What to bring along to NYSC Camp?

There must have been a lot of questions on your mind on what are the necessary things to take to the NYSC camp. Of course you have been excited about the prospect of leaving your comfort home to the regimented arena.

It will be all fun and excitement as you come across all different tasks you probably are not used to. Along the way, it will get boring but the fun are much more than the former.

I remember those days i was preparing for camp life. I searched earnestly for answers at wherever i can get it. On getting to the camp, i realise that most of the items i took along were not needed. 

On this note, I will provide you with a comprehensive list of important items you need at the camp. Trust me, you don’t need to spend much before fully prepared for this adventure.

  1. NYSC Green Card and Call-Up Letter(Original & Photocopies): Make atleast 3 copies of the originals. Chances are that you wont even make use of the photocopies.I heard some camps are fully computerized and no manual documentation. To be at safer side, make 3 copies. Photocopies are more costly at the maami market. You can save few changes by doing that before you leave home.
  2. Statement of Result or Certificate (original and photocopies): It is your duty to have made your clearance at your institution which at the end of it will lead to you being awarded your statement of result of certificate.For those in the medical field, registration certificates obtained from legal boards such as the Pharmacist boards, Nigerian Medical Council, or Optometrist Registration council along with evidence of completion of horsemanship are necessary items
  3. School Identity Card (Original and photocopies): You also need to make 3 copies of your ID Card. During registration, you will be asked to provide your ID card for verification purposes. Dont make mistake of leaving home without it. It is as important as your green card and call up letter.
  4. Passport Photographs: You only need not more than 12 copies for on camp and after camp(LG Documentation). The passport photographs must be recent.
  5. Certificate of Fitness (Original and Photocopies): Only certificate of fitness from Military Hospital or General Hospital will be accepted. Come along with atleast 3 copies.
  6. Bank Verification Number (BVN): Make sure your BVN is in order before leaving for camp. Contact your bank and ask them for your status.

    Ask them if the name you are using tally with the one in their database. Any slight error may affect your being paid your allawee.What to take along to camp

Below are the essential things you need to make camp life easy

  1. File Jacket: This is needed to house your important documents. You do not want to misplace any of your documents especially the originals.
  2. Stationery: I remember when I was going to the camp, i was told i will need to buy stapler, correction tipex and glue. All these are never used when i was at the camp. All you need is just your pen and permanent marker. The permanent marker is needed to secure your the identity of your belongings.
  3. Round Neck White T-Shirt, underwears white socks and white shorts: Go with atleast 2 each but if you are one who never have time for washing, you might as well go with more. Reason i said you should go with two is that is among what NYSC will give you at the camp. You will be provided with 2 each.
  4. Plain white tennis shoes (Rubber): Dont make the mistake i made when i was going to the camp. Buy oversize rubber tennis.You are going to be drilled to the extent that you might get a numb toes that is if you go to the camp with your perfect size.
  • Provisions: Although you will be catered for both day and night. You are entitled to 3 square meals. Sometimes, the food are never enough.Other times, you dont feel like taking what is prepared. Buying your provisions before you arrived at the camp will save you cost.
  • Waist pouch: This is very important to house your cash, phones, ATM card, keys and other important stuffs while you go about the business of the day
  • Other things you will need are mosquitoes net, padlock, money, toiletries, bucket, bathroom slippers, two pair of jeans and tops or native ones as you deem fit. A power bank wont be a bad idea as well.

Important things to take to NYSC CampWith the above, you can be rest assured that you are fully set for the camp.

Take note that some items get seized at the gate. You must have made your findings before adding to the list. Seized items will be returned at the end of the orientation.


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