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MTN Yellow Box | 24/7 power supply with lumos mobile electricity

Do you know you can enjoy uninterrupted power supply with MTN yellow box coupled with an easy set of payments?

Running a business without constant power supply could kill a buinesss easily. Imagine how much you can do by having the mtn yellow box to bring life into your home and office. You can now do the sewing, complete task or complete customers’ request at the comfort of your home.

Think of the many times you have subscribed for DSTV or GOTV plan, but you could not enjoy the value due to epileptic power supply.

All these can be changed with MTN Lunos. The best part of this deal is that it almost cost nothing to get it especially when you look at the benefits being offered.

Such a comfort may be get elsewhere, at least not at that cheaper rate.

MTN in collaboration with Lumos and Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) came together to deliver a safe, accessible, reliable and affordable power supply.

Mtn yello box does not use gazoline, noiseless, fume-free, portable and very easy to install.

MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity which is also known as MTN Yello Box is a better alternative compared to fueling your generator as it powers your home 24/7. It also saves you a lot on your electricity bills.

What is inside the MTN yellow box

  • Solar power unit consisting of 80 watts with cables
  • 2 led bulbs
  • Solar indoor unit
  • DC to AC converter

Appliances you can use with MTN yellow box

On the MTN Mobile Electricity, DC compatible appliances up to 100w (Cumulative) and 220 voltage. AC Compatible appliances up to 60w (Cumulative) and 220 voltage.

Appliances you can use are Radio, DC Fan, AC Standing Fan, Laptops, Clippers, LCD or LED TV, and DC light bulbs.

Disadvantages Of MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity (MTN yellow box)

  • Of all the several benefits of owning MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity (MTN Yello Box), the disadvantage is that it cant power up all devices, mostly power-hungry ones.
  • Appliances that can’t be powered by MTN Yelle box are Air Conditioner, Water heater, Deep Freezer, Electric cooker, Oven, Refrigerator, Ceiling fan, and Desktop computer.

Price Of Lumos Mobile Electricity (MTN Yellow Box)

To begin using the MTN yello box, there is a one-time payment of NGN20,000 with a minimum of N20,000 every month required.

If this payment is missed in any month, the system is automatically locked.

PlanPrice per dayTotal plan price
1 dayNGN230NGN230
7 days NGN214NGN1500
20 days NGN190NGN3800
30 days NGN162NGN4850
60 daysNGN150NGN9000
90 daysNGN140NGN12600
180 days NGN130 NGN23400
365 daysNGN128 NGN46720
1800 daysNGN122NGN219000

How to install and activate MTN mobile electricity (MTN yellow box)

Installation should be carried out by professionals provided by MTN or Lumos.

To activate the MTN Lumos Mobile Electricity, simply load enough airtime on the MTN number you provided during set up.

If you are recharging for 1 day, you send “1” in a text message format to 317; for 5 days plan, send ‘5’ to 317; for 20 days, send ’20’ to 317.

You can get specified code from the plan in the column box. Send only number attached to each plan to activate the command.

After 1800 days of payment and enjoying 5 years of repairs service, the system becomes yours for life and you can enjoy electricity with no charges.

Where to buy mtn lumos mobile electricity (MTN yellow box)mtn lumos mobile electricity

Walk into any MTN care centre or authorized dealer with a valid ID Card, mtn sim, details of guarantors and N20,000.

You will be guided accordingly by the professionals and hereby installed for you at your location of your choice. After that, you can begin to live to the fullest with mtn yello box.

If you have further questions concerning mtn lumos mobile electricity, don’t hesitate to contact us using the comment box.

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