Meetme Account Sign up, Login and How To Use

Think you can do with meeting some new friends or flirt like you have done before? Take it online using MeetMe. With this dating app, you can connect with anyone from the list of over 100 million people chatting, flirting, and having fun using Meetme App or site.

Meetme app is a popular social network app that helps you make new friends, find dates, or even meet people living within your neighbourhood.

Once you have signed up on the meetme app, you will be able to video chat, instant chat, livestream and get to find or meet people who share your interest deeply.

You will notice that there are lots of dating apps online but what makes creating an account on MeetMe better is that it focuses more on meeting people who are in your area plus its zero tolerance for fake profiles.Meet me sign up login


  • To sign up on MeetMe, visit to get started.
  • You can quickly create a meetme account quickly by clicking “Quick SignUp With Facebook”
  • Alternatively, you can get started by using email to register.
  • Enter your full names and email address.
  • Create a password. Mix the password with numbers and symbols for better security.
  • Choose gender, date of birth and location.
  • After providing the required details, click “Sign Up Free” to create your Meetme account.
  • Your account should be ready in just a few seconds of clicking the link. However, you will need to validate by checking your email box for Validation link.
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Meet me app downloadMeetme has made it easier for those with smartphones to connect seamlessly without having to worry about using PC or mobile browsers. The best part of using a meetme app is you can have your dashboard opened for you quickly any time you launch the mobile app.

The app is available for both Android and IOS (Iphone and Ipad) users.


If you are using the Meetme mobile app, you are automatically connected to your meetme dashboard. Only when you use mobile browsers, you will need to log in using your passwords once in a while.

As a matter of fact, I would suggest you use the meetme app for your instant and video chat. The reason has to do with the quick, simple and easy of connecting that only mobile apps can provide. For instance, you can easily pick up trails of message through the sounds or vibrations provided by Meet me app.

No matter what meetme platform you choose to connect with friends or plan a date, you will still need to login using your email and password.

  • To log in on meetme, visit on your browser.
  • Click “Member Login”
  • Provide your “Email” and “Password”
  • Click “Log in” and wait for your dashboard.
  • You can also use facebook to log into your account provided you linked them already.
  • For android or iphone, provide your unique username (your email address) and password to gain access into your meetme account.
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For kids below 15 years of age, I would consider meetme unsafe for them especially when the app work by connecting individuals with friends from around the world or within their locality.

Therefore, as a parent you will need to take a closer look of a particular site that your children are visiting. This is to protect them from sharing information that ought not to be shared and also protect them from possible pedophiles that may be lurking around the area.

The internet harbours every kind of people, most children may not have the experience to discern which is right or wrong. As a parent or guardian, it is your responsibility to guide them until they come of age. In most countries, the legal age is 18 years which is enough for them to have had a glimpse of how the world works.

If it is a must that Children below 15 years old must use it, then a high level of understanding and awareness must be observed for the kids. As a parent, guardian or family who have underage children on the app, you can help your wards by telling them about the safety kits they need to apply. If possible, they should let you in about various happenings on the meetme app until they are ready enough to decide on what is good or not.


Meetme is free to use across all platforms including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android. However, there are in-apps purchases for those who want to fully take advantage of all that the social networking app offers. You will be fine without paying for most of the stuff on meetme, I would suggest you go at your own pace.

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Users often complain about being locked out of the app occasionally. This is to ensure that you are exactly who you said you are, especially when there is a high possibility of dishonest people taking advantage of the app to carry out fraudulent activities.

When locked out, you will need to re-verify your account and also take a picture of yourself. This improves your chances of meeting people who truly share your interest and are also excited about making friends with you.

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  1. Please help me. I can not sign onto MeetMe at all. I have an account but after you switched to the new one, I can not get on at all, please tell me why? I do not have a cell that has internet and won’t do it so why can’t I get on your site? Please tell me how or if I can’t, please delete my file, thank you.

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