How to activate Dark Theme On Android Oreo As means to Save Phone Battery

How to activate Dark Theme On Android Oreo As means to Save Phone Battery: For years, Android Users have asked that dark theme should be added to the Android Platform.

The reason for this request is that Dark theme or dark wallpaper saves Android phone battery which is also applicable to all devices that use the screen.

Our phones have become part of us, it has become necessary for us to find a way of getting more from the device.

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With Android pie released in August 2018, Google made sure that the Operating System comes with the dark mode, along with a manual switch which allows a switch whenever you want.

As at the time of writing, Android pie is only available on google pixels. The software is set to be available on others.

When you are using google pixel, you have the advantage of being the first to receive security updates and new os release.

Although Android 8 or Android Oreo as you may call it, does not come with a manual switch like Android Pie there is a way to go about it.

For those who already have Android pie on their phone, the feature can be accessed by going to Settings on their phone and Select Display.

Tap Advanced and Locate Display Theme. Next, tap Dark. That is how to switch to Dark Mode in Android Pie.

With the recent update on Android Oreo, it now allows Android Users to take full advantage of LWP+. It allows users to use any colour you set within the application.

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You can decide whether to use dark mode or light mode depending on you want your interface to be.

How to activate Dark Theme On Android Oreo As means to Save Battery

To force quick-setting on Android Oreo is pretty simple, all with the help of LWP+. The first thing you need to do is to install LWP+

After successful installation, open the app. Then tap on “Set as Current Live Paper”. You can choose whether to apply it to only home or just home and lock screen.

Dark theme on Android Oreo

Locate “Select any background colour” You may choose anyone you like but for the purpose of this post, our background colour will be blackDark theme on Android oreo

The settings are all easy to understand, no technical knowledge required to make use of this app. The app also allows to change wallpaper without to solid background colour.

When you select, “Wallpaper type” it shows you the option to display solid background colour, cropped image, and animated gifs.Dark theme on android oreo

The cropped image can be changed to any colour of your choice.

That is how to switch to dark mode on Android Oreo.

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