Successful Blogging: One Part People One Part Things 1

Successful Blogging: One Part People One Part Things

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Successful bloggers know blogging is one part people one part things.

People make your business go. But things help you leverage to dizzying levels.

For example, imagine trying to grab the attention span of 1000 people via individual emails. Sounds tough, right? Of course this is a terrible use of time.

Emailing 1000 humans 1 by 1 takes 1, 2 or 3 days. What an ineffective strategy. How wasteful. This is why you do not want to be solely dependent on people for your blogging success, emailing people individually, trying to gain exposure. People change, people befriend people and people go offline for extended periods, tending to busy lives.

Now imagine building an email list of 1000 people. After writing and publishing a blog post, you email the post to your list. How long does it take to email 1000 people on your list? 2-3 minutes, or 5 minutes, tops. Compare 2-3 minutes with 2-3 days of emailing people individually. What made this happen? A thing called an email list recorded human data so you could reach a high volume of humans and help them, quickly and easily.

But you never want to be fully dependent on things and focus solely on things to grow blogs because you lose the authentic, human touch necessary to bond with readers and to grow your business.

Internet marketers from the early 2000’s typify this mindset; basing your blogging campaign solely on numbers, lists, outcomes and things and forgetting the human element often leads to failure and always leads to less fulfilling, less fun, success. More than one six figure earning focusing solely on things shares their depression after making $100,000 yearly without any genuine, enjoyable, loving human connections factoring into the process.

Successful blogging is one part people and one part things.

Not Things Alone

You cannot blog in a world of numbers alone to succeed because humans, not numbers, buy your eBooks, hire you to write blog posts and promote you, endorse you and inspire you. I maintain friendships and make new friends daily. I cannot use things like email lists and blogging platforms alone to succeed.

People help build your blogging business. Help humans. Prosper.

Not Humans Alone

But you cannot focus on humans alone to succeed online. Peep the email example I noted above. If you try to build 1 to 1 human bonds without powerfully leveraging technology, you run out of time. Visualize trying to reach 1000 humans people via 1 to 1 emails over 3 days. Visualize reaching 1000 human beings in 3 minutes via your email list.

Use technology to leverage your presence quickly and easily. Use things to help more humans quickly.

Do not follow advice from bloggers who resist tech and focus almost solely on building bonds with humans because these folks never scale to epic, massive levels. Impossible. Many bloggers hang in circles deriding tech and praising human bonds. Do not get caught up in their mindset because you will hit a growth ceiling quickly.

Follow advice from bloggers who build friendships and use things to leverage their presence exponentially. Using lists, your WordPress backoffice and other WordPress backoffices for guest posting and tools or apps aids you in helping more people quickly and easily.

Ryan Biddulph helps you become a successful blogger at Blogging From Paradise.


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