Best High Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durable Industries

20 Best High Paying Jobs in Consumer Non-durable Industries

Perhaps you are wondering how many jobs are available in consumer non-durables? There are actually a lot of them, but the main question is which of them are the best and fetch you more money.

With an increasing population every day, the consumer non-durable industry is in high demand. Companies are taking up this opportunity to expand their services, diversify and scale up their business.

Demands for these services keep increasing every day, causing a need for companies involved to step up their game in the labor force – which means more job opportunities. More so, the need to do division of labor and at least meet the demands of the services is highly needed.

Non-durable goods include – toothpaste, soap, shampoo, medications, paper items e.t.c. Companies that produce these goods offer different working-level positions for anyone with at least a college education.

These companies also provide growth opportunities, training, and also bonuses if you put the work and effort into it. That determines the productivity levels and targets they could meet which is needed for them to scale up and expand. These juicy jobs would be listed with their benefits.

Chemical Engineer

This job comes in a wide area of specialization and comes with an average salary of $76,689. They work in oil and gas industries, pharmaceutical industries, food, and processing industries, and also in liquid-related industries.

Although their training is quite studious they need knowledge of chemistry, biology, and also knowledge of math, and computer science to get the job done. Functions include – dealing with hazardous materials and designing and developing chemical products.

To get started you need a Bachelor of science in chemical engineering or a chemical engineering degree accredited by “ABET” (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology).

Marketing Manager

A marketing manager comes with an average salary of $110,400. They are highly needed to scale the company’s revenue and ensure it is visible to their potential customers. They use different means – production of advertisements contents and mass media marketing to achieve the company’s aim.

Their roles involve monitoring trendlines, analyzing their close competitor campaigns, presentations of useful trajectory insights, and managing budgets. A marketing degree and preferably a degree is needed with some early experience in it.

Operation Research Analyst

The expertise in problem-solving is highly needed with applications of math and statistics to determine the workflows of the industry. It has an average salary of $82,360 and could be $120,000 annually.

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Their variety of functions is really important for industries to ensure seamless flows. Those functions include – the use of math principles to analyze profit margins, productions, and distributions, and lastly, critical problem-solving. About getting started, getting a degree in math, economics or any related math degree would be needed.

Sales Manager

Sales manager’s functions come pretty tasking – having to maintain the company sales, boosting the company sales, maintaining a good customer relationship to prosper more intending clients relationships.

Although a juicy salary of $127,490 comes with tasking functions – managing and training the sales team, coordination and planning. They are also needed in retail, and distribution channels to plan and coordinate them. A degree in marketing, business administration, math, and statistics should kickstart it for you.

Computer System Analyst

Apparently, it has an average salary of $99,270, and they help make the industry work more productive and also manage time wastage spillage. Interestingly, they achieve this by providing effective applications that would be useful in some of the departments.

Roles include – evaluation, designing, implementing, and documentation of applications, working alongside other departmental teams to provide applications that would be needed. Computer science and computer information technology would be needed for the job.

Customer Experience Manager

Customer experience managers ensure customers have a lovely, enjoyable, and seamless experience. This might vary from their services, products, and attendance to complaints.

They make use of surveys to know what are the customers’ needs and complaints. Data obtained are analyzed and used to improve the customer experience.

Furthermore, they ensure employees are friendly and products are accessible to use. To get started good interpersonal relationships and communication skills are needed. It has a juicy salary of $111,624.

Human Resource Manager

Functions extend to all departments in the industry – managing all human resource personnel in departments, creating policies that encourage fair treatment of work and boosting their morale, and managing hiring practices and benefits packages for the employees.

It has a juicy salary of $126, 000 every year. In addition to that, they also provide training sessions for new employees, while for existing workers they provide an exit interview to review policies and agreements.

Quality Control Manager

An engineering degree or any science would be highly needed for this job. They ensure the product meets the health standards and also provide safety precautions before the product is ready for production.

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Critical problem solving, listening closely to details, and creating policies for the work product to make sure it meets government compliance. It has an average salary of $79,000.

Logistics Manager

Bachelor’s degree in Business administration and supply chain management would be needed. With an average salary of $77,030, their job role is in highly needed voluminous industries.

It requires a high understanding of the road map and chain networks to distribute goods to clients. Skills required are – financial management, inventory control, and business operations.

Financial Analyst

Apart from an average salary of $81,410, a financial analyst provides an effective business model that would help target the company to avoid and minimize loss, wastages, and money leakages.

Financial analyst functions vary – including managing and advising clients on partnerships, investments, and loans. They help the companies also make financial decisions by using effective business models to analyze the risks that would be involved.

A degree in finance and accounting would be needed to start the role.

Brands Manager

The Brand manager ensures the company’s products are known and visible to people. They do this by creating a special identity to stand out from the crowd.

Functions include – Managing and overseeing the quality control process of products, negotiating contracts, establishing good relationships with clients, and creating scalable brand plans to increase audience outreach. It has an average salary of $135,030.

Production Planner

The job role is quite intense with knowledge of the production process required. To get started, you need a degree in Business administration and supply management to kickstart it.

Their roles vary even to ensure communication is cleared to customers for delivery. Production, scheduling of products, and coordinating suppliers to meet customer on-time delivery are services a production planner renders.

They ensure it is effective to increase profits and meet production deadlines. Its average salary is $61,000.


A degree in Accounting would be needed, and continuous learning is also involved to get abreast of the latest trends on it. They provide critical functions that would tell on the company. Those functions include – providing interpretations to critical complex information, managing financial records, and documentation of taxes and work finances.

It offers an average salary of $77,250.

Consumer Research Analyst

It varies in different industries, might be retail, marketing, and advertising. The key role is the ability for you to present, understand and analyze market trends to proffer better options that would increase the company’s revenue and maintain sustainability.

A degree in business administration or preferably in statistics and quantitative analysis. Its average salary is $63, 920.

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Medical equipment Engineer

Highly needed in hospitals, they develop and design medical devices. Knowledge of different roles will be needed – Knowledge of mechanical engineering, electrical engineer, and biomedical engineer.

Responsibilities include – researching ways to improve existing products, and developing and testing prototypes before it reaches the market. It provides a juicy average salary of $97,410.

Biological Engineer

At least a degree in engineering or biology would be needed for the job role. Their functions vary to sectors – food production, health care, agriculture e.t,c. They research to provide sustainable solutions to the industries that would aid more productivity and success yield.

Functions include – providing consultant services to industries and researching. It has an average salary of $97,410.


The demand for this career is expected to increase exponentially. It has an average salary of $105,900. A degree in actuary would be needed or be a certified actuary by passing the “American Academy of Actuaries”.

They provide important functions that would determine the company’s flow of revenue. Use of statistics and mathematics to analyze the financial risk that might be involved, to scale the industry for a sustainable finance model.

Database Administrator

They are needed to keep and manage data that would be going on in the workspace. Although, they would also provide and implement security policies to protect the database and also create an efficient storage space for the industries.

Skills include – knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and good analytical skills. A computer science degree or any related field would be needed for it. It has an average salary of $98, 860.

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers are needed to ensure the products are scalable and meet the customers’ needs. These products are tested and ensured of their functionality is meant before it is released to the production department.

They work closely with the quality control manager to ensure it meets the standard it is required for. Its average salary is $73,000. A degree in architecture or any related engineering field would be needed.

Strategy Consultant

A business administration degree or related field would be needed. Functions vary but they are highly needed in scaling the company in a positive direction. This determines if the company growth should decrease or increase.

Functions include – cost-cutting, reviewing the company’s goals and models, making critical decisions, and also helps in providing tactics for identifying marketing trends. It has an average salary of $70,000.

These are the top best job roles in consumer non-durables. Choose a particular career and gradually develop it as you grow and learn more on the job

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