Get free 500mb worth of data from MTN!

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Hello guys, it is freebies week as MTN is currently giving out 500mb worth of data to customers when you download MyMTN app. The data will be given instantly as soon as you fill in the required and activate the bonus data. To download, click here MyMTN To check your bonus data balance Open the app Locate the … Read more

NIN Registration: How to do pre-enrolment and check status


Following the news that The Federal Government of Nigeria is set to approve the mandatory use of the National Identity Number(NIN) starting from January, 2019. There have been series of questions as how to get registered under the scheme and way to avoid the long queue. I am sure a lot of people were discouraged … Read more

How to convert facebook profile to page


A lot of people are still unaware it is against terms set by facebook to use a personal account to represent a business. Facebook intention about personal account is to bridge the gap between families and friends. It is not a platform for business or to sell yourself to your large audience. Pages are for … Read more

How To Be Your Own Boss

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People are beginning to realize business is the real deal compared to working under someone. To start a business, you will need a lot of information on how to start and ways to go about it. As we were taught in the four corners of classroom, it always begins with a business idea. I believe … Read more

How To Create A topic On Nairaland

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The year is almost rounding off and yet a lot of people still do not know how to create a topic on Nairaland. I used to be like you guys not until my inquisitiveness paved way. Nairaland is no doubt the biggest online forum in Nigeria and there, you will be able seek answers and … Read more

10 Reasons to Get a Dog in 2022

10 Reasons to Get a Dog in 2022

It is a new year and with that comes such promises as healthier habits, depleting the clutter in our lives, and learning new things. I thought it would be appropriate to add one more resolution to this list: getting a dog! That’s right; if you are still on the fence about bringing a furry friend … Read more