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MTN Tariff Plans and Migration Codes – MTN Cheap Prepaid Plans



Mtn *2018#
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Consumers are constantly looking for the best and cheapest tariff that suits them. We agree this decision is not as easy as thought as some tariff plans are not always what they seem to be.

Having used most of the plans and with friends and family to help inform us better, we can say we are in a position to help you make a fine choice that tends towards your needs.

For MTN tariff plans, the list is almost endless. There is a better choice to make, all depending on what you want.

It is no gainsaying that MTN is the best out there in term of better call rates but sadly, I can’t say the same for their data package. It seems to be on the rise these days.

The high data rate could have something to do with the fact that they have a large customer base compared to their competitors.

Despite all being said, it is a network I have grown fond for years. Their network has been massively equipped to cover most of the parts of the country.

Although in recent times, MTN has discontinued some tariff plans which the reasons are not made known to the general public.

MTN Zone used to be my favourite as it affords me a chance of getting my call for as low as 4 kobo per second. Imagine how much call rate I can make with that?

If you are already salivating on MTN zone, I am sorry to burst your bubble as it is no longer available on the MTN network. Only customers that are already migrated to MTN zone before it discontinued still enjoy this wonderful package.

Now to the business of the day, MTN tariff plans and migration codes, stay back as we are set to give you all you need to know about MTN prepaid plans.

MTN BetaTalk

It is difficult to make an argument about which is better between mtn bet talk and mtn pulse. One thing which is clear among the two is that they give you the best value for money. For me, if it is not mtn pulse, then it has to be betatalk.

Now that we are talking about betatalk, it is important to give a better account to help you make a decision. The question now is, how does mtn beta talk work?

MTN betatalk is a prepaid call plan that gives you about 250% bonus airtime on any recharge of 100 and above.

When you make a recharge of NGN100, you get to keep your NGN100 in your main account plus additional NGN250. For NGN200 airtime recharge, you get additional N500. There is no limit to how much you can get on this great plan.

For recharge below N100, there is still 150% bonus. Let us say you recharge NGN50, you will be an extra bonus of NGN75.Mtn beta talk

Migration to betatalk is free on every first 30 days. Another migration within the first 30 days will attract NGN100 charge. In the event you do not have an amount up to NGN100, you won’t be migrated to this plan. It is the same for other tariff plans.

Pros of MTN Betatalk

  • 10mb once a week on any recharge of 100 and above
  • Bonus can be used for National calls, send sms and for browsing.
  • You can accumulate as much bonus as you want so far you are recharging regularly.
  • No daily access fee

Cons of MTN betatalk

  • Customers on beta talk won’t be able to use MTN share and sell. The only way you can send airtime is when you migrate to another tariff plan
  • Customers will lose their bonus when they migrate out of mtn betatalk. In other words, the bonus is only available when you are on mtn betatalk.

Call charges on mtn betatalk and migration code

Calls within Nigeria from main balance is charged at 42 kobo per second which is about NGN25.20 per minute. Calls from bonus account is charged at 45 kobo per second, giving you NGN27 per minute.

As soon as you exhaust the balance on your bonus plan, you will be charged from the main balance.

To migrate to mtn betatalk, dial *123*2*1# or send “BT” to 131 in text format.

Mtn PulseMtn best tariff plan

Mtn pulse is inarguably the biggest and the most popular in the country. A package which is believed to be specially made for youth and the young at heart.

As I said, it is always a difficult choice when picking between beta talk and pulse but be it known that both of them are unique in their own way.

MTN pulse comes with several general offers to complement it. You can enjoy music streaming for NGN every day on music plus (music+) and also very cheap night browsing for as low NGN25. MTN Night plan is available fromm 12am to 5am.

Not totally cool with the ever data oozing app, instagram? You can now enjoy special instagram bundle. Instabing lite is capped at 250mb at the rate of NGN100 and instabing heavy capped 1gb at NGN200.

On the mtn pulse, there is much to enjoy. If it is call you love, you have a great deal and if it is data, this is where you should be.

Pros of MTN Pulse

  • There is no daily access fee.
  • Cheap Night browsing.
  • Access to lots of contents on the MTN Pulse.
  • You can 100% bonus when you purchase the 500mb weekly data.
  • Free data weekly when you recharge NGN100 or more.

Cons of MTN Pulse

  • You won’t get the 11k per second offering of the day until you make the first 50-second call at ths rate of 25k per second.
  • There is no airtime bonus on recharge.
  • The night plan balance cannot be carried over.

Call charges on mtn pulse and migration code

You will enjoy 11k per second on MTN pulse for all local networks in Nigeria after the being charged 25k per second on the first 50 seconds calls each day.

For migration, dial *406*1# or send “406” in a text format to 131. You will receive a confirmation effect immediatly.

You are allowed to migrate free every 30 days. Subsequent migration within the first 30 days will attract NGN100.

MTN XtraValue

MTN XtraValue makes sure you enjoy both worlds whether you are mostly for calls or just data.

It is tariff plan you will want to be if you do not want to sacrifice another for the sake of one. Instead of having to make a tough choice, why not stick with two?

MTN xtravalue bundle is divided into two; if you want more data than airtime, you can pick xtradata bundle. If you are mainly for calls but want less data, xtratalk is for you.

Xtravalue is available to both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.Mtn xtra value plan

Pros of mtn xtravalue

  • More power to you as you can decide which is priority to you between airtime and data.
  • Bundles from NGN2000 can be used while you are abroad.

Cons of xtravalue

  • No rollover on unused data and airtime if you renew before expiry.

Call charges on mtn xtravalue and migration code

Need to migrate to mtn xtravalue to enjoy amazing call rate? Dial *131*2# and select your preferred xtravalue plan.

Check your balance by dialling *559*61# or *556#

Mtn XtraSpecial

MTN extraspecial is another initiative from mtn, a special tariff plan that allows you to enjoy your call to any network in Nigeria at the flat rate of 15k per second.Mtn xtra special

Another icing on the cake is that you can make calls to 18 selected international destinations at the same rate from the very first second.

The countries you can make calls at the flat rate of 15k per second are Luxembourg, Canada, united Kingdom, malta, Cyprus, Romania, USA, China, Israel, India, Ireland, Malaysia, South Africa, South Korea, Germany, China, Denmark hong kong and Cyprus.

Pros of MTN Xtraspecial

  • A fixed and cheap rate for your national and international call.
  • You can enjoy 50% data bonus when you purchase 2,000 monthly bundles.
  • You have access to products and services available on the mtn xtraspecial.

Cons of xtraspecial

You can only make calls at the flat rate on mtn extraspecial to only 18 countries.

Call charges on mtn xtraspecial and migration code

Calls on mtn xtraspecial are charged at 15k per second to all networks in Nigeria and 18 selected countries.

To migrate to xtraspecial, dial *408*1#, *123*2*3# or send “408” in text format to 131. Upon request, you will receive a confirmation message towards that effect.

MTN Awuf4u

Here is another big one, MTN awuf4u is a special package that gives customers 200% bonus when they recharge below NGN100. Customers can get much as 300% bonus on recharge above NG100.

For example, you will get additional NGN300 bonus when you recharge NGN100.

MTN Awuf4u is not a tariff plan but an offer that is dedicated to rewarding customers for staying on the network.

Pros of MTN Awuf4u

  • When you migrate out of your current tariff plan, you will still get to keep your bonus.
  • You can accumulate bonus as much as you want when you recharge using the code.

Cons of MTN Awuf4u

  • No bonus when you receive airtime through share and sell.
  • You cant transfer airtime to another customer from your awuf4u account.

Call charges on mtn awuf4u and migration code

Calls made within Nigeria is charged at 45k per second and 66k per second for international calls. You can send SMS up to 75 times at the rate of NGN4 weekly.

To get in, buy airtime voucher and dial *888*pin# i.e *888*56417823097612764#

MTN yafunyafun (Starter Pack)

This is a one time offer for new customers that allows them to enjoy cool benefits for 3 months when they register and activate their sim.Mtn prepaid plans

Pros of mtn yafunyafun

  • 700% bonus on all recharges for 3 months.
  • You can enjoy free access to WhatsApp for 3 days

Cons of mtn yafunyafun

  • You have limited time to enjoy this service as the plan will be discontinued after 3 months.

Call charges on mtn yafun yafun and migration code

National calls charged at 75k per second from bonus account and 66.67k per second from the main account. Sms charged at the rate of NGN12 from bonus account and NGN4 from the main account.

To be on the mtn yafunyafun, buy a new sim, register and activate it. Select mtn yafunyafun tariff plan from the on-screen prompt that will be displayed.

Notwithstanding, if you fail to do so, you will be migrated to mtn yafunafun.

To view complete details of bonus, dial *559*43#.

MTN Welcome back offerMtn awoof

Do you have a sim that has been lying in waiting for the last 30 to 180 days? Then this deal is for you. MTN gives 2000% bonus on the first recharge of every month for the period of 3 months.

Pros of mtn welcome back offer

  • 2000% bonus on the first recharge of the month.
  • You also have access to buy 250mb @100 (valid for 3 days, 1gb @200 (valid for 7 days and a whopping 4gb data @ 1000 (valid for a month).
  • You can still use your bonus when you migrate out of your current tariff plan.

Cons of mtn welcome back offer

  • You won’t be able to receive multiple bonus in a month when you load airtime.
  • The plan will be discontinued after 3 months.

Call charges on mtn yafun yafun and migration code

Calls within Nigeria will be charged at 80k per second from the bonus account and at the normal rate of your tariff plan from the main account.

To subscribe to this special data package or check if you are qualified for welcome back offer, dial *131*65#. On request, it will display the plans and you now select your choice.

Remember that it is only for those who have not used their sim for the period 1 to 6 months.

How to migrate to any tariff plan on MTN

In case you want an overview of the available tariff plans on MTN or just want to migrate quickly without having to read reviews on the prepaid plans.

The steps to migrate are as follows –

  • Dial *123# on your MTN
  • Reply with 2 to have access to the various MTN prepaid plans.
  • Select your preferred tariff plan using the number that corresponds with any of them.
  • You will receive a confirmation message immediately as regard migration upon request

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Dramafire Info – Where To Download Chinese Japanese Korean Drama For Free



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What is dramafire?Dramafire com

DramaFire: For most of us, our infatuation with series movies started with Korean Dramas. As time goes on, we developed a strong bond with others.

Still remember the popular movie called Jumong which took the world by surprise? It still lingers in my heart as one of my favourite Korean series movies yet not my first anyway. I am not adding City Hunter, but also remains one of my favourite korean tv shows.

Why do you have to end it all in less than 3 hours when you can have the fun for more hours with so much suspense, trills and captivating events. Lucky for you, dramafire had got you and you will be surprised to see how much they have on their site.

Whether you are all about Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese and Korean movies, there is something for everyone.

Lets put it together, dramafire is a site which houses various collection of the best Asian TV shows in the world.

Let’s marvel you more, all the movies on dramafire come with subtitles and it is totally free.

dramafire website link used to be but the new website link is now

Recommended Korean series to watch on dramafire

  • My strange hero
  • Less than evil
  • The man from nowhere
  • Man in love
  • Oasis
  • Ode to my father
  • The last empress
  • Goblin
  • A taxi driver
  • Haechi
  • Little forest
  • Kingdom
  • Liver or die
  • The crowned clown
  • Memories of murder
  • My sassy girl
  • My girl and I
  • I saw the devil
  • The veteran
  • A bittersweet life
  • The host
  • When the day comes
  • The beauty inside
  • Miracle of giving fool
  • The wailing

Recommended Chinese series to watch on dramafire

  • The eternal love
  • Athena
  • White Dragon
  • Shadow hunters
  • Three lives three worlds, ten miles of peach blossom
  • Flying tiger
  • The golden eyes
  • A seven faced man
  • Princess agents
  • Empresses in the palace
  • Fuyao
  • My spiritual ex-lover
  • Dramaworld
  • The legend of bruce lee
  • Martial universe
  • A legend of shaolin
  • The flame’s daughter
  • A chinese odyssey
  • Painted skin
  • Three kingdoms
  • When we were young
  • A legend of Chinese Immortal
  • The rise of phoenixes

Korean drama app for Android Users

Viki: Viki is the most downloaded app on google playstore and also the editor’s choice on the platform.

On the app, you have access to several asian dramas with subtitles. Korean drama fans (Kdfans) will be totally cool with what the site offers.

The app also have in its box, TV shows other than the korean’s. Chinese, taiwanese, japanese and from other countries are also avalable on the site.

Whether you are all about lifestyle video, fashion or whatever you want. All are available on the channel.

To download the korean drama android apk, click Viki

Korean drama & movies: As the app name suggests, korean drama & movies allows you to watch korean drama and movies right from your phone screen.

It houses all the korean movies from dailymotion and youtube for your convenience so you do not need to spend time searching from the video links.

The app is structure with good interface and also ensures you receive notification when new movies are added.

Get the app into your android phone by following this link

Kdrama: This is another highly rated app that ensures you never take eyes off your korean korean dramas. It is also easy to use and comes with a clean interface. Added to this is a notification to keep you with the trends.

The icing on the cake is that it supports all kind of resolutions especially if you want to save some data. You can still get almost the same picture quality and good sound even when you downgrade to the minimum level.

Download the app now

Korean drama: Another korean app gradually making waves. There is not much difference with ones mentioned but this is also a great app to consider if you want to watch your korean drama watched on your screen.

It also comes with subtitles and good interface for easy navigations. Join the team now

How to download movies from Dramafire

You have gone through the list and you are now satisfied with what you have seen.

Downloading is next on the plate, the good thing is that it is so much easy to download from the site even better than most of the movie’s site.

No redirect to another link other than what you clicked, just point and click your preferred one.

Voila, you are taken to the exact location.

Guess what, you dont even need an android app for your movie downloading on the site.

Now that I have been able to give you some head up, let us get back to how to download you can download Top Rated Asian TV series from dramafire.

  1. The first thing is to open your browser, it could be your PC browser or smartphone browser.
    Type into the browser.
  2. When the page comes on board, select the menu to have access to the various TV shows from different countries.
  3. Click on any of the Asian tv shows you will love to download, for the purpose of this tutorial, we will be selecting “Korean drama”Asian movies hd download free
  4. Click on any drama you might be interested in. When you do that, you will see a preview of the movie you are about to download.Chinese drama
  5. Scroll down to see the list of episodes of your selected Asian drama. Select on any of the episodes to begin the download process.
    Sometimes, errors might occur but your best shot is to reload.Korean dramas series episode
  6. Scroll down to locate the link for the download. On the video preview, you will notice that it has 360p, 480p and 720p. You can switch to whichever it suits you.Dramafire link
  7. When you click on any of the link, you will be redirected to another channel to begin your download. There are many servers, click on any to download your favourite asian movies.Taiwanese drama dramafire
  8. The movie is now ready to be downloadedDramafire download

Korean drama not your thing? Your loyalty lies with hollywood and bollywood?

Look no further, fzmovies is a best bet when you are looking for a site with vast collection of Hollywood and Hollywood movies. The site also has a section of series movies.


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Tamilrockers 2019 Latest Bollywood & Tamil Movies Download



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You probably have used several sites for your movies downloading but I assure you Tamilrockers is unlike what you have seen.

Tamilrockers is a site fully in the business of providing movies link, mostly newly released ones to the public.

When our friends talk about movies or series they have watched, our minds subconsciously think about the likes of fzmovies, tvshows4mobile, O2tvseries, toxicwap and filmywap.Tamil movies

Not that those mentioned do not top the charts but we rely so much on tamilrockers for the latest Bollywood, Hindi, Punjabi and Hollywood.

In short, if after searching for a movie on the other sites yet you could not get it, check into tamilrockers and you will be surprised to see your trending and superblockster movie waiting to be downloaded.

Tamilrockers & its constant battle over copyright issues.

There have been constant war with the authority due to copyright issues. On October 13, 2018, TTPC Anti Piracy Cell on their twitter revealed, that tamilrockers fake twitter account was suspended for sharing pirated movies.

They have long been at the receiving end for always leaking out movies even before they were officially released. For their efforts, they do make a profit in return, yet it is a slap on members of the production unit who works day and night to make movies a success.

But for the public who anticipate trending movies, it does excite them. Tamil rockers are not resting on their laurels anytime soon, the more the authorities try to put an end to their activities, the stronger they became.

It gets so much to the extent that it was reported that they even made a bold statement, one I would rather call a threat that they would release Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar starrer 2.0 on the day it is to be made officially on November 28, 2019.

This was later avoided by sealing all loopholes when the high court directed Internet Service Providers to block some websites that are known to be in the business of leaking movies in India. Tamilrockers URL was part of those ones who got blocked.

Despite that, tamilrockers still managed to get the movies to the members of the public on Nov 10, 2018 in which turned out to be a wide protest from fans on social media.

2point0movie on its twitter account appealed to the fans to help them curb piracy. Despite that tamilrockers website is still much alive and continue to wax stronger. Although there have been changes to their domain name many times due to being suspended but they always redirect to new link. That is, if you click on any of their url, you will be taken to the new website address.

For those asking what is the tamilrockers new link? Links may have changed so many times but not the quality of their service. Tamilrockers new link is

Why you should use tamilrockers

Although the legal war with the authority is not over yet one can’t pass up what they offer.

Have you ever asked why “Tamilrockers 2018” is still the among the most searched for movies lovers despite that we are in 2019?

I am not surprised as no place you will ever find a high collection of your favoutite Indian movies. Whether your searches specify Tamil HD movies, Hindi or Bollywood; you will always get top and trending movies on the site

What is more, there are also Hollywood movies placed at the top of the site. My recent visit to this section further assured me that it is one of the best places you will ever get your old and trending movies.

Compared to what we are used to on fzmovies and its likes, movies on tamilrockers are mostly uploaded in HD format.

If you want to have your movies downloaded in 3gp, I suggest you look elsewhere but if you need a movie with great picture format and good sound, tamilrockers is a place to visit.

Note that with high quality comes a large file size, be careful of what you wish for.

Another thing that caught my attention on the site is that several movies can be viewed in one go when you enter the site. You do not need to be clicking on “Next” before getting some movies idea.

There are always one or many great movies you will have loved to watch, that is if you keep up with trends.

How to download latest movies on tamilrockers with android app

I gave it a try and it’s much easier than the offficial link on the website. The downside is that the app has a lot of ads running, still does the job well though.

Get on by downloading the app from playstore. Now that you have it installed on your smartphone, the next step is to walk you through the process.

Step 1: Open the unofficial tamilrockers app from your mobile phone.Tamilrockers

Step 2: Click on Tamilrockers premium, it will take you to google page, click on any of the links. I will advise you click the first link that appears.Tamilrockers 2019

Step 3: when it opens, you will see a long list of movies carefully arranged, each to help your query. Select any of the

Step 4: A new page will open which will show a list of movies, choose any one you like.Tamil movies

Step 5: You will be redirected to a new page, select and click the link to get your movies being downloaded into your phone.Tamil indian movies

Step 6: click on any of the servers to give nod to the download processTami servers movies download

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Filmywap Hindi Bollywood & Hollywood Movies Download For Free



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Looking for another great alternative to Fzmovies for your hindi, bollywood and hollywood download? Filmywap is another cool site to visit.

Filmywap has in stock both series and single movies for your pleasure.
It does not matter what your choice is, there is something for everyone. Be it hollywood, bollywood, south indian, punjabi, telegu, hamil or even 18+ rated movie. Everyone has got his or her choice covered.

For those who will prefer a long view, there is a dedicated link on the site that serves your seasonal movie. You can always check for the latest series or tv shows on filmywap.

Is it safe and legal to download from filmywap?

This is always a question that people do ask if it is safe and legal to download from filmywap. As you might have noticed, the site is majorly popular in India and slowly gaining pace in USA with other countries start to take notice.

For those who have fear of being penalized, I can assure you it is legal to download from the site.

Oh you think because it is daily updated with new movies that something must be wrong somewhere as they might have violated some rules.

I can’t deny the fact that the biggest worms in the entertainment world are pirated copies being served to members of the public. Unfortunately, filmywap like the rest of them are not totally free from blame.

Movies in their thousands are being downloaded everyday but the question have you seen anyone penalized for downloading?

A lot of people do say there is a fine attached to downloading for once but still yet to see anyone being taken in for a violation.

To back up our words, OU812 made us understand that there is no penalty in Ireland for downloading of contents but crime punishable is when you upload.

There is nothing for you to worry about. If there is countermeasure, it will be against the sites that serve such contents to the public.

Having said, It is safe to let you know that it is legal and free to download from one of the biggest contents providers.

Who can download on filmywap

It does not matter if you own android mobile phone or PC, you are free to download on filmywap as long as you have good internet and storage.

Before downloading, make sure everything is in place so as not to be disappointed in the long run.

You don’t want to get to 98% only to find out that you have limited storage or your internet connection keeps you out of the game. Nothing is more frustrating than a poor internet connection.

Any alternatives to Filmywap?

I have written a good number of related articles and I plan to add more in due time.

In the india, filmywap and fzmovies have taken the center stage but we can’t ignore the growing presence of tvshows4mobile and O2tvseries, movierulz, toxicwap, movie365, katmovies and Tamilrockers.

Nowadays, it is that simple to get any movies of your choice on the internet. All you need to do is get informed on the best sites for movies downloading.

You can decide to stick with filmywap Hollywood, filmywap Bollywood, punjabi or Hindi or use the other alternatives.

Some top rated filmywap hollywood movies

  • Spider-Man: Into The Spider verse 2018
  • Avatar
  • Star wars: episode ix 2019
  • Artemis foul 2019
  • Alita: battle agent 2019
  • Ford vs ferarri 2019
  • Cold pursuit 2019
  • Avengers: Infinity war 2018
  • Jurassic world fallen kingdom 2018
  • Captain fantastic
  • Suicide squad 2016
  • Thor 2: The dark world 2013
  • Outlaw king 2018
  • Hell boy 2019
  • Fast and furious 2019
  • Dark phoenix 2019
  • Aladdin 2019
  • Joker 2019
  • Sonic: the hedgedog 2019
  • Miss bala 2019
  • Spies in disguise
  • Terminator: dark fate 2019
  • Triple threat 2019
  • The new mutants 2019
  • Hunter killer 2018
  • Doctor strange 2016
  • Ant man and the wasp 2018
  • Samson 2018
  • Black water 2018
  • The kissing booth 2018
  • Cocaine godmother 2018
  • Braven 2018
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • First man 2018
  • Deadpool 2018
  • Captain marvel 2019
  • The lion king 2019

Some top rated filmywap punjabi movies

  • Jagga Jiunda E 2018
  • Mr & Mrs 420 Returns
  • Khido Khundi 2018
  • Dildariyaan 2015
  • Channa Mereya 2017
  • Bhai Taru Singh 2018
  • Kande 2018
  • Laung Laachi 2018
  • Carry On Jatta 2 2018
  • Afsar 2018
  • Salute Punjabi 2018
  • Do Dooni Panj 2019
  • Asees 2018
  • Qismat 2018
  • Dakuaan Da Munda 2018
  • Jindari 2018
  • Banjara- The Truck Driver 2018
  • Ishqaa 2019
  • Laatu 2018
  • Dulla Vaily 2019
  • Kaake Da Viyah 2019
  • Marriage Palace 2018
  • Rang Panjab 2018
  • Qismat 2018
  • Khido Khundi 2018

How to download from Filmywap

This has to be the most important part of this article. I know you can’t wait to start having your movies rolling in. We also cant wait to start giving you tips.

For most people, it will come naturally depending on how well they use the web for downloading of contents but for some, they are going to need a perfect tutorial to it rolling.

Not too worry, we have got your back and we will taking it they way you will perfectly understood. No big grammars, no jargons but just simple sentences.

Now that we have your attention, lets get it rolling.

Step 1: Type into your browser. When you type this, you might be redirected to do not worry as you are in the right place.
You can as well ignore the former and go straight to the redirected link.

Step 2: Scroll down to find good numbers of category. Each category comes with its own unique attribute. Let say, “Latest Punjabi Movies”. You are not going to find any other movies other than punjabi movies. The categories are latest bollywood movies, all indian movies,, south indian dubbed movies, all south indian movies, ikatmovies and many more.Filmywap hindi

Step 3: below the movie image, you will see the download link. Click on the link to get your movies downloaded to your devices.Filmywap legal

Important information: when you see a link get redirected to a different site on filmywap, all you need to do is close the link and press your former destination link again.

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