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INTO Regional Scholarships at Saint Louis University in USA

Saint Louis University (SLU) is an American Catholic institution founded in 1818. Since the late ’90s, SLU has been assisting serious, talented, and goal-chasing students.

Many students dream of studying in great international universities in the UK, USA, and China but lack adequate funding to make those dreams turn into reality.

This is where SLU comes in; SLU assists international students with scholarship programs that will help them with their tuition funding throughout their stay and study at the SLU.

SLU collaborates with different agencies to make these scholarships available. One of the agencies SLU collaborates with is known as INTO, and this agency sponsors the INTO SLU scholarship.

INTO is a study abroad agency. Apart from helping students study abroad, they partner with many different universities in USA, UK, and China to also provide scholarships for students.

An example of this kind of collaboration is the INTO SLU regional scholarship. The INTO SLU Regional scholarship is an annual scholarship program for undergraduate studies, and it is open to all international students in the USA.

Scholarship Eligibility

There are always criteria set for participants or applicants to satisfy in every scholarship program, and the INTO SLU scholarship is no different. These are some criteria you need to satisfy before you can advance into the application stage of the scholarship :

  • You must be an international student in the USA; being an international student already in the USA is the first criterion you have to pass
  • You must be an undergraduate, or you must have been offered admission into SLU before you can apply
  • You must possess excellence in your academic work: Being a high-grade student improves your chances of getting the INTO SLU scholarship.
  • You must have taken an English Language Proficiency Test and a Standardised Test (e. g., TOELF and SAT) with the results in your possession.
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If you have satisfied this list above without any omissions and wish to apply for the INTO SLU regional scholarship, you can now go ahead.

How to apply for the INTO SLU Regional Scholarship

Have you satisfied the eligibility criteria? Now let’s apply. Here are steps to apply for the INTO SLU regional scholarship :

Go to the Application Portal

Note that only if you are a new or a transfer student still doing an undergraduate study course before you can apply. To apply for the scholarship, you’ll have to fill a form online on either the SLU application portal ( or the Common App portal (

Create an account

To create an account, you either click on “New User” if using the app portal or click on “Create New Account” if using the SLU application portal; next, an online form pops up. The online form will ask for details about your first name, last name, phone number, contact address, location, Date of Birth, and some personal statement questions. After filling out your form, accept all conditions given, then submit and verify your account afterward.

Login and Apply

After creating the account, you will then log in and upload the following documents; Secondary school transcript ( if you are a new student), previous semester transcript ( for transfer students), and letter of recommendation. After uploading these files, click on apply.

If you are shortlisted for the scholarship award, you will be invited for a scholarship interview by SLU.

What does the INTO SLU Regional Scholarship Cover?

The INTO Regional Scholarship covers your tuition for a 4-year undergraduate degree program and allocates a maximum funding of $15,000 every semester and maximum funding of $60,000 for a four years degree program.

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How long does the INTO SLU Regional Scholarship last?

The INTO Regional Scholarship is maintained based on your academic performance; your cumulative GPA should not be less than 3.0. As long as you keep doing excellent, the funding will last you your full degree.

Now, you should be able to know if you are eligible for this scholarship and even how to apply. Good luck! Applying.

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