Ladies, dont fall in love until you read this

Ladies, dont fall in love until you read this 1
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“Love is a beautiful thing, with the right person, it becomes a meaningful thing” Tony pane.

Ladies, dont fall in love until you read this
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Love does not always begin and end the way we seem to think it does. It is a battle. It will take a lot of sacrifices to make it work. Nothing is ever impossibe if mind and heart are set towards it.

Must Read –

1. He devotes lots of his time to you and the relationship.

If he is spending a massive bulk of his time on you and the relationship, then you recognise that you certainly mean a lot to him. He is aware that for the relationship to work, it’s going to require a lot of his effort and time; and that’s why he isn’t afraid to spend time with you.

2. He continuously prioritizes your well-being and comfort.

He usually puts you first. He constantly makes sure you are happy although he has to put himself in a compromising position. Does it matter? All he care for is making sure you are happy.

3. He talks to you about his inner feelings

He opens up to you. He lets you into the deepest intimate aspect of his soul because he could in no way need you to feel like he’s shutting you out. He talks to you about his fear and dreams.

4. He wants you to be a better person.

You need a man who in reality brings the best out of you, someone who will push you to be become who you are meant to be. You really a man who will inspire you. A person who always propels you ahead.

5. He accepts and loves all every bit of you.

He doesn’t hold back his love. He is constantly reminding you,  you mean the world to him. He loves all of you, even the imperfect ones . He understands you are not perfect but still cant stop loving you.

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