How many jobs are available in Consumer Services? (15 Best Paying)

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One of the most asked questions when trying to lean toward a career in Consumer Service is the number of available jobs in the field.

With a career as broad as Consumer Service, there are quite a lot but the most important question you should be asking is which among them are the best-paying ones. At the end of the day, it is all about how lucrative your job is aside from finding fulfillment in whatever role you play.

However, if you need a number as to how many jobs are available in consumer service. Our answer will be they run into thousands. With that many opportunities out there, filling a space should not be that difficult provided you have the basic skills needed to work as a consumer service executive.

A consumer service job is one of the fastest-rising career fields with several roles to select from depending on your experience and qualification. We have seen it taking a big leap as technology advances in the world. Hence, more roles are created in different industries which call for more professionals.

Consumer and customer may look to have the same meaning, but they differ from one another. By definition, a customer is someone who pays for goods or products. A consumer can be looked at differently and can be said to be an end user of the purchased goods which a customer is not.

Notwithstanding, under any brand or establishment, the department for inquiries, resolution, and feedback could be named Customer Service or Consumer Service. With many industries out there looking for interns and qualified customer service reps to fill out the space, one can never be short of high-paying customer service jobs. Below are some best ones out there:

1. Flight Attendant

A flight attendant is normally employed by airlines. They are instrumental to the success of any private or commercial airline with their main duty focus on the customers.

They are responsible for ensuring that customers get the best service. Some of the duties expected of them are greeting and attending to customers, ensuring they adhere to safety precautions before the flight takes off, assisting the customers, and providing comfort throughout the journey. Also, flight attendants ensure customers can locate their seats and also provide instructions during emergencies.

Flight attendants earn between $54,346 to $98,544 per year which is quite a juicy offer compared to most jobs out there.

2. Call Center Representative

A Call Center Representative is one of the most important sections in big organizations, especially in Telecom companies. Being an establishment that offers services such as fixed-network services and mobile services to a possibly large number of customers, there is a need to assemble a large force of call center agents charged with the responsibility of making and taking calls from customers regarding complaints, product inquiries, and feedback.

They also identify issues, research issues, clarify and appeal to customers and find solutions. The department can also introduce new products or better offers to customers which would eventually improve the company’s fortunes.

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As a call center rep, you will be working with other departments such as the billing department, service department, sales departments, and many more. Therefore, it is expected of you to have good communication skills to help you perform well.

The average salary of a Call Center agent in the USA is $32,056.

3. Receptionist

The position of a Receptionist is often needed in any office setting, they are more like the face of the company. They are often at the forefront of the business, and often take the role of connecting customers or clients to the company.

The duties of a receptionist include greeting customers, answering questions, directing and connecting customers to employees, helping with some trivial duties, supporting departments when needed, taking calls on behalf of the company, etc.

Easily among the easier jobs to get due to demand for the role. Females tend to fit more due to their natural warm nature, but that does not leave the other males out. It offers an average salary of $45,964 per annum which is something any qualified person should be considering.

4. Bank teller

Another customer service job that pays well is the role of a bank teller. They are responsible for the collection of deposits from customers and also help with other financial transactions.

A bank teller also helps resolve any discrepancies in accounts, manages ATMs, resolves issues with accounts and cards, and even goes as far as welcoming customers. This is one of the most valuable departments in the bank and the staff are well paid for their services.

A bank teller makes between $38,156 to 56, $697 per year and that is very juicy enough for anyone who wants to live comfortably.

5. Front Desk Manager

Front Desk Manager is not your typical Customer Service Agent that you are seeing in small companies, they are often found in medium and big-sized hotels.

They are well experienced enough to take on the role of a receptionist as well as other major administrative functions. They train employees, supervise and also provide support to other departments in a hotel.

Their roles also extend towards ensuring that everywhere is tidy and well stocked with all the necessary materials for the day-to-day activities. They are well paid and take up to $65,687 per year.

6. Social Media Manager

The internet world has grown well in the past few years and has also created many job opportunities of which social media management is one of them. As a social media manager, you are responsible for the online presence of the brand or establishment you are working for.

You must develop a strategy that will put the organization in a favorable spot. Such can be done by coming up with excellent content, analyzing data, managing campaigns, etc.

To successfully carry out your duties, it is expected of you to have good writing skills and be able to design. Although Canvas should help those with no fundamental skills in graphic designs, being able to use Software such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, or Adobe Illustrator will give you an edge. A social media manager makes an average salary of $68,687 a year.

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7. Marketing Manager

Marketing Managers are well paid enough to take a vacation in any place of their choice. It is one of the reasons why it remains one of the most sought positions by job seekers.

As a man in charge of marketing, you should see yourself as a link between the organization and the customers. You are responsible for designing and developing advertising content, oversea the marketing budget, and monitoring the performance of campaigns.

Planning for the future is also one of them even while you are working on ensuring the success of current products or services. You are expected to be one step ahead to edge other competitors. The pay is lovely, and you should be earning up to $98,850 in a year.

8. Client Relations Specialist

If you are good with people and still endowed with good communication skills, then the role of a Client relations specialist should be what you should be gearing for.

Being at the forefront of the company, you are to work on behalf of the organization for the main purpose of customer retention which can only be brought through customer satisfaction.

The roles of a Client relations specialist include being able to have an idea of how the organization operates to answer clients’ questions when needed, talk with customers and assure them of the company’s commitment and formulate plans as well. You are also to work with other important sections of the organization and even go as far as managing media relations and requests.

As a Client Relations Specialist, you can take up to $41,000 or more in a year from one organization. Your income could be more if you have multiple organizations you are working on their behalf.

9. Service Advisor

A Service Advisor may not be one of the popular roles out there but still offer much in terms of wages and development. As a service advisor, your duties are to advise customers, answer questions, evaluate issues, and help them determine the appropriate services for problems regarding vehicle maintenance issues. Sometimes, you may also need to order the required parts needed for vehicles.

The automotive industry is so big and quite successful. Being one of the players on the field, you can expect a fairly decent earning. For your effort, you are guaranteed an average salary of $46,566 per year.

10. Virtual Administrative Assistant

For a midsize or large company, the in-house staff set up to manage consumer inquiries, and complaints and attend to sales may not be enough to handle the numbers of customers, therefore organizations would always settle for extra hands.

As a Virtual Administrative Assistant, you are required to assist remotely. These may include interacting with customers through phone, live chat, or email, providing aid to clients on products or services, researching, creating content, scheduling appointments, and many more.

One of the advantages of being a virtual assistant is that you are not required to resume at the office. You have a whole lot of time to plan and attend to other needs. You can even take up more jobs since you are likely to work per the agreed hours. The average salary of a Virtual Assistant is $98,340.

11. Help Desk Analyst

Being a Help Desk Analyst can be demanding at times due to the many tasks that could be assigned to you. Your duty is to the customer, therefore almost everything you are to do will have to revolve around customers satisfaction

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As a Help Desk Analyst, you are to help customers resolve technical issues pertaining to the system. This can be done over the phone, live chats, or in person at times depending on the issue. Also, you might once in a while help the in-house employees resolve issues.

As a Help Desk Analyst, you can get a juicy package, estimated to be an average salary of $54,314 per year.

12. Client Services Manager

A Client Services Manager is otherwise known as a Client Relations Manager. The work of a Client Service Manager is very important in any big-sized establishment and their main functions are to check up with consumers regularly, put the company in a favorable light by promoting products and services, ensuring clients are satisfied, and provide answers to inquiries.

A Client Relations Manager may also set up a team whose function is to carry out the roles expected of the position (client relation) they are in for. It is on the manager to train and lead them.

A Client Services Manager gets an average salary of $56,308 a year.

13. Implementation Specialist

Implementation Specialists are often found in Tech Companies, and their main role is to ensure that customers are able to get a grasp of the purchased software with ease.

They are usually part of the IT department with a full understanding of the technical details of products or services. They can educate clients on software customization and installation, and communicate with customers who need walkthrough steps.

As an implementation specialist, you should be getting not less than $65,000 per year.

14. Medical Receptionist

It is easy to think of a Medical Receptionist as the same as a Receptionist normally found in other non-medical establishments. They are not different except for a few distinctions.

A Medical Receptionist also takes the role of welcoming visitors, assisting them with documentation, directing them to the doctors in charge, scheduling appointments, and monitoring and refilling materials. They are also expected to show empathy to patients and comfort them when necessary.

Therefore, if you have had experience as a receptionist in any firm or company, working as a Medical Receptionist should be easy peasy for you. The pay is also fairly decent and you could be paid between $38,580 to $46,550 in a year.

15. Account Coordinator

Account Coordinator is another job that is worth checking out if you are looking for a career in Consumer Service. As one, you are to engage with senior clients and ensure they get the utmost satisfaction.

There is so much to do as an Account Coordinator, among them are matching customers with products that will give them satisfaction, working closely with the top staff, resolving complaints from customers, improving sales, and garnering enough information about products and services which could be useful when dealing with clients.

With these roles, you are more likely to travel often and attend product launches and meetings on behalf of the company. For your efforts, you could earn an average salary of $53,566 per year.

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