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How To Start An Online Store



How to creat a ecommere online store
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Do you nurture the idea of starting an online store?

Ever wanted to have your own online business but you do know how to start?

I am putting up these tips to help you with what you should know about Online Store and the benefits.

Starting a great thing mostly come with being anchored with the right knowledge and the other emblems of success. For most people, they do point out DECISION MAKING as the first hallmark of success.

I am not here to dispute that, as that is one the first things that set you unto the path of starting your own project. Viable or not, it always starts with nurturing an IDEA.

An idea could come in wanting to become your own boss. The 8 am to 5 pm job is no longer fun as it used to be plus that enigma, called boss who can be so difficult.

Your family needs you but your job is taking so much from you or just want to create another channel for a possible source of income.

Your reasons for opting for an online business are probably different from what I pointed out but what you can not deny is that making money has always the main motive behind starting a business.

Let us be honest to ourselves, no one finds fulfillment while working for someone. It is like you are being paid to nurture and make another person’s dream come true.

Working like a clock under a private establishment looks fancy. Being a government worker could mean Job’s security. Most importantly, adding a secondary source of income is not bad as it provides you flexible working time.

Remarkably, people are now beginning to join the train of online businesses. In Nigeria, over third of the population understand that starting a business is what is needed to break the shackles of poverty.

It is one thing to understand what the problems are. It is another to know exactly what are to be done.

This article is set to put light on the many questions about online businesses and how to start a successful online store.

This is just a guide to set you on the track. If you can adhere to some of the shared tips and steps in this article. You might find yourself running a successful online store.

What is Online Store?

Let us look it at this way, you have a shop where buyers come to purchase goods or services. On goods or services they purchase, you earn some profits but this time is done online and you send goods to their address after payment.

Online store is an application or website where sellers use to display goods or services. This platform creates a great experience for buyers and with a secured payment gateway.

For most of the time, people do mean online store to mean the same with e-commerce. They are right anyway.

With e-commerce, everything is done online. To start an online store, you will need to build an e-commerce platform where you can retail your goods or offer your services to clients.

It is an activity which involves buying and selling of goods and service over the internet. It is invariably referred to as Electronic Commerce or Internet Commerce.

Drop Shopping Or Your Own Goods?

If you are still reading this, you probably have given it much thought. The time is now to start that online business you have always wanted to do.

Selling online sets up another stream of income for you. You do not even need to own the goods or a warehouse.

If you own your own product, fine but drop shipping works well in any part of the country you are. You just need to find time to do proper findings of what might work for you.

What then is dropshipping? If you look up on google for what is drop shipping, you will come across several meanings. No matter how much the author tries to construct his or her own version of meaning, they all mean the same.

My own version of drop shipping is when a customer visits your site, browses through the different categories or featured products, adds the product to his cart, places order upon using your payment gateway. It is now on you to contact the seller to order the product and then send to the customers’ addresses.

You are the intermediary between the wholesaler and the buyer, so you deserve to make profits. If the wholesale sells at $4, you can put it up at $8 but I will advise you state a reasonable price to avoid losing customers on the long run or met with low demands.

It is less stressful to ship directly to the customers but it exposes you. If you want to build a brand, you need to repack the goods and send to the customers.

No one should see you purchase the goods off jumia or Amazon. Not my choice though, if you are looking to get some items at a cheaper price. Aliexpress remains the biggest place where you can get quality stuff at a very cheap price.

Most products on aliexpress come from China, the Chinese have been knowing for their cheap products. It is unfair to say the Chinese sell inferior goods.

Moreover, over 68% of electronics are made or configured in China. The acclaimed quality iPhone mostly put together in China and so are our other gadgets. If you can use your electronics for years with no problem, then you can trust them with other products.

If you are a producer, you can combine selling your own products and drop shipping. Although there are good numbers of people who sell just one product on their e-commerce website but adding other products open up additional income to you.

Why You Should Start Your Own Online Store

Choosing to start your own online store means you get to save a lot of money.

If you go for drop shipping, you are only a channel by which buyers procure goods. You don’t spend your own money to get the goods to the buyers except if you run it on PAY ON DELIVERY.

Even if it is Pay On Delivery, your expenses will still be covered, just that payment has to be on hold until you make good your promises.

Selling your own products? Either way, it is a win-win for you. No need to be committed to finding a physical store except you want to expand.

If you are not running on large scale production, you can have them kept at one corner of your room or anywhere safe until there is an order for them.

No need to have it displayed in the local market or in the shop. The online store takes care of that. All you just need is a beautiful image of your products and good write up to seduce the customers.

Images are great but what can be greater than the description? Play with words in a beautiful, make your content captivating yet precise.

A good salesman must know how to employ some of the tactics needed to be successful. Meanwhile, always make sure it is quality goods or services you are offering.

One bad apple is all it takes to spoil the bunch, you don’t want your reputation to be stained before you get a chance to build your own brand.

No Need For Warehousing

Why stocking goods that you may not sell or that can get damaged in the warehouse?

Do you know how much producers lose when they are low demand for perishable goods? With drop shipping, you can avoid most of the associated risks.

Easy to set up

Setting up a blog is easy but there are more you can do to make your site come even as good as Jumia.


Looking for inspiration on how to set up your own online store? Check out the best online stores in Nigeria

You can make use of woocommerce to build a quality e-commerce store where buyers and retailers come to purchase goods. We have Shopify as well but not free.

If you are looking to start up your online store with minimal capital, using woocommerce should set you up with no fee aside from the cost of a domain name, hosting and some other security tools for your site.

Access To a Bigger Audience

Every year, the number of people that use the internet continues to grow and we can expect that to continue.

Everyone wants to be connected online, it has impacted on business and makes the deal less stressful. There are now dedicated payment systems to help your business. It is automatic and secured.

People from all over the world can visit your site, search for items that may interest them, order goods, and make payment.

You don’t even need to run a physical store before your products are out of stock.

I have seen people with shops and still run online store. Why? It is because the internet goes where one can not be.

I can be in the USA while a client from South Africa will need my expertise or goods. The world is changing, so don’t be left out.


If you are running your business in your environment or local stores, you are going to have needs for invoice, documentation and other things.

Having online store rules that out, the invoice is sent as PDF to emails and sometimes can be reprinted on the e-commerce store. This helps to keep things simple and organized.

Better for the buyers as well if he intends to keep the invoice for future references.

Flexibility And Accessibility

Having your business online gives you access to manage your store anytime and any day. More freedom and better control of your online presence.

Customers or clients can contact you when they need to since the internet and your e-commerce platform is all that is needed.

Reduced Marketing Cost

No need to print bills or make banners for your products. There are lots of email marketing tools you can use to boost your sales.

MailChimp allows you to have not more than 2000 subscribers for free. This can go a long way in improving your sales and as well get you in touch with prospective customers. To get more subscribers when you MailChimp, you might need to upgrade your account.

Complete Guide On How To Build An Online Store Platform

Your job is halfway done if you are already into blogging. For those, with no formal experience, I will still try to do justice to that.

You can create a blog in less than 20 minutes. It could be more if this is not your first time but a complete guide on how to create a blog will go a long way in putting you through.

There is no way we will talk about creating an online store without making mention of blog creation.

Follow this guide and you are halfway in learning how to create a blog.

Decide on the niche & Domain name

The first step is to create an identity. Hey, before you do that. Make sure you have put so much thought.

Once you have your domain name up & running, there is no going back unless you want to start all over again.

Define your niche. Do you want to be a jack of all trades or concentrate on one single item? If you are selling a single product, says hair products then you do not need an identity that talks about other products aside hair’s.

Your domain name could be, sounds cool? Of course, it is. Short and very descriptive. Anyone coming to your site will already be informed of what they are getting.

You are not in for a single product, you want to go more than just selling hair improvement products, adds clothing and other products. Then you might need to think of a name that suits all. You could even tweak your own name.

You are creating a brand, you want a domain name that will easily be immersed.

No need to rush this, give it a thought before going to the next phase. Once a domain name is registered, there is no going back. It remains yours until your subscription expires.

Woocommerce or Shopify?

This is not the easiest decision to make especially if you are running on a low budget.

Shopify it is for me if you can handle their fee. With Shopify, you can pay as low as $29 monthly fee which gives you access to lots of tools to make your online store a success.

Access to clean and beautiful themes that make your store endearing to people. By paying the fee, you have a free pass to a wide range of support including software & hardware.

If you are in doubt, you can take advantage of the 14 days free trial. No need to enter your credit card before enjoying this. It is just a way to introduce you to what you might be missing out if you choose not to go with them.

Then, we have woocommerce which is the most used tool for creating an online store. A plugin which allows other plugins to work on its platform, which boosts the quality of the online store site.

With woocommerce, you have build up restricted pages for your staffs only, memberships and embed several payment gateways like Shopify.

Woocommerce is a perfect software if you don’t have enough fund but it will be on you to manage all your security needs as well as the speed, unlike Shopify.

Such should not be a problem though. Even if you do not have experience with that, you can employ an expert to help you with that.

Purchase A Domain Name

Do you know what a domain name is?
A domain name is your identity and address that users use you to connect to your pages.

If you are familiar with internet then explaining it should not be a problem. Over 60% of the world population use Facebook. When you type in your browser.

You are connecting to the pages using the address, which is and we have .edu for tertiary institutions.

You will need to buy a domain from reputable domain dealers on their sites and you need their address. We have which has always been my favourite then another domain registrar for Nigerians.

Before I forget, let me introduce you to different domain level in the domain naming system.

We have TLD, TLD means Top Level Domain. You must have come across several extensions. We have .com after facebook, an example of a TLD

ccTLD, is the two letters reserved for each country in the world. .us, .ng, .uk, .za, .in are examples of Country Code Top Level Domain (ccTLD).

We also have Second Level Domain (SLD), which is the name before the dot(.). For example, this blog name is, gistfocus is SLD while .com is TLD.

Lastly, there is a Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD), a domain name extension which has no stance with any country in the world.

It has suffixes that can easily point out the idea behind a site or blog. For example, anyone going for .com means it is is for commercial purpose.

.net is ordinarily used for networking but people no longer take such into consideration, it now serves many.

.org is coined out from organization and is mostly used by organization and charity.

.net, .com, .net no longer follows patterns, it now serves any niches. We now have people using .net for tech sites. It now depends on choice since there is no statutory law guiding against which level domains one must buy and for what purposes.

Having explained a bit about assigned domain levels, you can now proceed to buy your domain.

There are lots of domain name registrars but I will suggest Namecheap and Bluehost. Their services and uptime are almost 100%.

For those in Nigeria, NameCheap works well for me and with about 98% uptime. Sounds good? I know and it is very cheap. Good for a blogger who is starting.

Customer care not 24/7 like Namecheap and Bluehost but you expect them to get back to you as soon as possible. You will always get them from 6 am till 6 pm each day.

To assess their sites, go to or Namecheap is the cheaper alternative though.

Get a Hosting Plan

Namecheap has lots of juicy plan, go to the site to purchase your plan. On Bluehost, you get a free domain when you purchase a hosting plan.

Most time, having a domain always come first but there is nothing wrong in purchasing a hosting plan first.

There are some companies that offer a free domain for hosting plans bought from them.

WordPress Installation

If this is your first time and you are having a problem with setting it up. Contact customer care for guide, they will guide you through the WordPress installation.

Nevertheless, installing WordPress is very easy. You will be given username and a password (can be changed when you are ready) by the hosting company.

Slot in the username and password on the host user panel. When the page appears, look around for “Install WordPress” and click on it.

The “install WordPress” should be under softaculous apps installer”.How to start online store

Install woocommerce

Woocommerce is an open source for online stores. It runs on WordPress.

Since this is the most used for online store, I will suggest we stick with the popular e-commerce plugin, “woocommerce” plus it is free, unlike Shopify.

Installing woocommerce is same as installing any of the plugins you have now.

Go to your Add plugins > search for “Woocommerce” > Install Plugin > Activate.

After activating woo-commerce, a wizard will pop up to help you take care of things with no need to assign it to professionals.Woocommerce tips for online store

You can always create as many pages you want. Setting up online store with e-commerce is easy if you had formal experiences with blog creation.

If not, follow up this article for step to step on how to create online stores using e-commerce


Hi there! My name is Ayobami and I am a writer. I provide quality reviews and more simplified information about products and services. I am your number one stop source for all you missed.


How To Get Free Paypal Fund With Bigtoken



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This article on how to earn free PayPal fund with bigtoken is coming a few weeks after I revealed how you can get earn as much as over $185 on Capterra.

Payment will be made in Gift cards. The gift card can be used to pay for items online or even purchase services.

We all know the several benefits of PayPal not to talk of the immense joy that we get when we earn free PayPal fund for doing almost nothing.

PayPal remains the most used payment system in the country to the point that it is even more beneficial to buyers more than it does for sellers.

Buyers do not need to go about with their credit card details, all they need is to login to their PayPal business account to make a purchase whenever they want. The seller can be over joyous in the sense that, easy payment system means more sales.

Paypal, over the years, has proved to always take the business of security seriously and also act as a shield to the buyers. You might be surprised to hear that Paypal might actually be more secure than your reputable financial institution in the country you reside in.

What is BigToken?

The idea behind big token is to collect some information, which comes in the form of survey and in return you get rewarded.

Bigtoken is a platform where users get to own data, confirm their data. In exchange, they get rewarded for it.

This development was pursued by Nasdaq listed company, a company which is known for excellence services over the years.How to earn paypal

Is Bigtoken Real?

There have been a series of questions on whether Bigtoken is legit or not.

Like I have always done on this blog, I make out time to confirm how genuine a scheme is. I have done that with capterra and few others.

Earning online is a big business and it is my duty to let you know what you are getting into. I am currently into the program now and I can confirm it is one of the easiest ways to fund your PayPal account.

Let’s go on the negative part. The sad one is that before you can redeem, you will have to wait for 30 days. When the 30 days finally come, it is then you will discover you can only withdraw 1/4 of your total points.

The minimum points you can get before you can finally redeem is 2100 points which are equal to $21 Paypal Fund.

Let us say you manage to raise about $21 Paypal funds, you will only be able to get $5.25 of the earnings. You can get another 25% in next 30 days. More work still needs to be done if the company wants to compensate for the effort of participants, it could get better as it is still in the development period.

Racking enough points is the best way of getting a reasonable PayPal fund from Bigtoken. You are going to need all the help you can get and that is by inviting as many people as possible.

Build up a team of people who are interested in making some bucks and invite them into the fold. Once they start earning, it automatically raises your points.

A piece of advice before you move to the next section. Do it at your own leisure. It is not something you should spend all your time since you won’t even get the total amount in your wallet in one go.

How does Bigtoken work?

There is an app available on your mobile store that allows you easy navigations around the platform.

On big token app, you can check into your locations, invite friends, connect cards, provide answers to surveys, link in your facebook and others, connect rewards program and many more. All these are some of the activities that earn you points.

Every day, you have a chance to earn funds. The more questions you provide answers to, the more your rewards swell in. Every task you performed on the Big token app, earns you points which you can be exchanged for PayPal funds.

The app is so light and fast. It opens main page the moment you connect it to the internet. Your login stays on the app and you do not need to always enter your username and passcode to grant access.

There are some certain requirements you should know.

  • Bigtoken is completely for US and Canada residents.
  • Anyone who wishes to participate in this program must have a US number. If you don’t have, you can get one on Textplus.
    Textplus is an app that allows you to have your own USA number, make calls, receive calls, send and receive messages while making sure your identity is secured.
  • You must be 18 years old or older.
  • Users must have a PayPal account that can receive PayPal funds. You can open a PayPal business account if you do not have one.

How to Download Bigtoken App

Bigtoken app is available on the apple store (Ipad & iPhone) and play store (Android).

If you own a mobile phone that makes use of Android Os, all you need to do is visit the Google Play store or follow this link.

For iPhone and Ipad Users, it is pretty straightforward to download it on the apple store. Can’t find the app? Click here.

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Top 12 Online Shopping Sites In The World (Ship Anywhere)



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Shopping online is fun but the question is do you just go on a shopping spree on any Online shopping sites you come across?

Here is what you should know before slotting your card information or PayPal into the website payment system.

Thousands of e-commerce websites are created on a regular basis. Counting on a new shopping site with little or no experience can be devastating.

Rule experience out, for now, don’t you think you will be taken a huge risk by putting your money on a site that is yet to take a stand among long-serving ones?

I understand for most people who are not yet informed, they might believe having a website automatically makes a business legit. I am sorry to say it is not always like that.

No wonder, we are quick to believe any site as our source of information, not for any reason but because we were made to understand the Internet has answers to every question.

This article is a sequel to my posts on online stores but this time, I am doing it differently. It will aim to provide you with the best online shopping websites in the world that ship to wherever you are.

It does not matter if you live in Saudi Arabia, USA, South Africa or in Africa, you will have your items delivered to you although delivery time might take a while especially for some sites who use economic shipping.

Aliexpress.comAliexpress online stores

Aliexpress is the biggest online shopping site. This online shopping website came into existence in 2010 and it is run alongside the popular

Both sites are under Alibaba Group Holding Company, a project of Jack Ma and some key members of his company.

Alibaba Group Holding Company was founded in 1999. The company has a wide interest in commerce, retail, internet, and technology. It was estimated to have a total asset of $143.801 billion as of 2019.

Aliexpress running under the umbrella of this multinational company can be said that a reasonable amount of money has been invested as well as the good number of professionals are on ground to help with the continuous growth.

Aliexpress runs a dynamic online shopping site that ships anywhere, both locally and internationalyl despite the office has its work ground in China.

Amazon.comAmazon online store

Shipping and import fees will push you away but it remains the best online shopping site that ship to you quickly.

Amazon has great collections of products on their site with the best hands on deck to make your shopping awesome.

It remains the most popular with a platform carefully designed to help you adjust and move around easily.

Amazon has been around since 1994. A project led by Jeff Bezos and with a total asset of $162.648 billion as of 2018.

It plays an important role in the world and considered a pace maker in technology, e-commerce and artificial intelligence. Rated alongside the likes of Google and facebook. is just one of the many subsidiaries of the Amazon. There are several ones, among them are the popular IMDB, Alexa, Goodreads, and amazon studios. It first started as online store for books but as time passed by, Amazon ventures into other fields and later outweighed the iconic Walmart.

The company has its office in the USA and continue to be a force to reckon with in this fast-growing market.

If you are living in united states or in Canada, you wont have to pay the outrageous shipping expense but for people who live in another continent especially Africa. The shipping fees alone can be more than what you paid for the item.

Good quality products but does it worth it when you can get the same product cheap and with no or low shipping fees on aliexpress, eBay and few others.

Lastly, old and new items are sold on amazon.

Ebay.comEbay online shopping site

I just started using ebay and the experience so far has been great.

Ebay has a very strict policy, their own way of protecting buyers and sellers against people with the intention to commit fraud.

After registration, you can buy or sell before you are granted full privilege, your account will be temporarily put on hold after registration till you confirm your identity.

Unfortunately, you will need to make a phone call to ebay service centre and you will be asked to provide some vital docs. Make sure you have enough airtime before calling the care agent to avoid be cutting off in the middle. When cut off, you might need to start all over again and this might not be good for your credit balance.

This involves submitting a copy of a government issued card or driver’s license and a cover letter containing your phone number, email address and with your eBay user ID.

Nevertheless, it is a great online shopping site where you can get things very cheap with low shopping fees.

There is a buyers’ protection policy, when activated, you can reverse your money. You can always open a dispute on PayPal if you guys can not find common ground, you can make a claim. Paypal will refund your money if you are not on the wrong side of things.

Banggood.comBanggood online store

Being an internet fanatic means I have to come across cool sites like this.

When you first come across the site URL, you might be beginning to ask yourself if it is really a shopping site especially when the URL name, “bang good” could mean another thing.

I laughed at first but a click to the link tells me what I need to know.

Banggood is an online shopping website with large numbers of users on a daily basis. Report from verifiable sources estimated it to be over a million visitors per day.

A Chinese site which is known for selling of electronics, mobile phones, tablets, gadgets, industrial tools, computer and networking, clothing and shoes, automobiles and many more.

What is more? You can buy items very cheap and also get to choose your carrier. There is free shipping available for some of the listed products, mostly standard shipping.

If you want items delivered earlier, you will need to part away extra bucks to make that happened. Items will get to you no matter anywhere you are in the world.

The most popular payment systems on bang good are PayPal and master card. There are also several payment gateways available on the site.

Beautybay.comBeautybay review

For the ladies who need where to shop for beauty products, Beautybay is the site to visit. They specialize in sales of skin care products, hair products, and accessories.

The online shopping site is based in manchester in the UK. United Kingdom has always been known for fashion, clothing and beauty products. The country has a rich culture of having some hard to get and quality products.

You can shop for products you ordinarily won’t find in major stores and might come across products that will capture your mind.

Items, when compared with other stores are unbelievably cheap plus most of their products always come with no fee on shipping.

The only negative aspect of using beautybay is that delivery may take longer. It should not be a surprise as this is common with most major online stores. If you are lucky, you might even get it so quick than you expected.

Feelunique.comOnline store that ships anywhere feelunique

Whether you are a lady or dude who knows what it takes to look good, I present you feelunique, one of the leading cosmetics online stores.

Feelunique is not the only link to make you feel unique. There are about thousand sites out there but I will be concentrating on the best online shopping website in the world.

Fortunate for beautybay, it made our list. I can not just ignore the rating it enjoys by the classy queens who know where to shop.

Feel Unique is no novice in the industry, already a leading store in the UK and has the earmarks of a store that can compete even against the best, if not the best already.

You won’t find much stores with such luxury beauty products like Feelunique. In their good gesture, students can get discounts off their purchases.

Lookfantastic.comLookfantastic wih best online stores

You might be surprised to hear that the reason why your friends look so good and radiant is that they have not been telling you where they shop for beauty products.

For a company that has been around for more than a decade ago, 1996 precisely, you can always count on them to provide you with nothing but quality beauty product.

I know you are already fantastic, putting a finishing touch with the help of the iconic online shopping site, LookFantastic might be all you need to become the main attraction.

Lookfantastic ship to any country. A return policy is available to you if something goes wrong. For lookfantastic, money has never been the driving factor but the joy in satisfying the demands of their customers.

Bestbuy.comBestbuy shopping site review

Best buy is one of the major players and owned in the US. It has been around since 2006.

It’s considered to be one of the popular online stores in the world by revenue which currently stands at $42.15 billion as of 2018. Bestbuy was the most successful retail business in the USA and with subsidiaries in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Canada, and China.

Bestbuy thrives in the sale of electronics, clothing, groceries, pets, music and books, automobile, tires and industrial and many more with free shipping on most of the items found on the site.

Asos.comAsos review

Let me start with the icying on the cake, when you shop on and amounting to £50, you can get your product delivered free of charge. Item below the £50 will have a delivery fee of £8.

Asos, one of the leading online stores in the UK was born in 2010 and since then, has become the talk of the town in major cities in the UK and other countries.

You wont find electronics, mobile phones and its accessories, and automobiles aside clothing, beauty products for men and women, hair products, active wears, shoes, etc.

In order words, it is an online stores for beauty products.

Asos is an acroymn for As Seen On Screen with the company official name being AsSeenOnScreen LTD.

Missguided.comOnline shopping store

Hope you are not reading it as mis-guided? it is miss-guided. As the name implies, the online shopping site targets young girls and ladies (aged 15 – 40).

It is not that it is the benchmark for sales of items on the store. What it means is that, you are going to find products suitable for ladies that are not more than 40 years.

The company has a long history of delivering high-quality products such as clothing, shoes, and beauty products. These are just a few of available items they sell on their online store.

Ever wanted a brand you want? Check our their various collections from top brands in the country. The iconic, “Playboy” is one of the brands you will like to get your hands on.

Shopping on the website will be an experience that will forever linger in your heart.

Zalando.comZalando best online store

This is one of the popular online shopping websites in Germany. It caters for all gender needs including children with her main interest in ladies wears, beauty products, and accessories.

Zalando accept paypal and credit card for items ordered on the site, free shipping on most of the items and with 4 to 6 days to deliver your item after payment.

DHL which is known for fast delivery is among the delivery options on Zalando. To be eligible for free delivery, you must have an order with price not less than £19.90. Anything short of that will attract a reasonable amount of shipping fee.

Zalando do not ship to every country. When you log in using, you wil see list of country they ship to. Select one that suit your location.

Rosegal.comOnline stores in the Uk, china and world

It is difficult to understand why major online stores in europe decide to be feminine when choosing their company’s name. Come to think of it, rosegal is based in china.

Maybe it’s because women take the business of looking good very serious. For most men, they would be fine with simple wears.

Don’t the let the name shy you away, rosegal is more than just female products. Men and kids collections are also available on the store and with free shipping above items that cross over $45.

The online store deals with women’s, men’s and kids’ fashions such as clothing, shoes, hair and accessories, swimgear, and much more but targeted towards the trend ladies.

It is one of the best online shopping sites to get all that make you look good and more attractive than you are.

The payment options available on rosegal are PayPal, Credit Card, Wire Transfer, and Western Union. They ship to any country but shipping can take a while at times.

If you really want it quickly, they have their store on Amazon where you can get it delivered in not more than 5 days at most.

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Best Online Stores In Nigeria And Their Contact Details



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There are many online stores around, but there is a begging question on the best online stores in Nigeria?

Having made so long an article on how to create one and some important information, you should have no problem in understanding what online store is.

Trust could be an issue when an individual or company is yet to earn it from you because of that, I am here to help you with making a good judgment based on my experiences with them.

I have dealt with good numbers of online stores over the years, both within Nigeria and outside the country. In my experience, I have found out that there are things which appear real but are not.

Therefore, I will only select the best online stores in Nigeria.

Jumia Nigeria

Inarguably the number one online store if you ask me. No wonder, it was the first online shopping site that comes to my mind.

Jumia Nigeria has long been in the business for several years and remained the most successful e-commerce site in Nigeria. They have a great collection of gadgets, phones, tablets, electronics, cosmetics, phone and PC accessories clothing, foodstuff and almost everything you can think of.

It is unbelievable at first when I heard they even go as far as dealing in automobiles and ready-made foods which can be delivered quickly when you order for it. The ready-made foods are for some selected regions.

The good thing about jumia is that they operate in all states in Nigeria but delivery could take longer except you are living in Lagos, Abeokuta, Ibadan, and Abuja.

There are about 4 delivery schedules on jumia. If you do not plan to wait a while, buy items with jumia express.

The main essence of choosing jumia express is to have your packages as a priority. If you are staying in Lagos state, you can have it delivered on the same day depending on what time you made the order.

Ibadan, Abeokuta, Abuja and Port Harcourt will get it in not more than 4 days. Other states will have to wait for 4-6 days to have their items delivered to their doorsteps.

I have used Jumia several times and I can assure you that you are in good hands plus your money is safe and secured. If you have any issues with your orders, don’t hesitate to contact them, they have decent care agents who reply quickly.

Omg, I almost forgot Jumia Black Friday. I always look forward to that period because you can get up to 99% off the price. Never been lucky with that 99% but I have seen people getting phones half the price or more lower than the original prices.

It will be down to your grit, quickness and Mr luck has the most role to play. Maybe or maybe not, if I stick around, I might get to pay as low as N4000 for the next generations of premium smartphones as Samsung and iPhone.

  • Customer care line: 01-8881100, 07006000000, 01-2772367
  • Head Office Address: 11 Commercial Avenue, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos.
  • Email support:
  • website:

Konga Nigeria

Jumia may have the nod over Konga, yet we can not deny the growing influence Konga had when they were out.

They started in the year 2012 and gave jumia a run for their money. Things took a different route when Jumia improvised, thanks to the many resources they had.

Put them together, Konga are not far from behind. When you check their products, you have almost everything that jumia has in their list including automobiles and industries. Have Pay on delivery like Jumia and secured payment systems for customers.

Unfortunately, Konga do not offer SHIPPED FROM OVERSEA feature. You make use of jumia global if your products are not within or use make use of international online stores like aliexpress, ebay, amazon, bangood and several others.

Following the acquisition of Konga by Zinox Technologies in 2018. The Giant also went for yudala but this time to be run under Konga.

The acquisition was a step towards closing the gap between them and jumia. It was in 2016 that I had my first experience with yudala when a phone was sent to me.

Guess what? It was sent through DHL and I was not even in Lagos that period. You only get one chance to impress me, they took their chance and boom, they really did. Since then, I always refer them to anyone who needs their products.

Nothing has changed though, just the same set rules that guide employees, working alongside Konga staffs for the purpose of achieving the same goals.

Konga remains second to jumia and one of the best offline and online stores in Nigeria with a wide range of products to choose from. I have used the e-commerce platform several times and their speed of delivery is unbelievable fast.

  • Head Office Address: No 24 Isaac John Str., Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Email support:
  • website:


Not many have heard about payporte. How do you go for something you have not heard about?

It is by reading reviews, follow trends and ask those who have come across or used it. I understand that it can be really difficult especially that payporte is not a household name like the popular jumia and Konga.

Not to worry, they are really professional and trustworthy as I have used their service before.
Aside from the e-commerce platform where you can make your purchases and then wait for delivery, they also run offline stores where you can walk in and purchase whatever you want.

With payporte, instead of waiting for a day or more for your products, you can just quickly have it on the counter. I will say that it is pretty fast.

I have seen a few of their outlets in Lagos and Abuja. The buildings are always massive with several products on display. Electronics, Phones, Accessories, Clothing, Cosmetics and whatever you need are available in their physical offline shopping stores on the completion of payment using cash or debit card.

  • Customer care line: 09060005347
  • Head Office Address: 2 Agadez Crescent, Wuse, Abuja.
  • Email support:
  • website:

Slot Nigeria

Slot is one of the few shopping sites with a big influence in Nigeria. Its popularity soared across every state in Nigeria due to their product lines, mostly smartphones.

Mobile phones have become part of us; due to that, customers are always looking for where they can buy original and durable phones.

Remarkably, Slot Nigeria had offered to be the catalyst for that, providing quality mobile phones and accessories. They also sell electronics like AC, Washing Machines, Televisions but they are mostly known for mobile phones.

Slot Nigeria offers both offline and online shopping experience to their customers and also have excellent cell phones repair technicians who you can count on when your device goes wrong.

  • Customer care line: 07005000050
  • Head Office Address: 2b Medical Road, Ikeja, Lagos.
  • Email support:
  • website:

Parktel Online

Do you want quick delivery when you purchase online? Parktel is so good at it. The online shopping site sells inexpensive and quality mobile phones, power banks and with effective transportation to make delivery fast.

It has been around for some time now and we can say it is one of the best online stores you can count on.

Do you wish to get an item you have always wanted but you are on a low budget at the moment, parkelonlone also offers you a way out where you can buy the phone and pay later.

When you see a company like ParkTel Online registered on that Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and Nigerian Communication Commission, then you should know they are planning to stick around for long.

At Parktelonline, it is not just online store, they also provide an offline locations where you can walk in and get any brand of smartphones or items you are interested in. This rules out the possibilities of having to wait long for your items to arrive.

  • Customer care line: 08084667600, 08098597005
  • Head Office Address: 8a Otigba Street, By Computer Village, Ikeja, Lagos state.
  • Email support:
  • website:

Kara Nigeria

Kara is one of the best online shopping sites for your household items, phones, laptops, storages devices, printers, scanners, servers, multimedia and accessories, automobiles, tablets and many more.

Royal Trust Technologies use kara as its trading name to help deliver quality and cheap products to costumers.

This was made possible through effective cooperation of the local and international producers and as well the edict that guides the operations of the company.

Kara is a Yoruba language which means “Lets Buy”. Their core of operation is based in Lagos but they have the resources to have products delivered to you anywhere in Nigeria.

  • Customer care line: 08153572966, 07044913736
  • Head Office Address: No 7 Balogun Street, Anifowoshe, Ikeja, Lagos State.
  • Email support:
  • website:


Killimall has been around since 2014 in Kenya, but set up their trading center in Nigeria in 2016, and that is four years after jumia and Konga set the pace as the leading online shopping sites in Nigeria. It offers both online and offline retail services.

Despite the fact that Kilimall is not in the same league with the likes of jumia and Konga but one can not stop talking about their arrays of products, efficiency and their aims towards becoming one of the top online sites in Nigeria.

Home and office appliances, electronics, baby, kids and toys, computer and accessories, phones and other items are all available on webmall.

You can make your order from anywhere with special delivery fees.

  • Customer care line: 0907 806 000
  • Head Office Address: Isheri 100213, Omole Phase 1, Ojodu Berger, Lagos.
  • Email support:
  • website:

Olx Nigeria

If you are living in Nigeria, no matter which region you are from or currently in, you must have heard about OLX.

Olx has been around many years ago, a classified site that aims to bring buyers and sellers together.

Do you have an item you do not want again and want to sell or you discovered you bought a wrong product?

Olx is the fastest place to sell your item and get paid instantly. Unlike other online stores mentioned, there are no payment systems for buyers. Your cash is not tied anywhere, you negotiate your own deal and with no third party claiming a certain percentage.

On OLX, you can either buy or sell depending on what is at stake. There is no need for a stringent protocol before selling items on the classified site. Everything is made easier with Olx.

However, there is a need to take caution when dealing with anyone you are meeting. Olx always advises that meeting should take place in public, don’t send money or items in advance and be wise enough to discern quickly when things are not right.

Moreover, there are much to gain on Olx if you are smart enough. I have gotten an item for N30,000 only to have it sold the second week for N40,000. The N10,000 profit really helped a lot

It is the best place where you can buy an item for even half the price but be sure of what you are getting. It also has a vacancy and services section.

There are lots of clone smartphones being sold online. Someone once tried to sell a fake iPhone 5, thinking I will fall easily to the scheme. What he did not know is that I had a lot of experiences with smartphones.

If you do not have understanding of how things work on classified sites, find someone who knows everything about this marketplace.

Make use of Olx for your buying, swapping or selling of items (Old or new) as it is the most used classified site in Nigeria and some other countries where Olx is located.

  • Email support:
  • website:

Jiji Nigeria

Jiji is a direct competitor to Olx, a marketplace where everyone could meet to buy, exchange or sell products they have no need for again.

It is a place where you can exchange for your item quickly either in cash or another arrangement. Jiji is not just about electronics, clothing, shoes, home and office appliances and others, you can also search for jobs on the platform and offer your services on the platform

As good as the classified site is, one also needs to be able to use his or her wits when things are beginning to look suspicious.

Be calm, observe and never rush deals and never allow anyone to rush you. Fraudsters use this a lot to pull you off your game. If he is not willing to be patient with you, let go.

It is better to lose a deal than later discover you have been given an inferior goods or paid in fake currency.

  • Head Office Address: 6 – 10 Olubondu road, Ipaja, Lagos.
  • Email support:
  • website:

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