How To Trade In Roblox 2022

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Roblox is a free online platform that allows millions of players to imagine, create, and share experiences with one another in immensely user-generated 3D worlds.

They have limitless gameplay where players can either choose to compete as an expert race car driver, build the ultimate theme park, become a superhero, star in a fashion show, or just hang out with friends and design a dream home. While Roblox is a free platform, players pay real cash for Robux (R$). Robux is the currency used within the app to trade. You can spend real cash on the app and also do a wide range of things with it. But how do you trade in Roblox?

Trading on the platform can be thrilling, competitive, and fun-filled. If you want to know everything about how to trade in Roblox, this article reveals all you need to know. The game is available for Android users, iOS, desktop, and Xbox One.


1. Enroll into the Builders Club

For you to start trading items on Roblox, you will need to become a member of the Builders’ club.

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To join this club, a small fee is required as a monthly or yearly subscription. Monthly subscription for Roblus ranges from $4.95 to $19.99, you can also pay annually. More information can be seen on the Roblox. After subscribing, your trading journey begins.

2. Engage In Collection Of Trading Items Or Invest In Robux

While accumulating items, ensure that you acquire limited edition items. These forms of limited or rare items in your catalogue helps your trading potentials to rise massively. You can add Robux in your offers to liven up the deal.

3. Be Accurate With Setting Your Trade Accessibility

You can make a modification of your settings to decide whether or not you are open to trade. You will find a drop down menu within the account settings of your profile on the platform.

The ‘Trade Accessibility’ drop down option will help you choose your position on trading. Roblox also allows you to trade with friends.

4. Find Friends Or Trading Partners

Find friends on the platform by going to the search bar on the homepage. Type in the username of your prospective partner or friend accurately. After finding your trade partner, locate their profile through the search bar and initiate a trade.

To initiate a trade, go to the “Trade items” option. You may also consider harnessing profile pages to check out the inventory of someone else, to see if the kind of items they have are of your interest.


To start trading in Roblox follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Log in to your Roblox account

Since, you have finally joined the Builders’ Club on Roblox and are set for trading, simply log into your account normally.

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Ensure that you have turned on trading by checking in your Roblox account, look below your personal blurb, go to the “Trade Accessibility” drop-down menu and make it clear that you are open to trade.

Step 2: Find Members Of The Builders Club To Join A Trade With

You can also trade with a member of the Builders’ Club who has turned on trading and has set the trade-parameters in a way that it includes you. Anyone who meets that criteria can be traded with.

Step 3: Go Through The User Profile To View The Trade Browser Window

Check in the Roblox profile of the person you are looking out to trade with if you know their username. You can do this via the search box. Select ‘More’ and then, the ‘Trade Items’ tab. You’ll thereafter have the Trade Browser Window open.

Trade Window is an area where things regarding trading take place. There is an exhaustive rare items list you’ll discover held side-by-side by your trading partner and personal rare item directory. These items can be added to initiate a trading offer.

Perhaps you have a wrong item listed, you can delist by moving your cursor over the item and selecting ‘Remove’. Your partner will receive a notification of the trading offer you have made after you have submitted the trade.

Step 4: Build Trade To Your Liking

You can use your Robux to trade instead of the rare item if you have surplus. You may also do it the other way around. You can alter your trade offer till you discover a good exchange. But then, take not that the trading market fee of R$ is 30%. This 30% will be included in the calculated total of R$.

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Step 5: Propose A Trade

All limited items of your trading partner and yours should be displayed as you’re in the trade window. With just a click, you can add this to a trade.

If you want to take out mis-queued items for trade, just move your cursor over items in the window of the current offer and click the ‘Remove’ button that shows up there.

Here are some things to note here:

You may consider a user’s inventory list also to initiate a trade. A “Trade Items” button towards the bottom would help you do this.

The Robux amount you use cannot exceed 50% the current offer, and it is calculated within the game. For instance, if your current trade stands at R$200 rate, the highest you can add is R$100.

Many traders will rather opt for a higher Recent Average Price (RAP) during trade. For example, a trader will preferably accept when they accumulate hundreds more RAP in the process of concluding a trade. Sending a trade with a trader who is already losing RAP is quite dicey.

Step 6: View Trade Offers And Decide On Them

Locate your trade page on your profile via “Trade Type”. You will discover some outstanding offers which you can choose to decline or accept. You may choose to request more for your trade by harnessing the “Counter” tab.

Step 7: Have A Seat

It will take your trade up to 96 hours to remain valid and during this period, the other traders can choose to counter a trade, accept, or decline it.

Note that you can trade using Robux even if your warehouse has no rare item. Initiate an irresistible offer with your trade partner just like the buyer and seller offer situation on eBay.

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