Polaris Mobile Banking App: How To Download & Register

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Polaris Mobile Banking App is out, providing you with a simple interface to carry out your banking transactions on your Phone.

If you do not favour the use of Polaris Bank USSD code, another alternative is making use of Polaris Mobile App, for your bank transfer services, airtime purchase, pay bills, etc.

How many times have you tried to do things quickly at the bank or at the ATM, only to be held by the long queue or bad servers? It could get worse if the customer care is not doing all they can to ensure fast delivery of services.

Maybe you have all the time to wait but was undone by the bank’s working hours. These are enough to ruin one’s plan for the day but there are always ways to go about it. Polaris Mobile Banking App is enough to help you get things done if you own a smartphone. Otherwise, you could just use the Polaris Bank USSD code.

However, there are things that will be put in place before one can start using the Polaris Mobile Banking App (Polaris Bank Mobile App). This will be touched in this article alongside some important info.

Benefits of Polaris Mobile Banking App

  • Buy Airtime for yourself, family & friends on the App.
  • Carry out bank transfer from your account to a Polaris account or other bank’s account.
  • View your account information such as BVN, account number and other sensitive info.
  • Faster login with a fingerprint on smartphones that support this feature.
  • Increase your transaction limit without visiting the bank.
  • Hide or show your account balance.
  • View all your bank’s accounts in one app and their respective details.
  • You can look up any branch or ATM around you.
  • Quickly select phone numbers from your phone contacts list for airtime recharge.
  • Look up or download your transaction history on the app.
  • You will also be able to open a Polaris account on the App.
  • Customers will also be able to reset or change their transaction pin.
  • Pay bills quickly right from the comfort of your home or office (GoTV, Bet9Ja, DSTV, EKEDC etc)
  • Have access to Polaris Bank’s live chat anytime and any day.
  • There are about 3 ways to register on the App; they are via debit card, account number or in the branch.
  • And lots more.

How To Download Polaris Mobile Banking App

  • To download Polaris Bank App, launch “Play Store” from your Phone.
  • Search for “Polaris Mobile Banking
  • Download and install the app on your phone by clicking “install”
  • You can now register on the app via the 3 options made available for you; debit card, account number or at the branch.
  • If you are using an iPad or iPhone, go to App Store, search for Polaris Mobile Banking and download.

How To Register For Polaris Mobile Banking App

  • Find the recently downloaded app, “Polaris Mobile Banking App” and click on it.
  • Click “Registration” to begin the process.
  • Select any of the registration options – Account, Debit card and In branch.
  • If you choose a debit card, you will need the last digits on your debit card to register on the Polaris Mobile Banking App.
  • Follow prompts to complete the registration.

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13 thoughts on “Polaris Mobile Banking App: How To Download & Register”

  1. Iam not really happy will the bank at all. You may like to open a mobile app, it will not work or want to use your simple common it will also not work eg *833*10# will not work, your network is also very bad .Then what is working for you?

    • Hello Christiana, sorry about that. Have you made a complaint to your bank? Also, are you sure you dial the ussd code on the phone number linked to your account. You can try with *833# and follow the prompts.

      And for the mobile app, it might be your network because it works fine for most people. Try again in another location to know if it is the app or network. I assure you the app works fine.

  2. Honestly, its giving me a hell of a problem… Whenever I get to the Debit Card side under the Activation column… It brings WARNING: REQUEST PROCESSING ERROR… I’ve tried for dayyyssss and contacted the bank and all efforts proved abortive… What else can I do.. Help abeg please biko

    • Thanks for reaching out to us. If you are finding it difficult to register your profile on the platform which is rare. The next action is you need to visit the bank.

      There are officers attached in the bank to help you set up your account. If there are any problems, they can help you troubleshoot to discoverthe main origin of the issue.


      • The message I received states that I do not have enough money for the transaction, do I need to have like 50 thousand before I could register the Mobile App. Nawa o

        • No, you do not need to. If you are still having problem with setting up your account, visit the customer care section of the bank when next you go to the bank, they will guide you.

          In most banks like Access bank, you will need to meet with the person in charge to get access.

  3. Sorry, I am not comfortable and satisfied with the service.
    I bought a new phone and transferred the app to it but can’t still use it there…what do I do

    • Maybe you have been temporarily blocked after entering wrong passwords many times. This is always done to save your funds…

      You should contact customer care for help. They can be reached online.

      Thank you.

  4. What is wrong with this bank?

    Why registering for the bank app. I could pass the stage of pin code. This is full time rubbish.


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