How to transfer airtime on MTN network

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Do you know that you transfer airtime on MTN Nigeria? Maybe your friends or family are asking you to send airtime right now. MTN users can share their balance with another using MTN share and sell code.

MTN has provided an easy platform which allows MTN users to share their airtime with friends and families at a little charge.

The MTN Share and Sell, as it is normally call used to be free until recent months.

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The amount they charge is barely anything though, it is just to guide against abuse that may occur when using the service.

In order to guide against the use of unauthorized access on your phone, MTN was able to provide a pin, which upon change will give only you access, that is if you do not share with anyone.

In order words, you won’t be able to share your airtime until you change your airtime.

MTN Share and Sell can come in handy especially when you are in a school environment, and need some money. You can sell part of your balance for cash.

MTN only allow transfer of credit in Naira amount and not in kobo. i.e you can transfer NGN100 and not N100.56.

If you do not have enough to cover the amount to be sent and charge in your credit balance, the transaction will be declined.

Customers on postpaid will only be allowed to send airtime when their balance is in positive. When in negative, they wont be allowed to send airtime.

How to transfer MTN airtime to Another (MTN share and sell)

Step 1: Have the amount loaded

You must have sufficient amount in your main balance. Note that bonuses or balance in your other balance won’t is allowed to send airtime.

Step 2: Your transfer pin

If this is your first time of using the service, then you might need to change your pin but if you not, proceed to the other step.

You can change your MTN pin by sending an SMS with Default pin New Pin New Pin to 777.

i.e SMS 0000 1345 1345 to 777

Another way to change your default is using USSD Code. Dial *600*default PIN*New PIN* New PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press ok. i.e dial *600*0000*1234*1234# and then send/ok.

Immediately you send the code, you will receive a confirmation message informing you that your pin has been successfully changed.

Step 3: How to transfer MTN airtime to families and friends

There are two methods to transfer Credit, one is through SMS Method or USSD.

To transfer through SMS, You will type Transfer, Recipient’s Number, Amount and PIN to 777. i.e send SMS with ‘Transfer 08031234567 1500 1234’ to 777.

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Upon sending the SMS, you will receive a message asking you to confirm if you want to make the transfer by typing, “YES” and send to 777

Like I said, this is my favourite as it gives me time to review every detail I have entered. Another opportunity to cross-check, is that not cool?

The USSD works like charm, it is cool and fast. You dont need to navigate into yourSSMS before sending.

Just dial *600*Recipient’s Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and then click on send. i.e dial *600*0803134311*100*1234# and then send.

Things to note on MTN share and sell

  1. You can transfer credit from your phone to other MTN accounts in a simple and easy manner.
  2. Your credit transfer done with Share ‘n’ Sell is completed immediately you confirm the transfer by sending an SMS with YES to 777.
  3. You can transfer between NGN50.00 – NGN5, 000.00 in a single transaction.
  4. You can transfer up to NGN10, 000 .00 from your phone to either a single or multiple MTN accounts every day.
  5. Your credit transfers are secure as your PIN is required before any transfer can be completed.
  6. Share ‘n’ Sell is available to all new and existing prepaid and postpaid customer.
  7. There is no limit to the maximum number of transactions per day.

Transaction Fee on MTN share and sell

There is a transaction fee attached to each transfer. The transfer fee depends on the value of the transaction. The higher your airtime transfer, more value you will be getting.

50-100 attracts NGN3
101-500 attracts NGN5
501- 5,000 attracts NGN10

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