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How To Share Data & Transfer Data On MTN

Do you need tips on how to share or transfer data on MTN?

Data sharing is becoming very popular now that our phones’ choices now lean towards smartphones. We all want the feel of holding a smartphone, which gives us more freedom to do more.

Push button phones have their limitations but with smartphones running on android and ios, you can enjoy your Facebook app, upload some great pictures on Instagram, tweet like a champ, stream videos and download like it is nothing.

MTN data plans can be transferred or shared with family and friends on the network. Instead of spending more, you could share from the bulk of data available to you on your MTN line. With the data share, you will be able to save a lot more.

It is just like MTN data gifting except that when sharing, a pool of data will not be moved to the beneficiary. MTN data share means you will be using your data with anyone you share while the MTN data transfer is when part of your data volume is moved to another.

Meanwhile, MTN data sharing has been discontinued but you will be able to transfer your MTN data to your friends and families. It is as good as MTN data share.

What you should know about MTN data gifting (MTN data share and Transfer)

  • To transfer your data, you must be a prepaid customer.
  • Beneficiaries can be anywhere in the country and still have the share of the pie.
  • Being anywhere in the country does not impede the quality of the service.
  • To share your data plan, you must have at least 250mb data volume.
  • The amount of data you can transfer at a time are 10MB, 50MB, and 100MB
  • It can be sent to another MTN prepaid customer.
  • Data bonus is not shareable on the network.
  • You will be able to share between 10MB to 100MB per day.
  • The maximum amount you can share per day is 100MB.
  • The maximum number of times you can transfer is twice daily.
  • You can only gift your loved ones data bundle by accessing the service yourself.
  • Data transferred to you will deplete first before your active data bundle.

How to share MTN data

Ensure you have sufficient data on your MTN bundle plan.

  • If you are unsure, dial *131*4# or send “2” to 131 to check your data balance.
  • Dial *131*7# to share data on MTN Network and follow the prompt to share your MTN data.
  • Alternatively, Use MTN data share USSD code by dialing *131*Phone number* Data amount#.
  • To use the SMS format, text “Transfer Phone number Data amount” and send to “131”

How to buy MTN data bundle for a friend

  • If you do not have enough data balance to share or transfer to another MTN number, you can also purchase data for a friend.
  • You will be charged from your Airtime balance.
  • To purchase MTN data bundle for a friend, simply dial *131*Bundle Activation Code*Beneficiary’s Phone number#
  • Alternatively, you can dial *131*7*2#, select data plan to gift, there are daily, weekly, monthly, 2 months and 3 months plans. You only need to enter your beneficiary’s phone number and choose a data plan to use the service.

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