How To Root Android Phone With Kingroot App

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The lure to root our android phone can be tempting especially when we have the ever-reliable kingroot app. Don’t mistake it to be all juicy, your phone may come with those creamy advantages when you root it, sadly not without the cons as well.Kingroot

Notwithstanding, I will focus more on the benefits as it overrides the disadvantages. Who will not love to have total control over what they spent so much cash on?

For most Android users like me, we are often faced with the difficult choices of whether to go along with it or not, most especially when it is becoming the usual thing among those who desire more from their smartphones.

I know you are eager to read about how you can root your android phone without hurting your piece of adorable gadget but this can’t go without telling you the main benefits when your roots and also why you should not.

Sounds good? Let’s keep it that way as it is important to know what you are buying into especially when you have no idea how rooting works.

Now that I have been able to wet the ground a bit, give me the pleasure to take you around.Rooting your phone

What is Rooting?

I am not going to scale your understanding based on what you heard from friends but going to give you a deep knowledge of what rooting is, how it works, pros and cons.

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Rooting is like having the steer, absolute control over your phone without being restricted to some barricades set by the phone makers.

When you root your phone, you set the pace on how you want your phone to work, you remove restrictions and make the software do your bidding.

No longer stagnant to the force of OEMs, maximizing the power of your phone to fullest and as well fully powered with the ability to delete preinstalled apps and files that take much spaces on the internal storage.

Pros of Rooting your phone

Like I said at the beginning of this post, the benefits outweigh the cons that you may have heard or read about. I am just going to mention a few to help you make decisions.

Rooting your phone gives you total control over your system directory.

It allows you to install some apps like titanium back up pro, magisk and Tasker.

Holds the higher ground in games. There are some apps that you can install when you root your phone, which gives u the ability to make in app purchases for free and do much more on your phone.

More security for your smartphone. Unlike what people heard, rooting improves defense against attacks on your phone when you install security tools. You will no longer need to rely on google to fix glitches.

Ability to update your smartphones operating system as long as you want. Phone makers stop pushing update to phone after one or two years but when you root your phones, you can update your phones to a newer version. This can be done by installing a custom read on memory and then update your device.

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Good audio performance, improved hardware, and better call recording when your phone is root.

Changing of IMEI and serial number are also possible when you root your smartphone. There was a time that android users needed to change the IMEI associated with their phones because of the great data offers on blackberry. This allows them to enjoy more data at a reduced price compared with what is on Android. You can also change the serial no of your mobile using Xposed.

Cons of rooting Android Phone

Most phones come with a warranty when you purchase them. When you root your phone when it is still under warranty, you lose all the benefits.

When done wrong, your phone can enter the brick mode. Brick means your phone is dead and no longer usable. The manufacturers will avoid responsibility since you have already tampered with it.

Another reason why you should not root your android phone is you might open up your phone to attacks if you install toxic apps or make a wrong change to system files.

How to use Kingroot to root your phone

The ways about to root your phone is as simple as ABC, you dont even need to havr any technical knowledge about how things work on phone.

A simple app like Kingroot has made sure anyone can root his or her phone just like the professionals.

You have heard alot about towelroot, another top app that lets you root your phone. Kingroot works in the same fashion.Kingroot

Before rooting your phone, you should back up your files though there is no loss of data when you root with kingroot. It is just to be on the safe side.

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Also, make sure your battery bar is atleast 70% for phones with 3000mah battery capacity and 50% for 4000 mah battery. For others that fall outside this categories, you might need to make a good judgement based on your phone’s battery capacity.

Step 1
Download the latest Kingroot Android Apk Here. After downloading Kingroot apk, install on your android phone and you are almost ready to go.

Step 2
After installation, open kingroot app by clicking on it.

Step 3
Click on Start Root to start the rooting process. Scroll down to see the Start Root.

Step 4
You will be able to monitor the progress as Kingroot does its magic. You will see a big green tick after a successful rooting.

Step 5
You can now remove pre-installed apps and purify system. Make use of the purify icon to cleanse your device.

Rooting using king root apk files works like charm. You still get to see your important files and contacts after installation.

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