50 most popular women in the world, No 7 will surprise you

50 most popular women

The Internet never ceases to erupt when you mention at least one of these 50 most popular women in the world. These are special women who you do not need to search for on the web before you know who they are. The women are powerful, famous, and with a large following from around the … Read more

Who is the Oracle of Omaha?

The Oracle of Omaha-Warren Buffett nickname

The man behind one of America’s most famous nicknames- The Oracle of Omaha is Warren Buffett. He has been called “the greatest investor in history” by Fortune Magazine and even got his own feature on their list entitled ‘The wealthiest Americans’. In fact, though what people may not know about this great businessman/investor from Nebraska … Read more

Top 11 Richest Programmers in the World ( 2022)

Microsoft's Bill Gates

Programmers are people who write codes, they use their technology prowess to make the world a better place. They use programming languages to create programs that solve problems or automate tasks. Code can be written in any text editor, but most programmers use IDEs (integrated development environments) because they offer features like syntax highlighting and … Read more

11 Richest People in Australia (Forbes 2022)

Richest People in Australia

Australia is a prosperous country, with a strong economy. The standard of living is high, and there are many opportunities for success. Despite this, only a select few manage to become incredibly wealthy. Whether through business acumen or philanthropy, these individuals have helped make Australia one of the most desirable places in the world to … Read more

Top 10 richest pastors in the world 2022 (Forbes List)

richest preachers-pastors-clerics in the world

There are many religious leaders who enjoy a high level of wealth and privilege, but which preachers and pastors are the richest in the world? According to recent estimates by Forbes magazine, here are 10 of the wealthiest Pastors and Preachers on the planet in 2022. 10. Pastor Joseph Prince – $5 million Pastor Joseph Prince … Read more

10 Most Followed Snaphat Accounts in 2022

10 Most Followed Snaphat Accounts in 2022

Snapchat is a messaging app that allows users to take photos or videos and send them to friends. The images and videos disappear after a short amount of time. Snapchat was created by three students at Stanford University in 2011. It was first released as an iOS app, and an Android app was released in … Read more

Top 20 Jewish Comedians of All Time


Jewish comedians have been pronounced one of the funniest and most humorous of all times. What comes to mind when you think of Jewish comedians? For most people, the first comedians that come to mind are likely Andy Samberg, Adam Sandler, and Jerry Seinfeld. These comedians have entertained audiences for years and continue to do … Read more