Arizona State In USA: Interesting Facts to know

state of arizona fact

Arizona is the 14th most populous state and 6th largest by area in the US. It was officially declared as a state on February 14, 1912, and became the 48th to be admitted into the union. Arizona (AZ) also has some interesting things you can learn and we will be guiding you through them. It … Read more

The Best Places To Live In the US

The best place to live in the US

Considering the quality of your life as a resident in the United States is of utmost importance whether you are currently residing or planning to relocate there. And some of the leading factors that influence the quality of life you live include career opportunities, health care, access to quality of education, crime rate, daily commute, … Read more

The Best Places To Live In Canada

The best places to live in Canada

Whether you are an immigrant or someone who is just looking for the best places to live in Canada, you are going to find a good number of beautiful cities and towns where you could start all over. Canada is a country sitting in North America with a population estimated to be about 37,742,154. The … Read more