How to Hide and Delete all your Old Facebook Posts

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Have you ever posted something on Facebook and you later felt it should not be there?

Many of us have been there. This at times happened at a time when we had little or no knowledge of a particular topic before making content for our audience. This can be very embarrassing, and the option left for us is to delete or hide the particular Fb posts.

Facebook is a great platform that we all use to share our thoughts and pictures as well. The lure is so strong to the extent that we have made it our diary book. For most people, it is a platform where we relax our stressed minds and even get a good laugh.

Some are there for gossip while also using the opportunity to bond with family and friends through our posts. Whatever the reasons why you share your posts, they can be hidden, clear, or deleted in one swipe which we would be sharing in this article.


If you are on a mobile app, you will be able to clear and delete any posts on Facebook you do not want to see again. Below are the steps to follow:

1. Launch your Facebook app to initiate the removal of Facebook Posts. If you are yet to log in, you will need to do so using your login details.

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2. Click your profile. This can be done by tapping your display image next to ‘What is on your mind bar’. Alternatively, you can click the hamburger menu to go to your profile.

3. Tap ‘the three dots icon and go to ‘Activity Log’

4. On the activity log page, select as many old Facebook posts you want to delete and click ‘Trash’ at the bottom of the page. If you are looking for a very old post, you can use the filter option to search by date, categories, or people.


1. To remove all old Facebook posts you do not want to see or share with your audience, log into your Facebook Account using login details.

2. Go to your profile and click the meatball icon next to ‘Edit Profile’

3. Click ‘Activity Log’. Only you can see all your activity log and you can filter based on the date posted, and even remove likes, comments, and more.

4. Since we are here for how to clear Facebook posts, tap ‘Filter,’ and then click ‘Posts’

5. Go to the post you want to delete and click the ‘arrow pointing down. If you can not find what you want to delete, you could select by month and year.

6. Click ‘Move to trash’ to delete your Facebook posts. Do this for all posts you want to remove.


1. To clear or hide any old Facebook posts you have shared, simply open your Fb app.

2. Go to your profile and click the meatballs menu icon next to ‘Add to story.’

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3. Tap “Manage your post” or filter as you deem fit.

4. Click the meatballs menu icon next to the post you want to hide from your Audience, and then tap ‘Hide from the profile’

5. To hide your Facebook posts on a computer or browser, go to activity log > tap ‘filter’ > tap ‘posts’ > click the arrow pointing down next to the post you want to hide and click ‘Hide from timeline’


Any post you have deleted goes to your trash. Facebook will keep your deleted messages for 90 days which is more than enough time for you to decide if you still want it back or not. After 90 days, you will not be able to restore it.

Below are the steps to recover a post you mistakenly remove from your profile:

  • To restore any post that you have deleted on Facebook, simply go to your profile.
  • Tap the meatball menu icons, otherwise known as three dots icon, and then, ‘Activity Log’
  • Click ‘Trash’
  • Select the available posts you want to restore and click ‘Restore’
  • To restore your deleted Fb posts via computer or on a browser, find your way to the activity log as explained in previous guides in this article > Go to ‘Trash and to the post you want to recover > click the arrow and then, tap ‘Restore to profile.
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How Can I Change / Edit My Name On Facebook?

how to edit name on facebook
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Do you want to edit name your facebook name but you have no idea how it is done?

People do change names due to many reasons. You found out that your name was incorrectly spelled and want your account to reflect as it should be or just felt you needed to add your other name for people to easily find you. It could also be you have just gotten married and you think it is now time for your profile to carry your partner surname.

Another reason why people will want to change their names is to abandon their nicknames for real names. We have seen cases of people using their monikers on Facebook and finally thought it is time to come real with their original name on FB.

There are lots of advantages to using your real names on Facebook. Sometimes, people who have lost your contacts will naturally search for you on Facebook using your real names instead of nicknames. Besides, not many will know your nicknames. Most times, it is only a circle of friends within a specified location that do have monikers by which they call themselves.

Also, if you are bidding for a contract or trying to secure a job. Companies do discreetly carry out investigations especially if it has something to do with digital marketing. They will want to know your rating and how easily you connect with individuals. And no company will want to associate with an individual with suggestive or fake names especially if they discovered it to be so.

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Maybe in your case, you just want to add your nickname, maiden name, professional name, or just your salutation. Well, you could add that, and there is nothing wrong with that.

As I said, there are many reasons why people do update their name on Fb but the question is how it is done?

We will get to that part soon, but first, there are things you should know before changing your Facebook names.


Facebook is a large community where users are expected to go by their names, but never seems to be the case for some. The social media giant expects you to use the real name you are called by friends and families. They frown upon the impersonation of anyone or even anything. A lot of accounts have been banned due to this reason alone. This may not mean much now until you lose control of your account and you are asked to provide a valid ID card bearing your username.

If you are not able to make changes to your name on your Fb account, it is probably because you have gone against the policy and which may attract a severe sentence at times depending on nature.

There are also other guidelines for Facebook users. Your Facebook name should bear no symbols, numbers, random words, characters from different languages, titles, and suggestive words used as a name, Users also are not allowed to make use of characters.

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It is also important for you to note that you will only be able to edit the name at least 60 days after your change. And if it becomes a common thing to your account, the waiting period can be extended to 120 days.


People can still have their names and name type like nicknames shown on their Fb account. This will allow people that choose to use any of the two to find them. For instance, someone who has the nickname, “smooth” will also appear on search results when it is used.

Name type you can add include maiden name, father’s name, alternate spelling, married name, birth name, former name, and name with title.

  • To add other names, log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click the hamburger icon (☰) on your Facebook App. It can also be called Menu and sits at the top right corner of your screen.
  • Click “See your Profile”
  • Tap the meatball menu icon (otherwise known as 3 horizontal dots menu) on your profile page.
  • Tap “Edit Profile” > “Edit your About Info.”
  • Scroll down and click “Add other names” under “Other names.”
  • Select name type > and Provide name. You will also need to select “Show at the top” if you want it to be displayed next to your name.
  • Click “Save”.


If you are asking, “how can I change my name on Facebook?”, follow the steps to quickly edit your profile name on your Fb account:

  • To change or edit your name on Facebook on a mobile browser, sign in to your account using your login details on
  • Click the Hamburger menu. It is located at the top right side of your Facebook account.
  • Move the page up and click “settings”
  • Click “Personal Information”
  • Tap “Name”
  • Once done, enter your name and click “Review changes.”
  • Provide your correct password and save the changes.
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If you prefer to use a Computer to change your Fb or you have no choice but to use one, check out the guides below:

  • Enter on your browser.
  • At the top right corner of Facebook, click the “downward-facing arrow”
  • Click “Settings & privacy,” and then tap “Settings.”
  • A new page should bearing the name, “General Account Settings”. Click “Edit” close to your names.
  • Enter your first name and surname. The middle name is optional.
  • Click “Review Changes” and choose how you want the name to appear.
  • Provide your password and click “Save changes” to validate the action.
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