It also gives you access to unlimited streaming or downloads, cancel whenever you want and free for 1 month.

Standard plan is at the rate of $9.99 of which the advantages it has over basic plan are availability of hd, watch on 2 screen at the same time, unlimited access, cancel anytime and free for the first 30 days.

The premium plan is like saving the best for the last. It has huge advantage despite its low pricing of $11.99. 4 screens at the same time, availability lf hd and ultra hd plus other benefits of standard plan.Netflix app

The next step is to create your account, you create an account by providing your correct details to the information required of you. You do by giving out your email and password which will direct you a new page. Below the email and password box, there is a subscription box for Netflix special offer, you can decide whether to opt in or not.Sign up on netflix

  • After providing the box, you are asked for your credit, PayPal or debit card. The acceptable cards are MasterCard, visa card and Amex.
  • After you have scaled through the hurdle, it is time to provide your details alongside with your card information. Remember, you card is safe and secured as you have nothing to worry about.
  • When you are done with filling in details, click the large box that has “start membership” then your journey to explore quality content on netflix begins.
  • Go back to the homepage by clicking the logo or through your browser. Click on sign in to access your account and check out the great contents.

How to cancel Netflix subscription

Sometimes, we still do not get convince with trial offer and we try to find ways to end it before the first charge.
In good faith, netflix ensures that you can end it whenever you want to.

  • To end or cancel your netflix subscription, log into your netflix account. Locate either streaming plans or dvd plans. The dvd plans only fof people residing in USA. If you are residing outside USA, choose the streaming plans.
  • Click on cancel membership on the page.

How to watch Netflix movies, shows, documentaries, etc on tv

This method will only work if you are using a smart tv. To check if yours is smart tv, you might need to look at the manual or the face of the tv as most tv always come with sticker which display their key configurations.

Newest tv now preconfigured with netflix app

  • Connect the tv using wifi or ethernet as the case may be with your own. For this to work, you will need a router which you will be connected to your smart tv ethernet port. All you need is a cable, an ethernet cable that is run from your tv and to the router.
  • Look through the tv for netflix app but in the event you were unable to find it, you will need to download from the tv app store. Sometimes, you will need to update the phone software. If you encounter any issue, your tv manual should be able to help. If you do not have the manual, check the company’s website for their manual.
  • Log into your Netflix page using your email and password. If you have not yet registered, do so by checking the guide above.
  • Navigate with your tv remote, if you need to go up or down, the arrow button will be able to help you make your selection. When you have located the video you are most interested in, select and click to watch.
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