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TVshows4Mobile or O2Tvseries: Best Sites To Download Free 3gp Mp4 And HD Movies



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Ever thought of making your day more enjoyable and perfect the way you want it? and have always been a perfect choice over the year.

O2tvseries may be the one on everyone lips as it enjoys more popularity and rating, thanks to the ease of navigation on the site. Having tried tvshows4mobile too, I can confidently say, they are top notch.

The two websites are where you download old, trending and latest series or seasonal films. While using both sites, I found out that there seem to be nothing to differentiate them. It is more like a clone version of o2tvseries yet both are capable of handling requests.

The sites have about several genres of movie, among them are adventure film, documentary movie, romance movie, comedy, war film, crime film, science fiction movie, reality tv, fantasy film, biography, drama and thriller film.

If you are looking for good quality movies with good audio quality, these are the sites to visit.

The plus there is that it is regularly updated so you can be sure of having your most anticipated movies listed in the nearby future if not now.

You can download your favourite movies such as game of thrones, heroes, supernatural, prison break, person of interest, power, nikita, viking, agents of shield, the last ship, how to get away with murder, gotham, arrow, scandal, young justice, the grand tour, star trek discovery, once upon a time, the vampire diaries, wishes of east end, the virgin, american horror story, siren, cardinal, tvshows4mobile star trek discovery season 2 episode 6, and many more.

What you should know about 3gp, Mp4, HD movies on TVshows4Mobile or O2Tvseries.

There have been a lot of confusion in the air about the difference between mp4, 3gp and hd movies.

Before I get into more details about each of them, the quality is what separate each of them. That is the closest and simple explanation you will ever get. Now let’s go deeply into it.

3gp: 3gp is said to be acceptable format for gsm based mobile phone, a multimedia format for 3G umts mobile phone. Thoigh it is mainly said to work well on 3g mobile smart phone, it can also be played on lte devices, 2g or edge phones.

The major advantage 3gp has over others is that it is always small in size though with its usual poor quality video. This will be satisfactory to those who do not have enough space on their phones or trying to save some data.

Mp4: mp4 which is also called MPEG-4 part 14 is a type of multimedia format that can house video or audio and other data like images and subtitles. We also have MP3 which is another file format whereas mp3 can only store audio such as music, tones and sound. Mp4 goes beyond that in the sense that it can store not less than 4 data as mentioned above.

The edge mp4 has over 3gp is that tends to produce high-quality video and sound compared to 3gp which is known for its poor quality. If you are looking for something more quality in view and sound yet not data hungry, mp4 is where to turn to.

HD: HD stands for high-definition, a more advanced video with higher resolution and quality. Far more superior than the rest of the team. The display is at 720 x 1280.
We also have the FHD which stands for Full High Definition. As the names implies, it is more like the complete version of HD and has a display of 1920 x 1280.

High definition has better quality, less fuzzy and less blurred compared to mp4 and 3gp.

Otv series a-z

The menu bar has 3 categories of which otv series a-z falls under the section “list all tv series”Tvshows4mobile

The list all tv helps you find any series or seasonal film you might want. You are given the privilege to query whichever you want it. You can decide to search from “Old to New”, “A-Z” and “Z-A”

For example if you are looking for old series movies, all you need to do is to go to “List all tv series”

You will be directed to another page, on the new page, select old to new. you will have the list of all movies but the oldest ones to the recent.

If you want to make a search based on alphabetical method, we have two options one is by ascending and descending order.
To get the series movies, just click ony of a-z or z-a and make your search based on the first letter.

How to download seasonal or series films from O2tvseries and Tvshows4mobile.

Now that we have been able to justify that O2tvseries and tvshows4mobile barely are not different from one another. In such light, we will be using o2tvseries as a model for how to download free 3gp, mp4 and hd series movie from the internet.

Type in your browser or just type o2tvseries on goggle search. You will see almost the same design like, do not panic as you are in the right page.

You can decide to click on any random movies by going to recently added. Not cool I guess, you wont love to miss an episode.

Go to “list all tv series” category on the menu bar. The menu bar is at the top of the page, between the “home category” and “list all genre”.

A new page will appear, use the alphabet “a-z” to get to the movie you want to download.
For example if you are downloading o2tvseries supernatural season 14 episode 14. Go to the “S” section of a-z to get it and click episode 14 to download.

Trick and best way to download series from

If you are downloading a seasonal movie, say “supernatural” and you will be redirected to a new page consisting of all the movies that starting with “S”.

If you are finding the movie arrow, just add type in
Scroll through to find your preferred movie on the list.

Do note that sometimes it might show you the alphabet before your query and the one after. Of you are searching for “b” you might see a and c. It is just to help you extend your search.

For those who are finding it difficult to download using mobile phones browsers, check a related post that provides solution which can be applied to majority of movies sites.

Hi there! My name is Ayobami and I am a writer. I provide quality reviews and more simplified information about products and services. I am your number one stop source for all you missed.



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How To Get Free 120GB Data From MTN



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Here is a post on how to get free 120gb data from MTN Nigeria. The data will last for 3 months and it works for all MTN sims, whethere old or new.

All you need to do is to pick up your smartphone that has a MTN Line on it. If you have not done so, kindly insert your MTN sims on in it.

Option 1

  • Dial *131#
  • Reply with 7
  • Typle 5 into the new provided space
    Reply again 1 (that is about 120gb for 3 months)
  • Select 1 to proceed
  • Enter your mobile number as MSSN

Option 2

  • Dial *131*7*5*1*1#
  • Enter the number you want to send to.
  • Enter your own number to enjoy this before it is over.

Note: Sometimes you may get a response that it is not successful. Ignore the response and check your data balance to confirm your free data bonus.

Use while this offer is on the table. It may be stopped anytime soon

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9 Best Apps To Make Free Calls



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It is time to cut down some expenses and follow this guide on how to make free calls from any country you live in or anywhere you are.

There is a sweet sensation when you hear from your loved ones who are not around, better if it is made through voice calls.

Your smartphone has been underused and can do much more than you can imagine. Taking cute pics, surfing the internet, watching movies and some things you know are just a few of the things smartphones are enabled to do.

This is made happened using the internet which can be used for free phone calls and video calls.

Not many of us get to use our data plan before the expiry date. You can exhaust those data on calls. You won’t even realize that you are using your internet for phone calls because the data exhausted is almost next to nothing.

To get started, you will need your smartphones and must be running on any of Android operating system (OS) or Ios (iPhone & Ipads.).

PC users can also make use of some of the free internet calls app but I am not one that fancy using a computer to make calls.

Let me introduce you to some apps that allow you to make free calls and video calls. Some of them are apps you have used or heard about.

It is safe, secured and free to download.

TextPlusHow to make free calls

This app has been around for a while. It is most popular outside the USA. The majority are now using it as a means to get a real USA number especially if you are Non-Americans.

Textplus allows you to make calls or receive calls just like you would have done on your landline, mobile phone or on local telephone service. Text messages are also allowed on it.

Everything is almost the same except that you won’t be getting a sim card or chip you can slot into space provided by your phone.

All activities are carried out using the TextPlus app which is available for download on Play store and apple store.

It does not matter where you are, you can make free internet calls to Nigeria, India, South Africa, UK and any other country you are.

As I said, Non-Americans who find it difficult to use the app or register can download VPN to sort out the registration process.

All things being considered, the service is only allowed in the USA and Canada but there are times where you might need to keep track of your important activities, maybe banks transactions, deals, and whatever.

Registering the app means you can always be in look out for some important SMS or make/receive calls with your USA line. Take advantage of this and start making that free calls today.

TextNowHow to make free internet calls

This offer is almost the same as TextPlus. It is an application fully integrated to make free unlimited, calls and SMS with other text now users.

You are not going to see much of a difference between textnow and textplus as both offer actual USA number.

Like a regular mobile number, textnow will keep track of your incoming calls, dialed numbers, and missed calls.

If you are not living in the USA and you want to register, you can do so by downloading from play store or apple store. If you are unable to connect, a good VPN will allow you to seamlessly register on TextNow.

Google DuoHow to make international calls for free

To be honest, I just started taken note of DUO when I changed my phone. Not my favorite free internet call but one cannot ignore its growing presence as at the moment.

With each upgrade in Android OS, comes with a preinstalled Google Duo. It is just a matter of time before it becomes the real deal.

There is still much work to be done and more publicity if Google intends on making it one of the most used apps in the world but as of now, it is not.

Google duo allows you to make free calls and video calls to other Google Duo Users on your phone. The only disadvantage is it is not everyone favourite app but can be better. Also, no sending or receiving of text message through this channel.

Most Android phones now come with preinstalled Google duo. If you do not have it, you can have it downloaded on play store or on apple stores (iPhone & Ipad).

WhatsappBest apps for free calls

My number one app to make free calls and video calls. Whatsapp is a text-based app and inarguably the best out there.

I would say it is difficult to gauge who has the most users between WhatsApp and Facebook but based on the figures released, I would have to go with facebook messenger. Not that the company care, they are both great investments for Mark Zuckerberg.

Whatsapp was acquired in 2014 and became one of the largest venture-backed company. It was no surprise to many when Zuckerberg Acquired it, WhatsApp had lots of promises and we can confirm that with the massive upgrades on WhatsApp.

You can now make audio calls, video calls, share status with family and friends, select who you want to see your status and the many upgrades that are yet to feature.

The app is very easy to use. You can share a good conversation with friends, exchange pictures, documents, files, and video and many more. It is easy to say it is the best social app to date.

Facebook MessengerFree video calls apps

While growing up, I used to love Hi5, myspace, and bebo. These were some great social media apps when the internet was still trying to find its feet. Facebook came along, then we substituted all for this great social media.

Facebook users can share a thought or post on their page, upload pictures and videos, chats, internet calls, and video calls. To get started with making free calls or video calls, users must be friends on facebook.

The app is Available for Android, Apple, and PC users.

TelegramHow to download apps for free calls

Telegram is one of the best out there. The safest app which is powered by an end to end encryption when you use the Telegram secret message.

It leaves no trace, no screen grab, no message forwarding and will self destruct when you are done chatting. On telegram, you can use it as a storage for your important files. There are just a few of the features on telegram.

Aside from that, it can be used to make free internet calls at no cost to you. to make the calls, both must have telegram installed and must be connected to one another.

You cannot use the app to make calls to local landline and your country’s mobile numbers.

ViberFree internet and international calls

Viber is a free app that allows you to chat, make internet calls and video calls, and send messages to Viber users.

On the app, you can also make calls with non-Viber users but will attract a charge. Instead of having to incur any charges, Viber out allows you to make calls at a very low.

The internet connection allows on Viber are 3G, LTE, and WIFI. 2g is not allowed because of its low speed to the task given as Viber want better quality.

You can download Viber on Android, Ios, windows, Linus, and Mac computer.

SkypeFree calls in the USA

Skype is one of the oldest applications that allows you to make internet call for free, text messages and video chats between devices.

The only time you need to pay is when you are making calls to a landline or mobile, SMS and voicemails but if users are both on skye, it is free.

With skpe you can connect with users on PC, Android phones, Apple ios, kindle fire HD, web and other devices.

SnapchatFree calls in south africa

Snapchat is the most popular dating app. It is mostly renowned for taking beautiful selfies, chats and video chat with lots of customization tools.

This is an app you can’t afford to have on your phone especially if you are selfie kings and queens. It makes your pictures and videos come out better.

Like most of the awesome apps I have mentioned, it is available for download on Play store (Android) and apple store (iPhone and iPad)

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0123Movies: Best Site For Downloading All Types Of Movies & Series



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Never in my wildest dreams, I ever thought I will come across a movies site that allows you to download based on each country’s movies.

Luckily for me, I found 0123movies again and this time I did not ignore. So many times we seem to judge the book by the cover not knowing that there could be so much within.

Not the first I came across the site but as a movies lover who loves his movies so much, I am naturally drawn to filmywap, fzmovies, and tamilrockers.

Filmywap is the site for me when I want to watch non-series movies, the site is clean and comes with easy navigation. I was stuck with it because I have never for once being disappointed.

It also features series movies but not my choice If I am looking to watch that super TV shows. It is fzmovies and o2tvseries for me.

When I am totally bored with Hollywood, I always find refuge under tamilrockers.

Tamilrockers is simply saying Tamil movies lovers but there are so much to it than just the name given to the site. It features great Indian movies, Bollywood, Hindi and the less popular Punjabi movies.

Won’t you call it an upgrade if you find a site that accommodates all movies type? I present to you 123movies, the best movies site for everyone. You can always find movies from your country.

It is no longer news that Hollywood, Bollywood, and Nollywood are the biggest movies makers in the world. I will take their popularity in that order.

Hollywood had for long established its root and I don’t see that coming to end anytime soon. An industry filled with talented free thinkers who know how to write and describe abstract events.

Bollywood is a bit far behind Hollywood yet also has a great way of telling a story. Everyone loves Bollywood but recently I have been skipping the usual dances and music. I won’t hold them to that though, they should be hero-worshipped for being not afraid to show beauties of Indian.

Nollywood has not done bad, they have long been in the industry. A lot of improvement has been made but they are still being hampered by lack of fund. Nollywood movies are mostly watched in Africa.

Korean and Philippines movies may have started having a global audience but not yet at the level of the three. Korean movies mostly for its ever DRAMA QUEEN storyline. More work still need to be done if they ever want to be lined among these legends.

Although It may seem like I only made a few points about the popular movies industries, 0123movies has free movies to download for every country.

All you need is to do is select your country or which country’s movies you want to see.

Why You Should Choose 0123movies over others.

  1. Great designs and mobile friendly.
  2. Email subscription to provide you real-time updates.
  3. Downloading from 0123movies is free and No registration required.
  4. Movies are available in HDTC, SD, MP4, and HD.
  5. Access to TV Shows, movies, top IMDB and editor list.
  6. All genres of movies available for download.
  7. You can request for movies and also use the popular A to Z.
  8. Download movies from any country of your choice.
  9. Contents are virus and malware free.

How To Download TV Series And Movies From 0123movies

  • Enter 0123movies website, on your browser. Use Opera or Firefox for better results.How to download high quality movies
  • On the new page, you have two choices. One is to download or stream movies. If I were you, I will rather download into smartphone or devices than to stream.0123 movies link
  • To download, locate RAPIDVIDEO at the bottom of the displayed video and click on it.African movies 0123movies
  • Another new page will emerge, look at the 3 dots at the right side of your device and click on it.How to download korean movies from 0123movies
  • When you click on the 3 dots, it will briefly change to DOWNLOAD. Click on DOWNLOAD to begin the process.Hollywood bollywood nollywood on 0123movies
  • The download session should begin upon authorization. American movies on 0123movies


0123movies is a wonderful site to download trending movies from any country. It is simple to use that anyone could have a great field day on the website.

When you click a link and it takes you to another page different from 0123movies, all you need to do is close the page and go back to the site. It will automatically take you to the page you intend to go.

The truth is I find 123movies easier to use than other movies and tv series sites I have come across.

You too can join the team and start enjoying high-quality movies.

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