Is Transportation a Good Career Path

Is Transportation a Good Career Path?

Transportation is the movement of people, goods, and services from one place to another.

Have you thought about the possibilities of exploring a career in transport services? Or are you currently working as a transporter? If yes, you may be curious to know if transportation is a good career path for you, the financial cost and expenses, and what type of position will fit you the most. This article will answer all of those questions.

Every industry needs a means of transportation. An e-commerce company needs a transporter to convey its goods from one place to the other. People living in your locality require a transporter to get to their respective destinations; hospitals need a transporter to help move patients from one point to another in case of emergencies.

An industry cannot function effectively without transportation and transporters, and neither can the public move from one place to another without an adequate means of transportation or a transporter. Imagine how hard it is to go on picnics, dates, or go to your place of work or study without the means of transportation? That explains how important transportation is.

Career Opportunities In Transportation

Is Transportation a Good Career

If you are considering choosing a career in transportation, you should understand that transportation offers a wide range of job opportunities and requires basic educational background. You also do not need to undergo much training before pursuing a career in transportation.

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One of the most lucrative jobs in the world is the transportation industry. Logistics services are in high demand in every part of the world, and you stand to earn a high income on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Other career opportunities in transport services include the following;

a) Truck Transport

Large trucks convey large goods from one point to another – large goods like furniture, refrigerator, washing machine, and dishwasher can’t be easily transported, so a trucker is usually needed. A truck and a truck driver are required to help transport large goods from producers to retailers or from retailers to final consumers.

Most truck drivers get to travel long distances, where some spend daylight and nighttime traveling. Meanwhile, some truck drivers only travel within a short range from home. If you do not like traveling far away from home, do not be dismayed, as there is high demand for both short and long-distance truck drivers.

You do not need any academic qualification, and you stand a chance of earning up to $70,000 per year when you work for a designated firm or company. Meanwhile, freelance truck drivers usually earn higher compared to contract truck drivers.

b) Dispatch Drivers

Dispatch drivers usually help convey goods and services from one place to another where cars, motorcycles, bicycles, or lorries are used in sending and receiving goods. Dispatch drivers are in high demand, especially with firms that offer e-commerce services.

Dispatch drivers are entrusted with delivering goods within a specified area, while some drivers deliver goods or products to long-distance areas. Dispatch drivers also ensure the safe delivery of a product and that the package is in good shape.

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Little or no academic qualification is needed to function as a dispatch driver, and you are expected to earn up to $50,000 per year while working as a dispatch driver.

c) Train Drivers

Trains are a form of transportation where people, goods, and services are usually conveyed from one place to the other. Trains can travel fast, carrying many people and goods compared to cars, lorries, trucks, etc.

Train drivers can also earn like delivery services when they assist companies in moving large amounts of goods from one place to the other.

Little educational background is needed to function as a train driver. And most train drivers get to earn up to $70,000 yearly.

d) Ship Captain.

Ship captains are the highest in command on a waterborne vessel. Ship captains are entrusted with safely sailing people, crew members, goods, and services from one point to the other.

Ship captains can earn money when they offer a commercial means of transportation or tourism and when they travel overseas with people, goods, or products. Most ship captains earn a minimum of $100,000 yearly.

Can I Work In The Transport Industry Without Traveling?

You may be intrigued that you can choose a career path in transportation without traveling from one place to another. The following are ways in which you can pursue a career in the transport industry without traveling;

You can work as an engineer who maintains and repairs vehicles, a truck dispatcher or freight forwarder, a customer support member for a transport company, a warehouse worker, etc.

If you are considering a career in transportation, you are on the right path as there are many career opportunities. Choosing a career in the transport industry does not require you to own a degree, and it’s an added advantage if you enjoy traveling. Meanwhile, you can also work in the transport industry without traveling from one place to the other. It’s an all-around win regardless of your personality.

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