Jumblebox.uk Review: Earn Free Bitcoin Everyday

You can actually get free bitcoin online!

If you have not been receiving any, it certainly looks like you have not yet come across JumbleBox.

I am fully aware there are several income programs, some actually are scam while some are real. The bad ones have shaken our beliefs that we no longer know which one we should put out money or resources on.

Income programs are programs that allow users to earn money or cryptos after carrying out some actions. Such actions might involve watching ads, commenting, sharing of posts, playing games, and many more.

Jumblebox is just another online program that allows members and investors to earn money that can be converted to bitcoin by watching short ads on Instagram.

The videos are available every day; as a member of Jumblebox, you can watch short video ads from top brands all over the world.

Read carefully as I will be providing you with everything you need to know about JumbleBox Uk.

Update: Jumblebox has shut down their site for days now. It is now safe to say they are not real but scam. If any other update comes up, I will let you know. For now, avoid them.


To start earning free bitcoin, you will need to subscribe to any Jumblebox subscription plans. After, you can start watching short ads from different companies on Instagram. It is just 2 ads everyday.

The ads are always short and tailored according to your preference. For instance, if you are about software, chances of getting ads on jumblebox box will be high.

You can always convert to bitcoin instead of watching ads that pop up on your apps or games without any monetary value, jumble box is giving you a lifetime opportunity to earn free bitcoin with just a simple task.

As an internet user who is often at the mercy of his or her internet provider, you can always earn every day and never run out of data again because you now have bitcoin to sell. With the bitcoin, you get on Jumble box, you should have no problem selling them as most traders will rather trade in bitcoin than the other cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, you must have a bitcoin address if you want to start getting paid every day. After opening your account with exchange sites like Luno or coinbase, you will need to copy out your bitcoin address and paste in the profile section. Payments are made to your bitcoin address every day.


To subscribe to any jumblebox subscription plan, you will need to send bitcoin amounting to their respective price tag to the bitcoin address.

1. Jumblebox Starter Plan

On jumblebox starter plan, you pay $10 in bitcoin and get $1 every day after watching ads. There is no renewal fee but you will be able to upgrade your account.

2. Jumblebox Basic Plan

This is one of the most subscribed plans on the online income program. As a member, you are to pay a subscription fee of $20 and you get $2 in bitcoin for life upon watching Instagram ads. No renewal but you can upgrade the plan to Max Plan.

3. Jumblebox Max Plan

It gets better with the max plan as you will just need to upgrade with just $50 and you can start earning $5 dollars in bitcoin every day for life. Like the rest of the plans, you only deal in bitcoin and there is no renewal fee but members will be able to upgrade.

4. Jumblebox Pro Plan

You can increase your earnings by upgrading from Jumblebox max plan to Jumblebox pro plan. All you just need is $100 worth of bitcoin and you can start getting free $10 bitcoin every day for life.

5. Jumblebox Gold Plan

Jumble Gold Plan is another way for members to increase their earnings. To start getting your free bitcoin worth $20, upgrade your plan with just $200 and you may be on your way to financial breakthrough.

6. Jumblebox Platinum Plan

On jumblebox platinum plan, you can make $50 in bitcoin by upgrading to the $500 plan. It has no renewal date and customers get their $50 every day after performing the daily tasks.

7. Jumblebox Enterprise Plan

This is the master of all Jumblebox plan. You can make $100 every day by upgrading to Jumblebox Enterprise Plan with just $1,000. No renewal fee as the plan is for life.


There is no reason to wait till the end of the week or month, you get paid every day by 12:00 pm (London Time) to your wallet. To get paid, you must have opened an account with cryptocurrency sites/apps like Luno, Coinbase, and Blockchain.

If you registered with Luno, I will be glad if you can use my referral code. My luno referral code is 64EYJF. After using the code, we both get bitcoin for your effort.


Jumblebox income program is not a scam. It is as real as anything you have come across. You just need to register on the platform to start earning every day.

Remember, you are paid every day so there is no risk to look forward to. Once the payment reaches your bitcoin wallet, it can no longer be recalled. However, if there are any suspicious activities, I will gladly inform you.

To get started, visit jumble box official website.


After subscribing for any plan on the list, it will last as long as your account still exists on JumbleBox. This translates that you will not be required to make any additional fee, however, you can always upgrade your account to get better daily earnings.

With the 7 subscription plans on the platform, this opens up another business opportunity. The best thing about this offer is it is such an easy task with no complications.


To start getting free bitcoin, register on Jumblebox site by providing your details.

After that, you will need to subscribe to Jumblebox Starter Plan that cost $10 to start earning free bitcoin every day. After paying the $10 in bitcoin, you will be automatically upgraded.

You can upgrade anytime until your account maxed out.


If ever there is a need to reach out to them, they have their office address in the US and UK. You will also be able to contact phone and email.

  • UK Office Address: 75 Keppochhill Drive, Glasgow, G21 1HX, UK. Contact the United Kingdom Office on +44-772-741-5380.
  • USA Office Address: 983 Drummond Street, Newark, New Jersey, USA.
    Reach them on phone by dialing +1-279-222-0040.
  • Email: [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected]
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2 thoughts on “Jumblebox.uk Review: Earn Free Bitcoin Everyday”

  1. Hi, about jumblebox I registered 4 days ago and today 21/5/2020 I avnt bn paid for my previous completed task…., I don’t know what’s going on but i guess they have a problem due to the upgrade

    1. Hello Ganiyat, in order to get paid, you must have subscribed to the plan and then watch ads. If you have done that already, it may likely be an upgrade currently on the site. They will surely make good their promise. If not you should send an email

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