Government Of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship

Government Of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship 2023/2024

You can now apply for a fully-funded Irish Scholarship in 2022/2023. Application is open to all local and international students to enjoy the benefits of applying for a full-time or part-time Bachelor of Science (BSC), Masters (MSC), and a Doctor of philosophy (P.H.D) degree program in any University in Ireland.

Ireland universities are well equipped and highly ranked among the top 10 in the world. The Irish government offers one of the most popular scholarship programs in the world. More so, you can enjoy the scholarship program in any of your desired fields of study.

The Irish government offers a fully funded 60 scholarship program in the diverse academic fields of study. The scholarship is proudly sponsored by the state government, through the department of further and higher education in Ireland.

Ireland is a part of European countries, and you may be curious to know if all courses in Irish universities will be conducted in a foreign language. But not to worry, as all courses are offered in Ireland’s official language -English.

The Ireland scholarship program has no age restriction, as anyone can apply and enjoy a fully-funded scholarship by the Ireland government.

Can I Partake In Ireland Universities Scholarship Program Without IELTS?

The IETLS is an English academic test offered by various universities around the world. In other to gain admission into a foreign university, undergraduate students need to score at least 6.0z while post-graduate students are expected to score at least 6.5 in their IELTS academic test

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You do not have to undergo the IETLS academic test before getting to enjoy the scholarship program by the Ireland government, neither do you need to pass through the IETLS academic test to gain admission into the majority of universities in Ireland.

The majority of students around the world resort to choosing to study in Ireland and enjoy a chance at a fully-funded scholarship program without going through the IETLS academic test program. You can as well enjoy the benefits of applying to study your preferred course with no need for IETLS.

Applications for a fully funded postgraduate scholarship program in 2022/2023 are currently open to all eligible applicants from around the world. You can apply for the Irish university scholarship program from any part of the world.

If you are looking to enjoy the right to study in Ireland for a fully-funded scholarship program, learn more about the offers, available field of studies, financial expenses, eligibility criteria, and more, read more below.

Overview Of The Irish Postgraduate Scholarship 2022/2023; All You Need To Know

  • Ireland universities are accepting new applicants into their BSC, MSC, or Ph.D. programs with little or no restrictions on an academic field of studies.
  • The scholarship program is fully funded by the Ireland government and the department of further and higher education.
  • All European and foreign students from around the world can apply, and enjoy a fully-funded scholarship by the Ireland government.
  • Application is still ongoing.

You can navigate through to their official website to begin your registration for the 2022/23 postgraduate scholarship program.

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Available Fields Of Study Into The Ireland 2022/2023 Scholarship Program

The Ireland government offers a fully-funded scholarship program in the following academic field of study;

  1. a) Art
  2. b) Science
  3. c) Humanities
  4. d) Mathematics
  5. e) Technology
  6. f) Engineering
  7. g) Social Science

Financial Expenses Of Ireland’s Scholarship Program

Most people are curious to know if they are mandated to pay upon being successfully selected to enjoy the fully-funded scholarship program by the Ireland government. Successful applicants are entitled to receive;

  • Free €10,000 annual allowance from the Ireland government.
  • An all-expense tuition fee, including all registration costs at your desired university.

Can I Apply For The Ireland University Scholarship Program?

Anybody can enjoy full rights to an all-paid tuition fee by the state government. Before applying for the Ireland BSC, MSC, and Ph.D. programs, the following criteria must be considered;

(i) The application program is not limited to students from EU countries, as all students can apply from different parts of the world.

(ii) The official date of resumption is scheduled for October 2022.

(iii) Applicant must be academically and creatively sound.

(iv) Applicants must possess excellent English communication skills.

(v) Applicants must be invested in extra-curriculum activities like volunteering for community services, politics, sports, art creator, etc.


You can navigate through to their official website to begin your registration for the 2022/23 postgraduate scholarship program.

In conclusion, the Ireland Postgraduate program is open to all students around the world; irrespective of their financial class. The application program is scheduled to end 22nd of March 2022, and the successful applicants will receive a message of confirmation on June 1st, 2022.

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