Omnivox: Helpful guide on how to use it


Omnivox is yet another content management system that is widely accepted by certain colleges in Quebec, Canada. It is an LMS that has over the years shaped education within the region and also gradually going at a great pace around the country. Getting the best while in the learning environment has always been what all … Read more

cunyFirst: How to access Cuny First Login Portal


There are many ways to describe cunyFirst depending on who is using it. For students, it is an online hub to access information and manage certain services regarding their education. The platform is designed to work seamlessly with other applications and services including Blackboard, CUNYsmart, Schedule Builder, MyInfo, Coursedog, etc. As a student, the online … Read more

eCentennial: Guide to access myCentennial Login Portal


The eCentennial and myCentennial are two separate terms that should not be misunderstood to be the same. However, what connects them is that they are designed to aid Centennial College students. Applicants normally start with myApplication, an online platform to check the status of your Centennial College program choices. With the web-based tool, you have … Read more

Humber blackboard: Access myhumber student login and Humber LMS

Humber blackboard

Humber College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning, otherwise known as Humber college makes use of a learning management system like other schools. The LMS is called Humber blackboard. Blackboard is used in the school environment to help improve the learning experience of students. The blackboard comes with lots of benefits and among them are … Read more

How to Select the Best Essay Writing Service

Essay Writing Service

How hard can it be to find the best essay writing service? With the many pitiable experiences shared by many, one could conclude that it is no easy feat. This does not mean there are no great writing services you can make use of. There are many but the question is how do you identify … Read more

UM learn: How to access UofM LMS and webmail login portal

um learn

UM Learn is the University of Manitoba’s owned LMS set up to provide students with certain information as well as aid them in their studies. As all schools in the United States are now switching to a learning management system, the pace at which students grab teaching has significantly improved. Through the UM learn, UofM … Read more

UOFT Webmail: How to access the U of T webmail log in

UOFT webmail login

The University of Toronto has a weblogin service called UOFT Webmail. The login portal is a passage to web services offered by the school. To access the various services aimed at making all students better, you are going to need a UTORid or JOINid along with your password. The UTORid or JOINid is not different … Read more

HuskyCT: How to access Uconn HuskyCT Login

Uconn HuskyCT

HuskyCT with Blackboard Collaborate is the LMS used by instructors at the University of Connecticut (UConn) to provide more value to Students. The LMS has gone through several reviews and is said to be a very robust Learning Management System (LMS) which will no doubt aid students academically, as well as instructors in the discharge … Read more

NTUNow: How to Access My Ntu Now login portal


NTUNow: How to Access My Ntu Now login portal NTU NOW is an online platform used by the students of Nottingham Trent University. The virtual learning environment and student information centre was introduced to massively improve NTU students academically and also to provide access to information and services. Now stands for NTU Online Workspace and … Read more