NIN Registration: How to do pre-enrolment and check status

Following the news that The Federal Government of Nigeria is set to approve the mandatory use of the National Identity Number(NIN) starting from January, 2019.

There have been series of questions as how to get registered under the scheme and way to avoid the long queue.

I am sure a lot of people were discouraged to do that hearing that there are still large numbers of people who are yet to get their permanent card.

Nevertheless, the print out that has your unique number is as good as the card as it is now getting the attention it deserves.

Now that I have made my point, it is time I get back to the business of the day and that is how to get registered. Not just registered but without having to queue forever.

How to get registered for NIN number  with no stress

The first thing you should do is do Pre-erolment. Pre-enrolment is you filling some of your information on the NIMC official website.

This is done by accessing the erolment form on the official site. This helps you do things quickly as you can now cut out some times you would have burnt at that NIMC boring office. Pre-enrolment can even be done while sipping your coffee or in your bed. Is that not cool?

Visit NIMC Enrolment Online After you have done wilth filling the enrolment form online. Make sure you print the barcode and registration identification no.

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Go along with your print out and the other documents to NIMC enrolment office to complete the registration. The officer scans the barcode which results to pulling out of the information you earlier uploaded.

Others will be done at the Office such as height measurement and few others.

After all have been done, you will be given Transaction slip and be told to come back for NIN Slip in not more than two weeks time.

How to check the status of the Card

The permanent cards do take time before they get ready. It could be three years or more. After registration, you will be provided with a slip containing your NIN number

Fortunately, National identity management commission has provided a platform where one can check his or her status without having to visit the Office repeatedly.

The NIN number status can be checked by visiting NIMC Card Status where you will fill your first name, last name and last 6 digits of your NIN

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