Lucrative Skills You Can Learn Quickly in Nigeria


Don’t be in the dark. There are still some lucrative and in-demand skills you can learn within just one month.

They are still in high demand as it is beneficial to businesses.

CEOs, Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Clerics need your skills. Don’t just get the certificate, learn a skill as it helps during the raining season.

Even as a student, you can still earn some cash while learning.

Employers are beginning to make certificate less priority to focusing on skills.

Although certificate too is very important but in the world where we have so many graduates fighting for jobs.

It is what you know that gives you an edge over others.

There are plenty of marvelous abilities that you could learn in months, a terrific way to capture an organization’s attention.

Below are some in-demand skills you can learning within a month;

1. Graphic designs

Graphic designing has now become an integral part of any events and business. It is important in every field you can think of.

It makes part of the marketing plans and it is vital to the growth of any business.

Without a terrific design, the employer may not be capable of highlighting its product and boom its customer-base which in the end affects the enterprise and profitability of the organization.

So there is a need for a Graphic Designer to help create a wonderful layout.

Graphic design is seen as one of the high paying skills you can have. You can be able to master the skill within 2 months if you are determined. It sets you on a path to even take on printing jobs. If you work so hard, you are on your way to becoming a millionaire.

2. Web designs

This is another must-have skill, that is if you are passionate about becoming a web designer. Web layout encompasses many distinctive abilities and disciplines in the creation and maintenance of websites.

Web designing is an important factor in an era of online revolution.A finely constructed website helps firms and individuals to secure a good position in their area of business. And to do that, they need a web designer.

You can be a top-notch web designer in 3 months, all you need is to learn and perfect it. Once you are done, you can welcome yourself into the world of financial dependency.

You will always get a job, web designers are in high demand. Companies want them so are the entrepreneurs.

Who will not love to give great publicity to his business and at any time have you at their beck and call? For your trouble, you charge them of course.

3. Digital marketing

You have been hearing many drums about digital marketing but you are not fully informed of what is digital marketing?

wikipedia describes, “Digital marketing as the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

Buying behavior has reduced in the last few years and this calls for digital marketing. This shift has made digital marketing a must for any business that is trying to compete in the modern market.

Nowadays, purchasers use the internet to get the records they need to make a knowledgeable purchasing selection, although they still visit the physical keep place to make their very last purchase.

This skill can be learned within 3 months but may go beyond if you want to become pro.

4. Blogging

blogging is becoming a trend these days. It provides you with a platform to reach out to many.

Most people start with a blog, but along the way, they improve and generate ideas for blogs in other niches.

Unlike in the early days, bloggers do not need to have knowledge with HTML.

WordPress and blogger platforms have made it easy for a blog to be set up easily.

There are lots of videos available for your use and in just a few weeks, you can be confident in adding to your set of skills.

You can start with a free hosted ones provided by blogger or if you are unsure if blog is for you. You can later change to self-hosted ones when you have gained grounds.

5. Image and video editing

More jobs are lookinforor image and video editing skills. Image and video editing are one of the easiest skills you can learn.

You can during your spare time master at least one editing software. For image editing, photoshop is the easiest and most used editing program.

Video editing also has various programs you can use. Among them are after effects, final cut pro, etc. Having the ability to use multimedia will no doubt boost your resume.

6. Public speaking

Some are blessed with the gift of oratory. The set of people able to assert their opinions to people easily.

Obama once said, “he fully understands the power of oratory when he remarked that one of his roles as president will be to “capture the moment” as a means of inspiring confidence.

It is safe to say of how all the gifts bestowed unto mankind, there may be none as precious as a gift of oratory.

You can hone the skills more by reading books from great authors, watch some videos and make contacts with accomplished public speakers.

With time, you might be getting calls from organization and individuals.

How to get free 4G data bonus from airtel

Do you want to know how to get free 4G data bonus from airtel? Everyone loves a freebie and airtel in their usual generosity is dolling it out to everyone.
It does not matter if you are old or new customers. With just these simple steps which will be revealed here, you will get it instantly.
Want to revel in reliable and outstanding-fast internet in your phone?
Then get a 4G enabled device and join the league.
4G which is also known as long term evolution (LTE) deliver high speeds much more than the other variants. Airtel 4g is now emerging in various states coupled with the fact that it is super fast.

How to get the free 4g data bonus on Airtel

Step 1: You need a 4g enabled device. Be it mifi, dongle or phone enabled with 4g. You are good to go. To check if your phone supports 4g, dial *121#, a pop up comes through on your screen, type in 1 into the space provided by the command or follow on-screen instructions.
How to get free 4g data bonus from airtel
Step 2: Meet the airtel agent at any airtel store close to you. Ask for sim ugrade to 4g or get a new 4g sim to enjoy this super fast network.
Note: You will be given the 4g data bonus instantly upon upgrade or when you get a new sim. Not that the validity is only for a very limited time. 
Step 3: To continually enjoy this, always make sure you are always within airtel 4g coverage.
As said by The Managing Director, Airtel Nigeria, Mr Segun Ogunsanya, “Airtel was the first telecommunications operator in the country to complete a successful 4G trial in Lagos.
This is in line with the company’s commitment to pioneer innovation and leadsdsa mobile internet revolution in Nigeria. This is a new dawn for mobile internet in Nigeria.”

Various cool ways to use the OTG feature


I bet most of us have never used half of the features of our smartphones. On that note, i am taking you on a long walk on the uses of On the go (OTG).

You probably are asking what then is OTG? Do not worry. This article is posed to explain to you whatever you do not know about the OTG. Our phones can do much more we can imagine. We just need to know how far they can go, which is to our benefits.

In a layman language, OTG allows a device to read data from a USB connection without the need for a computer.

Android is endowed with a standard micro-USB port. You will need to look for a micro-USB Male to full-size USB Female adapter to activate this. There are also flash drives with micro-USB and USB Ports.

How to check if your android support OTG

Locate the company’s website to check if OTG is among the specifications or check the box it came with.
You can also check if your phone supports OTG by downloading USB OTG CHECKER ,a tool that can quickly check and verify your Android device system USB OTG capabilities.

Various uses of OTG

  1. Connect External drives: How many times have I enjoyed during this more than the usual way. It is so magical. Just plug it and boom, it reads your files to you. External drive with their own powe source works fine but not portable hard drives. Portable hard drives draw power from android when plugged.
  2. Print from the printer: you can print without requiring a wireless connection. Also no need to transfer anything to a PC before printing. You can do that straight away. To print photos and documents, you will switch to photo to photo in your USB Connection. All these at just click! Is it not cool?
  3. Connect with gamepads: For the gamers in the house, you are not left alone. Otg allows you to connect through OTG.
  4. Control Android With Keyboard and mouse:  you probably have not heard that you can use your android most especially a tablet as Android. Get a wireless keyboard yet with a unified reveiver since you only have access to one USB connection.
  5. Charge other devices: This should not be new to you. OTG reverse charging allows you charge other phones through the USB OTG cable. It means you can use your phone as power bank for other phones. Your phone can be a source of energy when you connect it to the other.

NYSC Offices: Address and their Contact Details


The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) was created by the Nigerian Government for the purpose of rebuilding and reconciling the country after the Civil war.

It has its head office pitched in Abuja which is available to attend to various issues. NYSC also have its secretariats around the country for who those who will be unable to visit the head office.

NYSC Social Platforms
Registration Portal:
Facebook: @officialnysc
Twitter: @officialnyscng
Instagram: @officialnyscng

Address of NYSC Secretariats Around the Country

NYSC Secretariat: St. Finbarr’s Road P.M.B 7225, Umuahia.
Tel: 09086961451
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Federal Government Secretariat P.M.B 2252, Jimeta-Yola.
Tel: 08034532096
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Federal secretariat P.M.B 1087, Uyo.
Tel: 08034655026
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat 12 Okpora Street P.M.B 4042, Amawbia,Awka.
Tel: 08033115470
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Turaki Abdu Road, Fadamar Mada. PMB 85, Bauch, Bauchi State.
Tel: 08038715255
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Block 7, Flat 1-4 Phase II, Civil Service/ FRSC Road, Yenogoa.
Tel: 08037877293
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat: Railway Bye-pass P.M.B 2358, Makurdi.
Tel: 0817654449
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Kashim Ibrahim Road P.M.B 1124, Maiduguri.
Tel: 08036833301
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat KM 5, Muritala Muhamed Way Ikot Ansa PMB 1148, Calabar.
Tel: 08034800685
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Federal Secretariat P.M.B 5004, Asaba.
Tel: 08144231169
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat: 17 Nkwerre Street G.R.A, Abakaliki.
Tel: 08163854748
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat: 2 Red Cross Road off Ikpokpan Road, off Sapele Road, GRA Benin City.
Tel: 08034201334
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat: Kilometer 2, Iyin Road P.M.B 5302, Ado Ekiti.
Tel: 08034041910
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat 2 Abakaliki Road G.R.A P.M.B 1293, Enugu.
Tel: 08038334440
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat: No. 25 Ndola Crescent, off Michael Okpara Street (opposite Ibro Hotel) Zone 5, Wuse, Abuja.
Tel: 08131913334
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat, along F.M.C/ Ashaka Road, P.M.B. 036, Gombe,Gombe State. Tel: 08035401202
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat:Mbano Street Aladinma Housing Estate, Owerri.
Tel: 08063415822
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Kigawa Road, P.M.B 7049, Dutse.
Tel: 08034318138
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat: Unguwa Rimi P.M.B 2201, Kaduna.
Tel: 08029656262
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Gwarzo Road P.M.B 3137, Kano.
Tel: 08023580096
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Federal Secretariat Complex Katsina. P.M.B 2034, Katsina
TEL: 08034500264
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat 4 Patrick Aziza Road P.M.B 1043, Birnin Kebbi.
Tel: 08034362657
Email: [email protected]

NYSC State Secretariat Lokoja- Okene Road Lokongoma Phase 1, P.M.B. 1046, Kogi State. Tel: 08090922162
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat: Ahmadu Bello Way P.M.B 1512, Ilorin.
Tel: 08033357545
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat: Old Census Office Babs Animashun Street , Surulere Lagos.
Tel: 08065522674
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat: 26 Makurdi Road P.M.B 31, Lafia
Tel: 08036874082
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Bosso Road P.M.B 83, Minna Tel: 08177441326
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Federal Government Secretariat P.M.B 2093, Abeokuta
Tel: 08162761900
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Fed. Govt. Secretariat Complex P.M.B 718, Akure.
Tel: 08085604417
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat New Ikirun road P.M.B 4370, Oshogbo.
Tel: 07039194443
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat: Former 2, Mech. Drive P.M.B 5500, Ibadan.
Tel: 08036228426
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat: Old Miango Road, Kufan Opp.Chindi Hotel, P.M.B 2258, Jos.
Tel: 08030934637
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat :40 Ikwerre Road P.M.B 5210, Port Harcourt.
Tel: 08132065660
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Birnin Kebbi Road , Sokoto.
Tel: 07038912689
Email: [email protected]

State Secretariat: NYSC Secretariat 118 Hammaruwa way, PMB 1058 Jalingo, Taraba State.
Tel: 08188328465
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat State secretariat Phase 1 , P.M.B 1026, Damaturu
Tel: 07039469446
Email: [email protected]

NYSC Secretariat Sokoto Road , Gada Biyu P.M.B 1026, Gusau.
Tel: 08037643011
Email: [email protected]

416, Tigris Crescent Off Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama. PMB 138, Garki, Abuja
Email: [email protected]

What to bring along to NYSC Camp?


There must have been a lot of questions on your mind on what are the necessary things to take to the NYSC camp. Of course you have been excited about the prospect of leaving your comfort home to the regimented arena.

It will be all fun and excitement as you come across all different tasks you probably are not used to. Along the way, it will get boring but the fun are much more than the former.

I remember those days i was preparing for camp life. I searched earnestly for answers at wherever i can get it. On getting to the camp, i realise that most of the items i took along were not needed. 

On this note, I will provide you with a comprehensive list of important items you need at the camp. Trust me, you don’t need to spend much before fully prepared for this adventure.

  1. NYSC Green Card and Call-Up Letter(Original & Photocopies): Make atleast 3 copies of the originals. Chances are that you wont even make use of the photocopies.I heard some camps are fully computerized and no manual documentation. To be at safer side, make 3 copies. Photocopies are more costly at the maami market. You can save few changes by doing that before you leave home.
  2. Statement of Result or Certificate (original and photocopies): It is your duty to have made your clearance at your institution which at the end of it will lead to you being awarded your statement of result of certificate.For those in the medical field, registration certificates obtained from legal boards such as the Pharmacist boards, Nigerian Medical Council, or Optometrist Registration council along with evidence of completion of horsemanship are necessary items
  3. School Identity Card (Original and photocopies): You also need to make 3 copies of your ID Card. During registration, you will be asked to provide your ID card for verification purposes. Dont make mistake of leaving home without it. It is as important as your green card and call up letter.
  4. Passport Photographs: You only need not more than 12 copies for on camp and after camp(LG Documentation). The passport photographs must be recent.
  5. Certificate of Fitness (Original and Photocopies): Only certificate of fitness from Military Hospital or General Hospital will be accepted. Come along with atleast 3 copies.
  6. Bank Verification Number (BVN): Make sure your BVN is in order before leaving for camp. Contact your bank and ask them for your status.

    Ask them if the name you are using tally with the one in their database. Any slight error may affect your being paid your allawee.What to take along to camp

Below are the essential things you need to make camp life easy

  1. File Jacket: This is needed to house your important documents. You do not want to misplace any of your documents especially the originals.
  2. Stationery: I remember when I was going to the camp, i was told i will need to buy stapler, correction tipex and glue. All these are never used when i was at the camp. All you need is just your pen and permanent marker. The permanent marker is needed to secure your the identity of your belongings.
  3. Round Neck White T-Shirt, underwears white socks and white shorts: Go with atleast 2 each but if you are one who never have time for washing, you might as well go with more. Reason i said you should go with two is that is among what NYSC will give you at the camp. You will be provided with 2 each.
  4. Plain white tennis shoes (Rubber): Dont make the mistake i made when i was going to the camp. Buy oversize rubber tennis.You are going to be drilled to the extent that you might get a numb toes that is if you go to the camp with your perfect size.
  • Provisions: Although you will be catered for both day and night. You are entitled to 3 square meals. Sometimes, the food are never enough.Other times, you dont feel like taking what is prepared. Buying your provisions before you arrived at the camp will save you cost.
  • Waist pouch: This is very important to house your cash, phones, ATM card, keys and other important stuffs while you go about the business of the day
  • Other things you will need are mosquitoes net, padlock, money, toiletries, bucket, bathroom slippers, two pair of jeans and tops or native ones as you deem fit. A power bank wont be a bad idea as well.

Important things to take to NYSC CampWith the above, you can be rest assured that you are fully set for the camp.

Take note that some items get seized at the gate. You must have made your findings before adding to the list. Seized items will be returned at the end of the orientation.

New way of adding your blogs or website to Opera News Feed


Today, i will be telling you a new way of adding your blog or website to Opera News Feed. A lot of people would been told all they need to do is send  a mail to [email protected] or [email protected].

Well it is no longer the case as opera has made some changes in recent months.

Before I reveal to you the new and efficient way of adding your blogs or websites to opera news feed, there are things you should know. Opera stands tall among its contemporaries, it is a web browser for Windows, macOS, and Linux os developed by Norwegian company called  Opera Software AS.

Having your sites on their news feed ensure you have great numbers of traffic on your blogs. It also makes your blog rank in popularity as about billions users from around the world make use of opera.

A source of income for you! Is that not cool? By having your site on the opera news feed, you are entitled to a percentage of their revenue when they advertise to readers. Note that withdrawal is only allowed when your money reach the threshold of $1000.New way of adding your blog or website to Opera News Feed

Best chance of getting approved as directed by Jaron Brandon, Former Editorial Manager of Opera Software AS

  • Write professional, polite and informative emails.
  • Include your logo, job title, etc
  • Sites with copied content, graphic image, very sexual content or without articles will not be approved.

When carefully done, send the mail to [email protected]

You will get a reply from the agent few days later. If you do not get the reply within the expected time frame. Please be patient, they have tons of requests everyday but be rest assured they will get back to you.

If there is anything to adjust in your blog, the agent will notify you on that.
Goodluck guys

Earn Cash and Other Exciting Prizes with Scooper


Earn Cash and Other Exciting Prizes with Scooper: Just like I promised that I will always bring to you latest and important gist that you might have missed.

Today I will be introducing you to an app called scooper. Scooper provides you with updated local & international news from reliable sources around the world.

Contents on scooper are directly from authoritative local content providers and news agencies. On Scooper, you may sincerely find true tales, properly written articles and breaking information.

Scooper may not be in the same league with opera news feed in term of popularity but it has some exciting features one can feed on.

Guess what? Among the many benefits is you can still earn coins while doing what you love doing. Coins can be exchanged with great prizes like iphone x, infinix note 5, spark 2, a trip to dubai, cash and many more.

What to enjoy on Scooper

  • Personalized News Feed:  Scooper will always bring to you latest and viral gist to you at just a click. It customizes your favourites consistent with your alternatives and does that smartly.
  • Entertainment: you love entertainment news? Then you are just in the right place. You will be able to enjoy gif contents and rich video delivered to you right from the app.
  • Sports: Enjoy action as it happens on the app. Get up to date information on football matches, basketball, tennis, hockey and all other sporting activities around the world. And for the punters, scooper also promised to deliver match predictions.
  • Earn coins: scooper allows you to earn coins while reading. You can also invite others using your unique code to earn more coins
  • Read novels at your own convenience: you no longer need to carry with you bulky novels. The app has over one hundred novels which have been picked across many categories like science fiction, romance, mystery, thrillers and short stories.
  • Offline reading: One of the great features of the app is Offline reading is available to you. Imagine your data is about to be burned out, scooper will instantly provide you with a prompt that you read offline until you refill your data bank.

The app is a good one to have on your mobile phone. It uses small storage of your phone and the speed of update is so cool. Refreshes are as fast as lightning.

How to get this app on your phone

Click  Scooper Download (Less than 6mb)

MTN mpulse tariff plan – Charges, Migration Code + Benefits


In August 2018, MTN mpulse was introduced with the intention of helping the teens find their rhythms in their field of study. It is a platform set up for them to achieve their aspirations and goals.

MTN has different courses and exams questions to help them in their academic pursuits. It is basically for those in their primary level and secondary level.

There are wide variety of materials available for the students use and as approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and Universal Basic Education Commision. Students preparing for Common Entrance Exams, JSCE, WAEC, JAMB and Post-UME will find the updated materials very useful.

There are also life skill videos where the students can be whatever they want to be. Be it blogger, programmer, fashion designer, motivational speaker, writer and many more. All these are just at their fingertips.

Students will also have access to cool games. They are provided with a single player game and also multiplayers. As a single player, you can enjoy alone but for the multiplayer, you can have a nod over your friends by challenging them.

You can also earn reward from MTN when you are on mpulse on every of your birthday anniversary.

Benefits of MTN mpulse tariff plan

  1. Get access to educational content on MTN mpulse.
  2. Customers on mtn mpulse will also be able to enjoy free whatsapp every month for 7 days.
  3. Enjoy data bonus when you recharge your line every week.
  4. Special data bundles are also available for grab on MTN mpulse.
  5. Make National calls at the rate of 15 kobo per second.
  6. Get a recharge of N200 on your birthday.
  7. Receive airtime and data from dad and mum.
  8. Get invited to exclusive mpulse events.
  9. Talent development, entrepreneurship, leadership & life skill.
  10. No where you will find more on the tools to develop your strength, goals and aspiration but on mpulse.

How to migrate or activate MTN mpulse tariff plan

  1. There are quite more than one way to migrate to MTN mpulse tariff plan.
  2. Customers can use the SMS option or USSD Option. I always favour the USSD code though because it is faster.
  3. Send ‘mPulse’ to 131 or dial *344*1# to migrate to mtn mpulse tariff plan.
  4. Another unpopular way is to migrate through the mymtnapp. Download, go to tariff plan and select Mpulse.

How to subscribe for mpulse special data bundle

  • Send 350 to 344 for weekly bundle of 350mb
  • Send 351 to 344 for weekly bundle of 1.2gb
  • Another alternative is dialling *344*2# and select choice from the list of bundle

*Note that the data plan are for mpulse web and app

Charges on MTN Mpulse

Customers on MTN mpulse will be able to make calls at the rate of 15k per second to National calls. This charge comes with no daily access fee or extra charge on few seconds like we have seen with MTN pulse and few others.

SMS to any network in Nigeria is charged at the standard rate of N4. Message sent to international destination will be charged at their respective standard rate.

Calls analysis for MTN mpulse tariff plan

Let me quickly bring to you what you stand to enjoy by migrating to MTN mpulse. Although, this plan is specially designed for Children in Primary and Secondary School, anyone could still join.

It is 15k per second which means with just N9, you can make a one minute call. With just a balance of N90, you can make 10 minutes of call without daily access fee.

How to sign up on MTN mpulse website

  1. There are lots that can be done and enjoy on MTN mpulse official site.
  2. To starting exploring the massive benefits on Mpulse, go to mtn mpulse website
  3. Then follow on-screen instructions and fill appropriately.

How to opt-out or leave MTN mpulse

Just like all tariff plans available on MTN mpulse, you will need to get the code for another tariff plan – MTN betatalk, MTN Pulse, MTN Trutalk, MTN xtraspecial, and MTN xtravalue. 

Migrating to any of the plan is totally free. You will only be charged if you are migrating more than once to another plan within 30 days.

Read Also

  1. How to migrate to MTN Biz plus tariff plan.
  2. MTN biz class tariff plan and migration code.
  3. MTN yafun yafun and how to migrate.
  4. MTN awuf4u and its migration code.
  5. Mtn xtra value carte and how to migrate.
  6. MTN Xtra special postpaid tariff plan and migration code.
  7. MTN xtra special prepaid tariff plan and how to migrate.
  8. MTN xtra value tariff plan and migration code.
  9. MTN beta talk tariff plan and how to migrate.
  10. MTN tru talk tariff plan and migration code.
  11. MTN pulse tariff plan and how to migrate.

Get free 500mb worth of data from MTN!


Hello guys, it is freebies week as MTN is currently giving out 500mb worth of data to customers when you download MyMTN app.

The data will be given instantly as soon as you fill in the required and activate the bonus data.

To download, click here MyMTN

To check your bonus data balance

  • Open the app
  • Locate the bonus and then click on it
  • Your bonus balance will be displayed instantly.

Data validity is only for 24 hours so enjoy it while it lasts.

NIN Registration: How to do pre-enrolment and check status


Following the news that The Federal Government of Nigeria is set to approve the mandatory use of the National Identity Number(NIN) starting from January, 2019.

There have been series of questions as how to get registered under the scheme and way to avoid the long queue.

I am sure a lot of people were discouraged to do that hearing that there are still large numbers of people who are yet to get their permanent card.

Nevertheless, the print out that has your unique number is as good as the card as it is now getting the attention it deserves.

Now that I have made my point, it is time I get back to the business of the day and that is how to get registered. Not just registered but without having to queue forever.

How to get registered for NIN number  with no stress

The first thing you should do is do Pre-erolment. Pre-enrolment is you filling some of your information on the NIMC official website.

This is done by accessing the erolment form on the official site. This helps you do things quickly as you can now cut out some times you would have burnt at that NIMC boring office. Pre-enrolment can even be done while sipping your coffee or in your bed. Is that not cool?

Visit NIMC Enrolment Online After you have done wilth filling the enrolment form online. Make sure you print the barcode and registration identification no.

Go along with your print out and the other documents to NIMC enrolment office to complete the registration. The officer scans the barcode which results to pulling out of the information you earlier uploaded.

Others will be done at the Office such as height measurement and few others.

After all have been done, you will be given Transaction slip and be told to come back for NIN Slip in not more than two weeks time.

How to check the status of the Card

The permanent cards do take time before they get ready. It could be three years or more. After registration, you will be provided with a slip containing your NIN number

Fortunately, National identity management commission has provided a platform where one can check his or her status without having to visit the Office repeatedly.

The NIN number status can be checked by visiting NIMC Card Status where you will fill your first name, last name and last 6 digits of your NIN

How to convert facebook profile to page


A lot of people are still unaware it is against terms set by facebook to use a personal account to represent a business.

Facebook intention about personal account is to bridge the gap between families and friends. It is not a platform for business or to sell yourself to your large audience.

Pages are for businesses and for companies to help them connect to customers irrespective of where they are.

Facebook page has many benefits. Among them are exposure to potential customers, reduces your market expenses, reaches to targeted audiences and helps you build brand loyalty.

Having known this, I would like to show you how to convert your facebook personal account to facebook page. Facebook tags this, “Profile to business migration”.

To get started, click on the link below, Facebook provides tool to help you get familiar with the platform and also you will be able to choose friends from your facebook personal account to like your page.

How To Be Your Own Boss


People are beginning to realize business is the real deal compared to working under someone. To start a business, you will need a lot of information on how to start and ways to go about it.

As we were taught in the four corners of classroom, it always begins with a business idea. I believe that will take a lot of tasks as you will need to be sure if it will pay off at the end of the day.

Some steps to take to become your own boss

1. Build a business plan

Now that you already have a refined idea on the ground. The next step is to make a thorough plan of how you are going to manage your business. Of a truth, it is never easy but this is important for the growth. Ask yourself some certain questions like what is the reason for this business? Who are your targeted audience and the cost? Your end goals at the end? How do you intend to get the finance for it?

A lot of people just embark on business without having a good feasibility study. This is bound to fail except one along the way, do things right. It is always advisable to have a well-written plan so as to forestall any chance of failure.

Conduct a market survey and know your competitors are the right things to do.
A business plan is like a roadmap that helps you outline goals and ways to achieve the goals.

2. Estimate your finance

To start a business, you require more than a great business idea. You will need to determine how you are going to get the needed cash and resources for it. Do you already have the cash in your coffer or you intend to borrow? If you are planning to leave the job which is currently putting food on the table for you, do you have some money aside to support you until you are finally smiling to the cashier?

I am not in support of anyone starting a business on borrowed funds as it has proven over time that these businesses always fail. Obtaining a loan to start an unproven business is a bad idea. Before you say jack, the banks are already on you.

New businesses always fail due to a lack of enough money. Always overestimate the amount you will need as there will be a lot to do when you eventually start.

3. Register your business

Registering your business is so important
If you want to become an officially recognized entity. Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) is responsible for that in Nigeria.

The requirements are
1. At least 2 members and not more than 50. Members must be at least 18 years old.
2. Only people of sound mind and not disqualified by CAMA or bankrupt can be registered.
3. minimum share capital has to be at least N10,000.

Aside from those previously listed out, Articles of Association and Memorandum will be required, Notice of registered address of your business, Receipt of payment of stamp duties, and Statement of compliance by a legal practitioner.

4. Tax Registration

Now that you have registered your business, the next step is to get your business registered at the tax office. In Nigeria, it is called Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS). This is the body that will collect tax on value-added, withholding, and company income.

Once you are done, you will be issued Tax Identification Number (TIN)
It is very important to pay taxes regularly as there are penalties for tax defaulters.

5. Get a website

It is important to set aside some cash in order to help you create awareness for your business. To do that, you need a quality website. Having a website makes it easy for your customers and potential customers to connect with you easily. Get a good designer who has had successes in those fields.

Having a responsive website and fully optimized for search engines will make it easy for your customers to always come back. If you really want to enjoy successes, then you need a professional website designer to help you set it.

I know it may come a bit high but kindly pay up as it will help you in the long run. Remember, marketing is the soul of business and a website can provide you with the platform.

6. Assemble your team

You will need a group of professionals to help your business gel. Getting the right people for the business is also as important as others except you will be running it yourself.

Nothing bad in running a business by oneself but having people around you hastens the growth of your business. People around you come up with different approaches to help you settle and also for the long term benefits.

7. Create awareness

You already own a website. That is good for a start. But you are still going to do more. You will need to get your businesses known to those who have no access to the internet. But before you venture deeply, it is important to have your own brand. Design a logo to help people identify your own brand. The logo gives you a unique feeling.

You also make use of social platforms to help create awareness. Make use of third parties such as vendors as they are more closer to the customers than you are. Treating them right could give your business a boost.

Lastly, when you reach a crossroads, ask questions from those who have long been in the field. Seek professional advice. This is important to the growth of your business.