15 Ways To Make Money As A Student In Nigeria With No Experience

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There are lots of ways you can make money as a student in Nigeria with little or no experience.

We all understand how demanding schools can be. There is so much pressure flowing around, fortunately, money can solve most. This calls for finding how you can make cash on campus, most importantly, without hurting your studies.

Several ventures out there you can take but I will carefully ignore some. Some are skills that you are going to need months or even years before you can master it. Time may not be on your side but the good news is that you can start a business without needing years of experience or even so good in your chosen business.

The article is focused on informing you of how to make money with no much experience or skills. Never compare this with my other article on skills you learn within a few months, the set of skill pointed out on this post barely takes less than a day to adjust well.

Below Are The Several Ways You Can Make Money As A Nigerian Student

  1. Content Writing
  2. Selling products
  3. Tutorials
  4. Typing documents or notes
  5. Internet services
  6. Laundry and drycleaning business
  7. Photocopying
  8. Photography
  9. Project work
  10. Sell past question papers and course materials
  11. Start a football viewing centre
  12. Take a crucial role in your school
  13. Sales of airtime and data
  14. Start a game center
  15. Offer services you are already good at

1. Content Writing

Most bloggers are not new to this hustle. It is one of the ways we use to fill our coffer. For years, people have been surviving with just that as sometimes, cash may not be coming in.

Your education did not start today, it comes gradually as you move forward in life. Look deep inside you and find how you can put those experience into words. A lot of bloggers would be happy to pay you for what you know.

You can create a profile at Fiverr where you will be paid in cool foreign currency. I will be happy to take up your contents as well if it is really that good.

Connect and bond with bloggers, show them what you can do. You can be making up to $10 if you know how well to play with words.

2. Selling products

As a student, you can always sell items you do not need again. Olx, which was recently acquired by Jiji.ng used to be my favorite classified ads site.

Olx was the deal among the students as it combines good support and also user-friendly; unlike Jiji.ng which I was never was much of a fan. I can remember that I only use Jiji.ng about 4 to 5 times.

You can also create an online e-commerce store if you have the money to start one. With not more than N5000, you can be on your way to building authority.

If you are having difficulty in getting funds, there are some apps on play store and apple store where you can borrow money with no collateral.

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3. Tutorials

Do you have any course or subject you are good at? You should not bury that knowledge. Take students who will be writing entrance exams, you will be surprised to know how much you can make.

It is also beneficial to you as it keeps your brain sharp no matter what course you are studying. Even your rich course mates won’t miss the opportunity of filling your pockets with cash if you are helping them with their studies.

4. Typing documents or notes

Learning how to type on Microsoft Word won’t be that difficult. I intentionally ignored graphic designs due to the fact that it might take a while before you get a better grasp of things. If you are patient, it is more lucrative than typing of course.

You can make as much as N100 per page when typing a document. For more complicated ones, you can get up to N150 per page. Learning how to use Microsoft Word is easy compared to the versatile and complicated Corel draw and adobe photoshop.

Being a graphic designer myself, I am in a position to tell you that you can even make more than N7000 in less than 3 hours. A client could ask you to help him or her flow a text in bookwork. Once you have set and design your page, all you need is just copy the typed words into the already set page and do a bit of formatting.

Let’s not divert from the main point, typing a document is one of the quickest ways you can make money as a student. A lot of students in the tertiary institution use this as a source of income since money from families and friends are never enough.

5. Internet Services

If you have used an internet-enabled smartphone for 3 months, you now have basic internet knowledge.

Registering prospective students online for exams, school fees payments, admission status, providing relevant information from school sites, result checking and course form prints out are among the few ways you can make money in the campus.

Most computer operators in the school environment charge at least N500 for services rendered. Service fee could rise up to N1500 for payment of school fees and semester registration.

6. Laundry & Drycleaning business

Laundry and dry cleaning business is one of the most exciting businesses you can do as a student without investing much.

Most dry cleaners often rely on the washing machine but there are clothes or materials that the machine will be unable to take due to its thickness and size. Drycleaning is often what most washers do, this normally involves the use of a chemical to remove stains.

Laundering, on the hand, is just the use of washing with water & later iron.

Drycleaning is more complicated, unlike laundering where you do not need to get a chemical composition for stubborn dirt. You don’t need a huge budget if you just wash and then iron. You can later expand if the need arises.

7. Photocopying

You can get an A4 photocopying machine for less than $40 in a store and start photocopying business.

The only sideline is that you will be unable to duplicate in A3 size but who cares anyway? A4 paper is what most students will prefer to have the contents since it will be easier to handle and tuck in a backpack. Only in rare cases do students demand A3 printout.

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In the school environment, a copy goes for N10 while print-out, which is always the better proposition due to neatness is about N30 per copy. You can learn how to operate the machine in less than 15 minutes.

When I was in the institution, I have seen students that owned one, believe me, they made good money off us. All I had that time was my graphic designs and typing skills, I am not jealous though but I could have done more.

8. Photography

It is a shame that smartphones are currently ensuring that photographers are partially replaceable. Not totally though as people still make good money as a photographer.

During registration in most schools, there are always demand passport photographs that will be attached to documents. In events as well, such as departmental party, NYSC events, School sports, and many others, there will always be needs for photographers to take pictures of events as they unfold.

You can learn how to use a camera within 3 hours. If you had a smartphone, you are already halfway. All that it remains is for a professional to show you a few tricks.

4 passport photograph goes for N300 and photographer never spend more than N80 to produce copies. If you are printing bulks in photo labs, you won’t spend much to produce the copies.

9. Project work

Most students in higher institutions never write their own project. They prefer to give it to experts at a fee.

If you have started as a National Diploma in Nigerian Polytechnic, you will have some ideas on how a school project work is done. As an HND or Degree student, you can make money from those without the experiences.

Some computer operators and data analysts in Nigeria get more than N40,000 for full project work. If you do not know how to analyze data, give it to statistician or people with the knowledge.

That way, you will able to earn some money even while in school. what better way to prepare the outside world, if not from the school environment?

10. Sell past question papers & course materials

There is about 80 percent chance that our past questions and course materials will end up as garbage. Why not take a great initiative by making money off it?

You can make photocopies of it and sell to students who will be taking post utme exams, entrance exam or even already admitted students in universities and polytechnics.

Almost every student will jump at a chance not to buy that costly material from lecturers but end up buying it at a reasonable price.

My coursemates in school were selling prints out to students and I can assure you they never go broke.

11. Start A Football Viewing Centre

Does it take much to start one? Of course, it takes that much but the benefits are much than a start-up cost. Never seen a viewing center without a huge crowd especially one in the school environments.

Most male students hate missing out on the actions, no one wants to hear from another how it went down. In most football viewing centers, they charge not less than N100 per match. How much will you make in a day when you have a huge crowd, say 300 people? You know the calculation.

Another benefit is that you don’t get to miss your favourite sport and more anchored with better knowledge of the game. Even the punters know where to visit when they want to select games.

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12. Take a crucial role in your school

If you have got what it takes to be a leader, there are various positions you can fill in your school environments, most notably as student union government president (SUG Leader). There are other slots that you can fill in aside being SUG President, among them are Assistant SUG Leader, SUG Sport director, Financial Sec and Social director.

It was during my spell in school I knew that there is money available to share for the Excos. This is one of the ways the excos use to maintain their luxurious lives in the school environment.

13. Sales of Airtime & Data

Almost every student with a smartphone dreads not been without data and airtime.

About 90% of students in the universities and polytechnics would rather prefer to go hungry than being without data on their smartphone. Why not take advantage of that?

Airtime is still a bit of luxurious they can afford to be without. Male students are mostly the ones who spend much on airtime. Data is important and it is mostly the most consumed.

Make money by selling to your coursemates and other students in your schools. With little or no experience, you can start earning on airtime and data sales.

14. Start a game center

Putting up a good number of indoor and outdoor games are easy to set up once you have a decent space.

Table tennis, board games, chess, snooker, and PlayStation are one of the most popular games, especially in Africa. If you are starting this kind of business, ensure that it does not affect your studies as it can take your time off important tasks.

Students who wish to cool off after a stressful day will find your game center a comfort zone.

15. Offer services you are already good at

If you have a skill you have learned before you gained admission into the university, there is no need to stop now even when your demands can be met.

Sharpen your skills by selling it to your lecturers, school staffs, neighbours, students and people within your community. You don’t even need to get a space for most skills.

If you are a graphic designer or a photo editor, you only need your laptop and electricity to get the job done. Choosing to rent a shop is a waste of resources since you won’t always be there to attend to customers unless you employ someone. Hairdressing, tailoring, paypal account creation and soap making, just a few of the many ways students make money in school.

With freelancing, you just need to be available to get the job and do it in your own spare time without hurting your affairs in school. Your room could even become your office.


There is no more excuse go broke again. Get your thinking cap on and think of how you can help yourself in the school environment.

Don’t just read this, prepare yourself to start. In the first month or two, customers might not come as you expected. Don’t give up, every business has gone through this phase but with good and standard service, you can win some customers over to you.

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