Samsung tv serial number checker

Quick Way To Find the Serial Number and Model Of Samsung TV

Today, I will be informing you on how to find the serial number and model of a Samsung TV.

Recently, I gave a thorough review of how to get the best TV settings for gaming and there were lots of interactions on the post but this time we will be treating a whole new level.

For many people, it is more like a hard task for them but I am glad to let you know that Samsung tv serial number check is not as hard as first thought. The good news is that aside from the serial number, we will also be shown you how to find the model of a Samsung TV.

You do not even need any technical knowledge to get your Samsung tv serial number check. All you need to do is to follow the instructions which will be provided below.

How to – Samsung tv serial number checker

There are two ways to find the Samsung tv serial number, the first one is to check the model and serial number on the back of your Samsung television. You will see both the model and serial number carefully placed at the back.

The second way to get your Samsung tv serial number checker is by getting it through the menu of your Samsung tv.

Instructions will follow below but before that be it known that you might need your remote as not all Samsung TV comes with a menu button on the TV.

  • Select and click on settings using your Samsung TV remote.
  • Select support ~ about this TV
  • After you have clicked on about this TV, you will find your serial number and model of your samsung TV being displayed on the screen.
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There are other information you will likely get aside the model and serial numbers. The other information may include status code, software version, sub micom version, and e manual version.

Below the information, you will come across QR code and that is if you need it in the near future.

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