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O2tvseries – Best Site To Download TV Series In 3gp MP4 & HD



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O2tvseries is one of the best sites for downloading of seasonal movies. It features so many benefits to the extent that movies will naturally be drawn to the site.

It is unbelievable free to download from the site. Site design is top notch so is navigation around the site is as easy as when taking a sip of drinks.

0tvSeries provides you with movies and series downloaded in 3gp, Mp4 and HD format. Your choice depends on what you prioritize on.

If you are bent on saving data on your phone, 3gp it is, but has certain limitations which are low picture quality and very poor sound.

With mp4, everything comes good and average at its best. Picture and sound are quite appealing yet not taking much from your data. You can save much more on this mode by using the mp4 version.

HD is a class above the rest, it features a high-grade picture coupled with a great sound to back it up.

Unlike the rest, the site domain name rarely changes. I have been using the site for several years and it still beats my imagination that the website URL is still

Everything looks simple and just a click on any of the links opens easily. All you need is a first taste and it will be quite difficult to never fall in love with the page.

Though the last article on o2tvseries was merged with tvshows4mombile which I think it is not enough. In view of that, we will be taking a deep look at o2tvserie.02tvseries

Why You Should Use O2tvserie

  • No registration or sign up needed before downloading on the site. It is the same for streaming. All you just need to know is how to properly use your cursor and you are good to go.
  • Unlimited downloads despite being free. 02tvseries will not restrict your access to contents unlike we have seen with ondemandkorea. No payment involved. Stream or download as long as you want
  • The site does not have require your login details too. You are entitled to play at your own rule any time and any day.
  • You can get a quality download without exhausting much of your data. Great sound and above normal picture quality to help you go through with your movies.
  • Regular update of series movies. The site has more than a thousand series movies. Both old and new movies are there. If you do not see them now, they are definitely working on it using their high tech tools.
  • Various ways to make your search as you want. You can click on list all tv series, list all genre, recently added, or using the popular a to z which is common with streaming site.

Recommended & Best TV Series To Download On O2tvseries

  1. Power
  2. The big bang theory
  3. Young sheldon
  4. How to get away with murders
  5. Stranger things
  6. True blood
  7. Buffy the vampire
  8. Game of thrones
  9. Teen wolfs
  10. House of cards
  11. Suits
  12. Gotham
  13. Supernaturals
  14. The good doctor
  15. Blue bloods
  16. Nikita
  17. Breaking bad
  18. Young justice
  19. NCIS
  20. The Voice
  21. Charmed
  22. Friends
  23. Doctor who
  24. The simpson
  25. The good place
  26. Killing eve
  27. Shameless
  28. Bull
  29. Manifest
  30. You
  31. This is Us
  32. Heroes
  33. A million little things
  34. The sopranos
  35. Arrow
  36. The wire
  37. All american
  38. The followings
  39. Legacies
  40. The rookie
  41. New Amsterdam
  42. FBI
  43. The charmed
  44. The walking dead
  45. Money heist
  46. Sherlock
  47. The office
  48. Black mirror

How to download series from 02tvseries

Lets quickly look at how to download seasonal movies on the site. If you have managed to download from sites like tamilrockers and filmywap, you should have no problem with o2tvseries.

It is even more simple and with much easy navigation. I will suggest you always use opera or opera mini if you are using mobile phone. For PC users, Firefox is okay.

The site URL is

  • Type in the movie title into custom search provided on the site or use the a to z mode to find the movie. For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be downloading Game of thrones season 08 episode 01.02tvseries Got s8e1
  • A new page will open up, click on your preferred number attached to the movie. I am clicking on season 8.Game of thrones season8e3
  • Then select the episode of the seasonal movie. For most movies, the number ranges from episode 1 to 24.02tvseries website link
  • On the opened page, you have a chance to choose what quality of the series you want. Always avoid 3gp because the picture quality & sound like I said, are so bad. Click any of mp4 or HD mp4.02 Tvseries power
  • It is now time to type the text on the space provided. Click “Continue Download” when you are done.Tvserie o2tvseries
  • Confirm it by clicking on the “Download”. Your download should begin instantly.02tvseries charmed walking dead

Hi there! My name is Ayobami and I am a writer. I provide quality reviews and more simplified information about products and services. I am your number one stop source for all you missed.

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How To Check Your 9mobile Data Balance With These Simple Steps



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This article is on how to check your 9mobile data balance. Just like MTN, Glo & Airtel, 9mobile provides you with numbers of ways you can check your data usage.

This development is to ensure that subcribers can keep track of 9mobile data and as well have infomation relating to the day it will expire and auto renewal status.

Before we delve more into it, lets take a look at some important points you should know.

By now, it should not be news that 9mobile was formerly called Etisalat, a telecom giant known for its blazing network & quality services.

The network has always been my favourite right from time if not that they came to the party so late. Yet, still remains one I kept close but my airtel closer due to their cheap & fast 4g.

Everything is looking good among the telecom operators in Nigeria, there have been upgrade to their services since the end to the era of blackberry. All that separates the Nigerian Telecom Operators now is the fee each attached to their package.

The Blackberry used to be the best selling phones in Nigeria, mostly due to the BBM app & cheap data plan on it. The most popular among them is the blackberry bold 5, it was the deal during those days till blackberry Z & Q series emerges.

In this article, I will be showing you about 3 ways you can check your data balance. All you need to know about 9mobile data balance codes will be revealed in the next posts.How to check etisalat data account

The USSD Code WAY – 9mobile Data Balance

This is no doubt the quickest way to check your 9mobile data balance using Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). Stress free and does not induce you to put together a string of messages and then sent to a dedicated number before receiving data balance.

All you just need is to enter *228# on your phone and send. You will receive your data balance instantly.

The SMS Way – 9mobile data balance

Not quick like the former but if you are already familiar with your phone, it should not be a problem.

All you need to is type “BAL” in your message and send to 228. You will recieve a message showing you all that is left of your data and expiry datae.

The App Way – 9mobile Data Balance

Maybe the others do not sound cool to you, you prefer the app or you can’t currently connect due to network issues. My9mobile app can save the day.

My 9mobile is available for Android users on play store. Apple fanboys are not left behind too, get the awesome my9mobile app on apple store for your Iphone or Ipad.

How to see your data balance on 9mobile

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How To

9mobile Data Plans 2019 – Subscription codes & Prices



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9mobile, formerly called Etisalat has been around for a while. A brand which is known for its quality services but has its own downsides. The downsides can be lived with anyway but I will be pulling my weight on the various 9mobile data plans

I will still need to make a few points about the cons thought Aside from the unfavourable charges for calls, 9mobile data plans’ prices are high as well. It is almost the same as MTN except that the latter has other plans to complement it.

The cherry on top is that they have the best network services in Nigeria. The reason could be pointed to their wireless server compared to their counterparts who operate on masts.

Let now to go back to what is on ground which is letting you know all about 9mobile subscription plans. Each of the data plans will include validity, data cap, price, and code.Etisalat free whatsapp

9mobile Daily & Weekly Data Plans

If you own a java phone or a light data user, here is the plan you should go for. This plan is mainly for people who are not looking to do much.

It is affordable to the extent that it does not bite the pocket much but the downside is the expiry side which may not be enough for java phone users. Java phones are known to save data as much as possible.

  • Data volume: 10mb
    Price: NGN50
    Validity: 1 day
    SMS: Send M13 to 229
    USSD Code: *229*3*8#
  • Data volume: 40mb
    Price: NGN100
    Validity: 1 day
    SMS: Send MI1 to 229
    USSD Code: *229*3*1#
  • Data volume: 150mb
    Price: NGN200
    Validity: 7 days
    SMS: Send LCD to 229
    USSD Code: *229*2*10#

9mobile Monthly Data Plans

Arguably the popular one among the internet freaks. To power up those hungry apps, you need some juices in form of data and 9mobile has them in stock for you.

The validity is pretty much okay as Users even consume the data even before it expires. If you are internet freak like me, chances are it won’t be enough before you start receiving reminder messages.9mobile etisalat logo

  • Data volume: 500mb
    Price: NGN500
    Validity: 30 days
    SMS: No SMS Option
    USSD Code: *229*2*12#
  • Data volume: 1gb
    Price: NGN1000
    Validity: 30 days
    SMS: No SMS Option
    USSD Code: *229*2*7#
  • Data volume: 1.5gb
    Price: NGN1200
    Validity: 30 days
    SMS: Send AND11 to 229
    USSD Code: *229*2*25#
  • Data volume: 2.5gb
    Price: NGN2000
    Validity: 30 days
    SMS: Send AND2 to 229
    USSD Code: *229*2*8#
  • Data volume: 4gb
    Price: NGN3000
    Validity: 30 days
    SMS: No sms option
    USSDSMSde: *229*2*35#

9mobile Night & Weekend Data Plans

There is something for everyone no matter how busy you are or when you prefer to surf the internet. I will say this is a plan for those who are always busy during the day and those who only have the weekends for themselves.

The plan is cheap though with some limitations. It should not be a surprise though as the name already suggested what it’s.

The night crawlers and hard workers now have no excuse coupled with the fact they can pay a few changes for such a great data offer.

  • Data volume: 1gb
    Price: NGN200
    Validity: 1 day (night only plan – 12 am – 5 am)
    SMS: No SMS option
    USSD Code: *229*3*11#
  • Data volume: 2gb
    Price: NGN1000
    Validity: 30 days (Evening & Weekend Plans -7 pm – 7 am)
    SMS: No SMS option
    USSD Code: *229*3*12#
  • Data volume: 5gb + 100mb for WhatsApp available all day
    Price: NGN2000
    Validity: 30 days (Evening & Weekend Plans – 7 pm – 7 am)
    SMS: No SMS Option
    USSD Code: *229*3*13#

9mobile Mega Data Plans (Quarterly & Yearly Plan)

This is the plan for those who use data a lot or want to subscribe without having to run out of data for a while or deal with validity.

Some plans even stay up to a year before it expires. Business owners, celebs, bloggers & tech companies will love this plan.

  • Data volume: 30gb
    Price: NGN27500
    Validity: 90 days
    SMS: No SMS Option
    USSD Code: *229*5*1#
  • Data volume: 60gb
    Price: NGN55000
    Validity: 120 days
    SMS: No SMS Option
    USSD Code: *229*5*2#
  • Data volume: 120gb
    Price: NGN110000
    Validity: 365 day#
    SMS: No SMS Option
    USSD Code: *229*5*3#

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How To

How To Check Glo Data Balance



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It is one thing to know how to activate glo data plans and it is another to know how to check your data balance.
Globacom just like the other network operators provide easy ways for you to check your usage while surfing your favourite sites.

The system they provide allows you to check how much data you have consumed, the expiry date and auto renewal status.

We are living in an era of data hungry apps. Monitoring our data become a necessity especially if you are trying to avoid apps that take much more. When we check our data, it is a wake up call to know if we are using more than normal.

Thankfully, Glo Nigeria provides us with simple ways to check it. If you are among those who do not know how to check their data on the glo networ, then here is the place to be.

I will be providing you with how you can check your glo data using USSD code, online and through. It is simple, fast and detailed.Glo data office

Ways To Check Your Glo Data Balance Plan.

Option 1: Through USSD Code.
The USSD provides the easiest way to check your data balance. All you need to is to go to an icon called phone and type *127*0#.

It is fast and does not stress you with having to go SMS and input message to have your glo data details sent to you. The system shows up your details immediately on your screen when you have sent the command.

Option 2: Through SMS
Here is another way to check your data balance on the biggest data merchant. A bit simple but it has to be the sms way. Not everyone prefers this method.

I will always prefer the option 1 but what happens when you can not use the USSD code due to network. This provides a cover for you pending the time matters are taken care of.

To check your glo data balance details the sms way, simply type “INFO” and send to 127 and boom, you receive data details instantly.

Option 3: USSD Code 2.0
Well, that is the name I give it. This is not direct like the above one but it helps at times when I am finding it difficult to remember *127.0#.

Just dial *777#, you will see a lot of options for self service. Reply with 1 to see available list of what you can do.

Remember that this time, you only want to check your data balance. Reply with 5 to have your glo data balance displayed and as well sent to you.

*777# is a code to know if you use glo as you can do almost everything by just knowing the code.

Option 4: Code to check bonus data
Are you given bonus data and you don’t know how to check it or you were informed that you are entitled to bonus but you just can’t see it using the above methods? I have a solution for that and it is very simple.

Just dial #122# and you can get to see all your bonus. It also works for airtime bonus as well.

Option 5: Through Glo cafe Nigeria ( Self care app)
This app provides you with ways to manage all services on theGlGlonetwork. It does more than just checking of data.

With the app, you can make bill payments, check voice and data balance, locate stores near you and many more.
It is available on play store and apple store.

Glo cafe app android & ios

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