How To Set Up Bulk SMS Website In Nigeria Using Joomla CMS

In the changing world, there exist so many profitable businesses in which bulk SMS business is one of them.

Being successful comes with having the right information with you, in such light we will be providing you with vital details of what you need to know about SMS business.

There is no point in keeping that money in the bank while they get rich off you. Even as a full or part-time workers, you can still get to keep the SMS business growing that is if you plan it strategically.

Sms business is no doubt one of the best online business out there and less stressful. At just about 140 typed words, you can get the message sent to over a million people depending on the numbers agreed between you and your client.
Sms plays a big role in the world today, individual, religious centre and companies are always in need of the service rendered by bulk SMS companies. It is a business that is not going out of vogue soon.

Reasons why people use SMS

  • Sms can be used to reach out to potential customers.
  • To pass vital information passed across to people irrespective of where they are.
  • Religious centres also use it to inform people of programmes, change in program and other information that may be of importance.

How to set up a bulk SMS business with Joomla cms

What you need

  • Domain name or URL.
  • Web hosting.
  • Components or modules of bulk SMS.
  • Control Panel.

Set up

  • Joomla Installation & setting up SMS components.
  • Joomla Configuration.
  • Installation of bulk SMS components and modules

To get up your business rolling, the first thing you need is cash. Cash or fund as you may call it is the foundation of which all is business is built on.

As much as I make it sound as if you need a lot of cash to start up SMS business, I am happy to inform you that you only need a little cash to make it work. You dont need to even get a loan, with your little savings or help from family and friends, you can be on your way to building up your own empire.

Now that we have been able to allay your fears, let’s go to how you can start your bulk SMS business in Nigeria.

Domain name or URL: this is your unique identity, it is your link to customers and potential customers. People will visit the domain name when they need to make use of your services or make inquiries about your service.

Think of it as your office where people come in to make demands or ask for service and in return, you are fairly compensated for the services offered.

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Web hosting: the speed, space, and uptime of your website depend on the quality of the web hosting companies you choose plus the way you optimize it. See web hosting as the land where you build your domain(structure).
there have been lots of web hosting companies, I have used good numbers of them which have served me well. Namecheap is always my favourite when we talk about more value for money. It is cheaper compared to other foreign ones and their customers support is superb. In Nigeria, domainking has always been my favourite, added to it is qservers. I can vouch for them if you need one from your locality.

To read reviews about hosting companies from top bloggers, check Enstine’s article.

Components or modules of bulk SMS: SMS bulk components allows you to convert your website into bulk SMS portal. It allows you to set up SMS HTTP API, thereafter you can now be sending and receiving the message.

Control Panel: the control panel is where you do most of the work. It is more like your own personal workshop where you can set up or configure the way your site looks and serves people.

Joomla Installation & setting up SMS components:
On your panel, locate sofatculous. In case you are having difficulties in finding it, go to software services section. You do not need any technical knowledge to set up Joomla installation and your SMS components.

  • Click on software services and then select softaculous.
  • You will be directed to a new page bearing auto installer.
  • Look at your left side on the platform, under the categories menu, select portal/SMS and then click on it open the list of options available on it.
  • There is quite a list of CMS apps you can choose from, click on Joomla icon.
  • Joomla installation page will open, it is important to install a newer version of the software to avert issues in the nearest future.
  • You will be directed to a new page where you can have access to information regarding the software and other benefits you stand to enjoy.
  • Click on install to have it ready.

Joomla Configuration: when done with the installation, the next step is to configure your newly released Joomla. Like I said before, it must be the newer update to avert possible damages in the future.

On the Joomla application, you are to provide information to the blank fields. Some of the fields have already been automatically filled during installation.

Despite that being said, it is important to go through it and provide information as it does fit.

On the application, you will see the following fields. The fields include site name, site description, admin username, email and password, and real name.

When you are done configuring Joomla as you want, click on install button which is available at the end of the page.

Once you are able to configure properly, you will see a confirmation message showing, “successfully installed” with another login platforms called, “frontend and backend”

The frontend of a site is the section that users or people visiting your site make use of. It is that part of the site that you can see and interact with. The place where your clients or visitors visit to accesss their account.

The backend of a site is the area where the admin control, set up, add texts and edit as he wants. It is more like a workshop from him or her to control how the site will look. The backend consists of a database, serve, and application.

When you buy stuffs from jumia or other related merchants. You open the jumia application and interact with the frontend. Your interactions with the frontend usually consist the numbers of items you want, phone numbers, names and the address

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you want your packages to be delivered.
Once you are done with that,the application saves it in the database and enter into the server.

Now that you have Joomla installed and configured, you will be directed to a new page where you can login and create your Joomla site.

Add a simple and well-optimized template and login into the backend of the site, otherwise called the admin area.

To log into your admin area, enter
Select extentions to open up a list of options and then click on extension manager.

Through the extention manager, you can install modules, components, theme, plugins and languages.

There are three (3) options available on this section, they are:

  • Install from directory.
  • Install from url.
  • Upload package file.

If you manage to install with no error from your side, you will receive a confirmation message stating, “installing template was successful”

Installation of bulk SMS components and modules

Installation of components

  • The next step is to go to your control panel, click on manage and install.
  • Navigate below to view upload file section.
    Click to get the component from your computer files or anywhere you saved them.
  • Click on install.

Note: search online to find where to buy your bulk SMS component. Some companies sell as low as 50kb per unit. Some can even go cheaper but the most important thing is to get it from trusted agents.

  • After installation, locate the component on the menu bar to view the file for confirmation. Notwithstanding, you will receive a confirmation message after installation.

Installation of modules

The module provides a platform for the admin and users to help them manage and control ongoing activities on their SMS section.

  • Go to control panel, select manage and click install.
  • Locate the module section and activate atleast 2 installed modules.
  • And now to the models section. To get to the models section, use the menu bar on your admin area.
  • Select the ratio button and then click on activate.
  • Now your site is now ready.

How to improve your bulk sms business.How to gain more customers

Marketing has always be the heartbeart of any business.
As a business owner, you must adopt a good marketing strategies to help grow your business the way you want it.
There are several ways of bringing potential customers to your door.

The strategies adopt for other businesses is no different from the ones that will be used for bulk SMS business.

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Be rest assured that all these are proven and result oriented. All you need is to be consistent in the approach and also find ways to add to these methods.

How to get more customers for your bulk SMS business

Social media: social platform has proven to be more than arena where friends and families connect. It is one of the cheapest alternatives and can be very reliable if you have a good number of followers. Even if not, you can always ask help from friends and families to help you spread the message.

There is also a paid service by facebook, twitter, and others which help you get your products to your targeted audience. For the facebook and or twitter, you do not need to spend much to get them to your audience, with as little as $5, you can get your products spread across the country.

One on one marketing: This is otherwise called direct marketing. Direct marketing is a type of marketing whereby individuals and organizations directly inform the public about their products without making use of agents.

The channels are text messages, one on one awareness, website, emails, fliers and many others. Even when you are able to get your message passed to your potential customers. Engaging with me will further help you solidify your relationship with your customers.

Blog: One of the advantages of having a blog is that you can use it to advertise your products or services to the world. It is better if you have a large following, and that will give you an edge over others.
Engaging with your followers is one way to gain their confidence and another is asking for feedback. More interactions mean you can easily introduce your products to them and having gained their confidence will help you sell your products.

Online forum: quora remains the best online forum site in the world. We have everyknows and asknaij which are not that different from Quora.

In Nigeria, nairaland has seen off competitions and at the moment, no online forum site stands a chance to compete with them.

Online forum is a discussion site where people can deliberate on a matter arising in the form of posted messages.

Offer incentives: giving discounts and commissions is one of the many ways you can get more customers for your online businesses.

Customers do love their cherry on top, and there is no better way to keep them coming than to offer them what they won’t get elsewhere. The customers you have will definitely sing your praises to another and thereby building up your customers base in the process.

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