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What You Should Know About MLM – Network Marketing Tips & Constraints



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Introduction to multi level marketing (MLM)

Recently, there have been several business outlets with promises that you can make money either as full or part member. For most people, MLM seems to be the name that stuck most especially in the USA but actually, it is abbreviated.

MLM simply means Multi Level Marketing, otherwise known as Referral or network marketing. It is very difficult to get a legit one these days with the increase in getting rich quick syndrome in the world yet even in this midst of this doubt, we still have some companies in the USA who give in their time for a solid business platform.

What is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Unlike what you have seen everyday on your street or in your environment, MLM is not the act of product-making by the manufacturer which is then passed to the distributor for effective discharge to the retailer. The consumers are always the final piece of the puzzle. MLM is quite different from this traditional method.

In layman language, Multi-Level Marketing is when a company use their present customers or distributors to sell their products with a promise to pay them a percentage.

It follows the pattern of a chain reaction as the new customer or distributor brought into the fold may become the next phase while keeping the others.

How does the Multi Level Marketing MLM scheme work?

Unlike what is obtainable in the traditional method of distribution, MLM involves you recommending products to friends and families. On purchase, you are entitled to 10% to 30% of the fee depending on the term set by the companies.

To be a force, you must be a great salesperson if you want to earn much on MLM, the power of oratory will go a long way in convincing potential buyers. It gets easier if you know how to use social media to your advantage.

Who will not want to buy products he or she is interested in after confirming from friends and families who use such production? It should be an opportunity for you to make money off the company by referring your friend to the company which in turn get you something.

It is better to have access to a great network of people if you really want to make a passive income. Social media is a great tool for that, Facebook currently has over a billion users, it is a place where you can connect with people easily either as a regular user or making use of facebook ad.Mlm nigeria

Other available platforms are Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. You just need to find the best angle that works, be it just normal post into your timeline or squeezing out the benefits of ad as marketing tools.

Don’t think of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) as a way to get rich quick. It is a process as it takes lots of efforts on your part to be at the centre of it all.

Steps to become successful in Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

  • Find the right company or a company that has what it takes to become a force.
  • Buy and use the company product.
  • Get a sponsor.
  • Attend training offered by the company or leader.
  • Make the internet your friend.
  • Ask for feedback from the buyers.
  • You need to realise patience is a virtue.

Find the right company or a company that has what it takes to become a force: finding the right company will be easy based on testimonies from others or one on the internet. The right company could mean a company who has already made a good name for itself.

For someone who is just starting, no one does better than a company which is yet to make a name. The incentive is always high plus other benefits you will enjoy. The downside is that it is not known already so convincing people could be hard but if you can manage, you can earn your way into making good cash before others start noticing. Why not be the first?

Before you choose the company, make sure that the company has a good project at hand and understand the business well. If you are not convinced about trying out the company, settle for the already established one.

Buy and use the product: How will you convince people to buy when you have no idea of how it works.

There must be lots of questions surrounding the products as one who is likely to put herself or himself of an as a referer for the company, getting familiar with it is the first step.

Let your friends and family have access to it if possible, no better way than to get undiluted information or review about the product. You don’t want to sound unconvincing when potential buyers ask you a question.

Get a sponsor: No matter how much information you have at hands or how much you know, you need someone as a roadmap. Someone who has been there and know what it takes to be a referer. Someone who has had long-term success and not just one in a blue moon.

It makes the job easier when you have someone who tells you what to do and how to it and not at the expense of not trying to for other new methods. Sieve the knowledge you got and use it to make a better judgment. Learn from someone mistakes and experience if you really want to go far in your business journey.

Attend training offered by the company or leader: No matter how much you know, the company or the leaders know more than you. Attend training or seminar arranged by the company, make an effort to learn from the experts. That gives you a big advantage and help you market your product easily.

It also gives you the opportunity to ask questions about what might have confused you and if you are lucky, you will get a good mentor there.

Make the internet your friend: Social media is the perfect outlet to make things happened. It is also the cheaper alternatives as you get to save time and money following up on potential buyers.

Get new people using Instagram, twitter, facebook and other social platforms. Write a review to convince them that the product is good. Answer questions quickly as potential buyers generally hate waiting for so long. Doing all these will further help you gain their trust quickly and in no time, you will convert your leads.

Ask for feedback from the buyers: People do undervalue the importance of collecting feedback from buyers or users.

If you study the everyday relationship long enough, you will understand that the key to keeping up with people close to your heart is by engaging with them. If you are into retail selling, do you care to notice the trend between those who ask and those you do not ask after sales?

You will never be able to give in your best to the customer until you start asking for feedback. It further enhances the relationship, which then results in gaining their trusts and confidences.

Their opinion is important for your own growth as you are now the channel to the company. If ever there is a wrong use of peradventure, something went wrong, it is your duty to take the feedback to the company. If it is a positive one, you get to enjoy an increase in the sale when you ask, that one customer can lead you getting more customers. More customers mean more commission and increase in your passive or residual income.

You need to realise patience is a virtue: Don’t beat yourself too much if you are not getting desired results quickly. Instead, use it as a catalyst to get what you want.

Just like most successful businesses out there, there is always a slow period especially when you are just hitting the market. Focus your energy in experimenting trends, learn from your mistake and be the best you can.

Put it at the back of your mind that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a step, you are just taking your first step so it might take a while to get to your goals. You might not be turning profit now but you will if you are able to turn every disadvantaged scenario as a lesson to be the better you.

Constraints to Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Like all businesses, Multi Level Marketing otherwise called Network Marketing is not peculiar. It has its own problems and solving these challenges is the key to be a success in the referral marketing campaign.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest challenges of Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

  • Persistently asking you to refer people you know.
  • Marketing difficulties.
  • Keeping in line with the changing world.
  • Keeping customers close is a challenge for most people

Persistently asking you to refer people you know: We understand that the key to a successful campaign is to grow your network and which is mostly done by interconnecting with your friends, acquaintances and family on a personal level.

While doing this may be a good thing but what happens when they are unsatisfied with the product or join the company as referent only to discover that it was all sham? This alone could end your relationship.

Marketing difficulties: Not many are disposed to try Network Marketing. For most people, it is just a sham which is intended to take from unsuspecting people.

There has been widespread news of companies that are bent on doing anything just to get people on board, mostly shady ways. Not helped either by bad dent as seen with several companies which have now been liquidated. The money, time and resources went with no way of getting it back.

The first impression does matter a lot. When people first experience is unpleasant, it is always difficult to regain trust. Companies and referrers must do enough if they want to gain public confidence.

Keeping in line with the changing world: What worked years ago may not work now. For example, before the advent of the internet and mobile phones, keeping in touch with people is very difficult. There is no way to get a quick response except through telex or landline which most people do not have.

There are now lots of tools to use, if you feel was previously obtainable no longer the trend, it is time to adjust to the new set of rules or at least create a better one. Search online for ideas, go seminar or training, skype chat your way if that is what it takes. There are lots of ways you can do it better than the other. You can’t be stagnant with the old rules and expect success.

Keeping customers close is a challenge to most people: If you think after sales of a product or when the referent joins the community, it is all over. You are on the wrong side.

You will have to check on them from time to time, answer questions and most importantly, feedback.

With the increase in technology, it is now easier to keep in touch using auroresponder or having a lists of messages in your doc to be sent to prospects or buyers. When they join, you will still need to train and equip them. The cost, time and resources could be a constraint to the success of network marketing.

Is Multi Level Marketing (MLM) worth it?Referrer marketing

Of course, it does. If you know your onions well, it wont be long before you start smiling to the bank. But first, self belief is the first step, so many fail because of lack of self belief. Why would anyone want to do business with you or join the rank if you are unconvincing.

You must also possess marketing skills, most especially be courteous in your approach with people. If you do not have that, becoming a force will be a problem.

Let me be honest with you, the failure rate supercedes the success rate. Only few get to make waves with MLM but the question is are you setting up yourself for success or failure?

Hi there! My name is Ayobami and I am a writer. I provide quality reviews and more simplified information about products and services. I am your number one stop source for all you missed.



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How To Open A Verified Paypal Business Account



Open a paypal that can send and receive payment
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It leaves a sour taste in our mouths when we wake up each day only to realize some countries still do have not have full benefits of PayPal business account.

Developed countries like USA, UK, Canada, and others won’t experience this as they already have their currency supported.

Paypal, as the majority of people know, is the most popular payment gateway in the world. Its popularity and relevance stretch across Africa, Asians, and other continents. It is now available in about 200 countries and now supports 22 currencies.

The currencies currently supported on Paypal business account are Great Britain Pound, New Zealand Dollar, Philippine Peso, Norwegian Krone, Mexican Peso, Australian Dollar, Swiss Franc, Canadian Dollar, Czech Koruna, Danish Krone, Japanese Yen, Israeli New Shekel, Euro, Hong Kong Dollar, Forint, Taiwan new dollar, Baht, Swedish krona, Singapore dollar, Russian ruble and Polish zloty.

People do say the reason, why Nigerians and some other countries do not enjoy the full benefits of PayPal business account, is because of the high rate of fraud which I find preposterous. There are other developed countries in the world that their PayPal account is limited while some do even have access to PayPal due to their respective countries’ standing rules and regulations.

Does it not surprise you that North Korea has no access to PayPal at all? There is also a great list of countries who can’t use PayPal or even have their account limited like in the case of Nigeria. Countries like Sudan, Burma, Belarus, Liberia, Iran, Korea, Syria, Sierra Leone, Balkans, Zimbabwe, Lebanon, and Congo cannot use PayPal.

Irrespective of what everyone thinks, Paypal is yet to give a reason why some countries have their account restricted but not in the case of countries that do not have PayPal support.

Paypal put up a vaguely expressed statement for prohibited countries, its reason was that there are some countries who will not be able to enjoy the full functionality of Paypal due to risk that may emerge. It expressed further that sanctions and regulation from the apex institutions in respective countries are also one of the various reasons why some countries do not enjoy the full benefits of PayPal business account.

Now the trending question is how they can open a PayPal account that can send and as well receive payment?

Most people find it easier shopping online or sell their wares using the Paypal payment gateway. Hence, the need why most people need an account that can send PayPal funds and as well receive.

On this article, you will learn how to open a PayPal account that can send and receive, in other words, an account that exhibits all functions of Paypal business account.

What is Paypal Account & How Does It Work?

Having made a few remarks about PayPal in the introductory aspect of this article, I believe you now have an idea of what PayPal is all about.

Not enough? I will need to simplify it yet broad a bit.

Paypal account is one quick and secure way to pay for good and services online.

You have done a lot of buying in stores or from merchants where money passed by hands with an exchange of goods or services taking place. The only difference is that this is now done on the web.

It now makes it easier for e-commerce sites or merchants to earn even when they are in bed. I could wake up in the middle of the night, order an item and pay using my PayPal. That is how vast technology has gone. I don’t need to wait till a physical office opens in the morning coupled with ever reliable buyers protection from PayPal.

No hard feeling, you are not satisfied? Open a dispute. Extend to claims if you are unable to find common ground with the seller.

How To Open A Normal Nigerian Paypal Account

As at the time of putting up this note, Nigerian PayPal has limitations. Although I have already pointed it out, it is just to bring it back in case You already forgot.

With Nigerian PayPal account, you won’t be able to receive PayPal funds. You can only send PayPal funds using your linked debit or credit card. Both virtual card and physical card are supported.

Note that this method works for all countries, it does not matter whether your country supports all functionalities or has limitations. If your country does not support at all, you need to get is a good VPN.

  • To open a normal Nigeria Paypal account, enter into your browser.
  • Click on Get Started to start the normal PayPal process.
  • Enter your information on the new page and click on NEXT after you have confirmed that all information is provided. Make sure your password has at least one number or symbol and characters up to 8.How to open a paypal that send and receive money
  • On the new page, you are going to provide all your other details including your correct mobile number and click on AGREE AND CREATE ACCOUNT.How to get a paypal business account
  • Check the email you used for further instructions. With normal Nigerian PayPal account, you can send payments or pay for goods and services. The limitation is that you are unable to receive PayPal funds.
  • The next step is to add your card. Debit & Credit cards can be linked to open up your PayPal account for transactions.A paypal link card

How to Open A Paypal Account That Can Send & Receive Money

Here is the complete package of PayPal Account. It allows you to send and receive PayPal funds.

It is the PayPal Account that everyone wants to be compared to the one that has limitation. The best thing about using PayPal Business is that you have your funds to keep as long as you want. Get paid anytime irrespective of the day, period or time.

Opening a PayPal that send and receive funds will be pretty easy as long as you follow the steps I will show. I will advise you to open a separate Email account for the Paypal Business Account. It is to help avoid issues that may occur in the future.

Don’t fidget yet. There are no currently reported cases about Verified Paypal Business Account. I was only trying to help you guide against any event that may occur in the future and as well help guide against your official email account. Who knows, one day PayPal might grant full benefits to your country and you need your main email account to be functioning or waiting for an upgrade.

Do note that this is Lesotho Business Paypal account that can send and receive Paypal fund.

  • The first thing you need to do is connect to the internet. Then, enter in your browser.
  • If you are on mobile, scroll down and click on Get Started. For PC users, you will instantly see because of ever landscape view on Computer.Paypal account that can send and receive paypal fund
  • A new page will open asking you to enter your email address. Use the email address you just created. Fill in other details requested. Be sure you use your real names. When you get to the column where you will select country change the country to Nigeria and enter your mobile number. In the case of Nigeria, use 23480xxxxxx11; just follow the format to enter your mobile number. You can decide to leave dollar as your primary currency. Click on Agree And Continue to move to the next phase.Paypal that can receive US dollar $
  • On this new page, select individual if you are running one. There are about 7 categories to choose from but for the purpose of this tutorial, I will be choosing Individual. Select and click on your business category, I used women ready to wear stores for mine.Paypal account limitations
  • Change the country to Nigeria on the newly opened page. You can select any of the required documents to verify. If you own a National ID card, enter your NIN to complete the process. Input your date of birth and click SUBMIT when you are done.Paypal personal business account

Note: Without verification, your account will be limited. You will need to link a card; physical card and virtual card are accepted. The verified paypal account is free. 

How To Link Your Card To Get Your Verified Paypal Business Account

The next item on the table is to verify your PayPal business account. This opens all benefits attached to Paypal business account.

Before we continue on the verification process. Attached below is how a Verified PayPal Business Account looks like. From the image, you can see that there is no more red alert asking to verify or link your cards.Paypal

If your bank debit card fails you, use a virtual debit card to verify your account as I did. Mine was a gift from Capterra for reviewing software and in return, I have made over $180 from them.

There are so many options out there for your virtual card, you can go to to create one. This is only to confirm your account using credit or debit card which will attract a dollar fee of 1.95.

The $1.95 will be returned after the card is confirmed. Your statement will come with 4 digits. Upon slotting in the 4 digits and confirm successfully, you will now have full benefits of a PayPal Business Account.

  • To get it fully up, go to setting on your Paypal dashboard. Click on it.
  • Select and click on MY MONEY. Click update to open up a new interface. Click on Link and confirm my card. Your card number is the 16 digits on the face of the card while the CVV is the 3 digits at the back of the card. Enter the expiry date as it appears on the card.
  • Move your cursor and click on LINK CARD. If your debit card does not work, try other banks card. If all fails, virtual debit card won’t fail because it works for me.
  • The next step is to confirm your card by entering the 4 digits code you received. If you did not get it instantly, chill a bit, it will arrive. If you have been charged with no hitch, you should receive an alert. The alert will come with the 4 digits before the word, CODE. You will also get the $1.95 returned to you.Receiving paypal code
  • Locate Wallet on your Paypal Dashboard and click on it. Enter the 4 digits code sent alongside your statement.
  • You now have a working verified paypal business account that does not need VPN to work.

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How To Reverse Bank Payment In Nigeria



How to get your money back from banks
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The financial institutions are important part of our life as they hold the key to our strong rooms. They help in securing our money and also help in facilitating transactions.Piggy bank

Despite all these major functions they perform for individual and corporate bodies, things could go wrong at times. Mostly, when we try to use some of the services that the bank offer.

Claims that warranted bank reverse payment could come in different ways. One of the ways is when you are trying to withdraw money from the ATM, you were charged but transaction was not successful.

Years ago, you will have to enter the bank physical office to fill in some paper before a proper investigation is carried out. On completion of investigation, you will be refunded if your claim is geniune.
There is now automatic reversal if this occurs, only in rare cases you wont get the disputed amount reversed.

If you are a merchant who buys goods online using your debit or credit card, sometimes you might come across sellers with the intention to dupe you. The last resort is to find way you can make bank reverse your money.

Another reason why you might need bank reverse payment is when you send money to the wrong beneficiary. This can hurt especially when the payment is for something urgent and with the unimpressive services of the bank, getting the money back might be herculean task.

Although there are many reasons why it demands your bank to reverse money. Our frustration pile up when the bank is not doing enough to resolve it. Don’t worry as I will give you a list of options plus the quickest way to have it resolved in no time.

Ways To Have Bank Reversed PaymentWays to have bank reverse your money

Charges from the bank for services not rendered:

Maybe you are trying to make a payment, withdraw or send money to another, unfortunately, it did not go through but the total cost of the transactions was taken.

Most of the time, there is auto reversal such errors, only in rare cases you won’t get your money reversed instantly. When you do not get your money back, don’t panic as it has happened to me several times.

You have a great list of options here when such happens. One of the options available to you is to talk to the bank customer care agents, the customer care agents are the voices of the bank.

Tender your issues with them and they will help you on how to get back your money back, mostly within 2 weeks. Perhaps, they are not fast enough? There is a remedy for that.

Things took a different shape when CBN ordered that banks should always pay customers ten thousand (NGN10000) when they fail to reverse their money within 14 days. The same fine was also extended to problems arising with Nigeria Interbank Settlement System Instant Payment (NIP).

After you have made your case with the bank and they failed to return the money within 14 days. All that is left is to send a message to

State the date the failed transaction occurred, the bank you contacted and address, amount in disute, your names and contact details and evidence to back up your claims if any.

The Central Bank Of Nigeria, being the apex financial Institution in Nigeria will make its own investigation. If your claim follows due process, you will have your money in no time with the fines.

When the seller fails to meet an obligation:

Have you ever been involved in trade across boundary and you discovered there is an issue?

The issue may come in form of an attempt to dupe you of your hard earned cash. The seller may not have intention of sending goods and you have already made payment; maybe through PayPal, debit card or using your credit card.

If payment was made through paypal, there is protection for the buyer. You can open a dispute. This gives you a platform to work out things with the seller with paypal monitoring outcomes. This should be done within 6 months of the deal.

If you are unable to resolve things with the seller, you can push up dispute to claims. This is when paypal fully comes in. During this period, paypal will be the judge and could request for any documents or evidence to help the investigation. The timeframe for the claim is within 10 days.

If the seller refuses to tender evidences required of him by paypal within the stipulated time, the case will be ruled in favour of you. Same for the seller when you are unable to provide substantial details or documents required of you from paypal.

Getting your money could take a lot of patience. After a full investigation by PayPal, you will be refunded if you satisfy rules that guide PayPal claims.

Maybe, you used a credit card to pay for the item, you will need to contact the issuing bank for a chargeback.

A chargeback is when you request your issuer or bank to reverse the payment you made. For this to work, your bank will contact the beneficiary’s bank for the problem on ground.
Both work on how to resolve the issue, the recipient’s bank might ask the seller to provide some documents or evidence to back up his bid to win against the buyer.

However, the final decision will lie with the recipient’s bank. The bank owes a duty of secrecy to its customers and this could prove a big stumbling block to getting your money back. Sometimes, it could extend for 180 days before the final decision is made.

Notwithstanding, if there is an attempt to dupe, the receiving bank will have no choice than to release the money to the issuing bank. During the period of banks trying to resolve issues, the recipient might find his or her account being frozen or the said amount being held by the bank.

Sending money into wrong account or when you send money by mistake:

Things could go wrong at times, more reasons why you need to be anchored with informations that can help in such urgent moment.

Mistakes were already made, there is no need to panic. The option now is to contact the bank to help reverse payment. The bank will need to work with the recipient’s bank for this to work.

If the recipient refuses, you might need to try and work something out with the beneficiary. The bank’s duty will always be to its customers which could put you at a disadvantage.

The bank may not wish to reveal customer’s details unless permission was given. More reason why you need to be careful while entering nuban number or making payments. Review before sending to confirm the actual recipient is getting the money. Moreso, make sure it is the right amount you enter before authorising transaction.

But in case of fraud or when someone uses your details to transfer money from your account to another, it will be easier for the banks to deal as expected. Banks may employ security officers to help with the investigation.

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Capterra Reviews: How I Made $185 From Capterra



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There are more than a thousand ways to make money online of which capterra is one of them. It is surprising to know that most people do not know this while the rest of us continue to earn money by just giving review.

The first time I heard about capterra was on a WhatsApp group. So I decided to give it a try yet with a bit of doubt.

You will understand my reluctance, more than enough paid schemes out there that are not what they appear to be. I did not get disappointed though as I got what I was looking for.

What is Capterra?

Select about 50 social platforms users and chance is that about 10% of them have never heard about capterra.

You are asking what is my assumption based on? I have always been an enthusiast when we talk about the internet and it came as a surprise when I heard it for very first time.

On the surface, Capterra is an online site that helps individuals and companies to make decisions on which software or apps are best for their businesses.

The company does this by allowing verified users to share their experience and concerns on the software they have used. It is an open field for everyone to give insight on how well or poorly a software is. This initiative in return helps potential customers to decide whether to go for a particular software or not. No software is all perfect anyway but if the pros outweighs the cons, you are one way helping businesses succeed.

Capterra makes use of infographics, rating and simplified reviews to help you make informed decisions. You don’t want to end up buying or using poor software. Such a waste of time and resources can be avoided by taking a few peeps on reviews.

Within, you can earn some money by sharing all you know about the software. You probably have visited the site but you have no idea how it works. It is my duty to guide you into it as I plan to do on this post.

Capterra Paid Reviews

Capterra paid review is an online platform that allows users to share their knowledge about business softwares with potential buyers and in return you earn cash.

The key is to tap from your fountain of knowledge concerning the softwares you have used or helped to set up.

Capterra gartner will expect you to be on the fence in this case and give in reasons why you love a particular software and as well as the demerits.

No one will hold it against you for sharing your bizzare moments with software you used. Most buyers will love to be informed before paying for softwares. Capterra gartner even allows reviews to be shared anonymously.

Remember that the key is to make money while giving your honest reviews about the softwares you want to review. Just be yourself and give a professional review and in days or weeks later, you will have your gift card waiting to be redeemed.

How I made $185 on Capterra

A friend said, “there is no limit to how much you can make on Capterra. I have no claim to it though as I can only speak for myself.”

When I was introduced to capterra, it was something I did not take seriously. I gave out 2 reviews on softwares I have used and 1 was approved. I earned $5 on that.

Thr truth is I did not even realise that I have a cash gift waiting for me until I received invitation from Capterra to review another with a promise to pay $10 per approved review.

I quickly checked my spam messages. Behold, $5 was all there waiting to be redeemed.Capterra virtual gift card

I eventually gave out 10 reviews without being sentimental about the business softwares. Days later, I received a message to claim my $100 gift card.How to earn cash on capterra gartner

At the time of writing this post, I was invited again to give another reviews. What a quick way to make some cash especially when it is this easy.

Below the main message, there is an important information stating it is maximum of 10 reviews per person every month.

This will definitely go a long way in taking care of some expenses if the reviews get published. For a review to get published, it must meet their guidelines.

Another invitation got to me, it is to review another 10 products at $10 each. Unfortunately, $80 was sent, the reason could be that I had already reviewed two before this new invitation.

You too can start making money by reviewing products you have used.

Make real money on capterra

Payment methods on Capterra

There are about 4 ways to to be paid on this platform. The payment methods available are Apple Itunes Card, Starbucks Card, Amazon Gift Card and Visa Gift Card.
People living or outside USA are advised to choose visa gift card when redeeming their gift card.Redeem with amazon card starbucks apple itunes visa card

When you choose visa card, you can have the physical plastic card shipped to you or request for a virtual visa card. Both have the capacity to be used on the phone, on the internet and mail-in payment. For the plastic card to be shipped, you will be charged $3 as the processing fee.

The advantages physical card has over the virtual card is that it will be easy to be presented to store owners, retailers and restaurants compared to trying to have them to input your virtual visa card details on their payment slots.

Others might accept it but the chance is very slim as it may not speak well for their business.

Below are some selected softwares for capterra paid reviews (Bloggers & Writer)

There are some busines softwares that most people will not have idea of, because it is not their field.

Bloggers would have at least one time used some of these software below because of the nature of their job. It is only to help you with having to make a quick decision on which software to give your undiluted thoughts on.

You may have had your hands on some other softwares, this is just a plus as you begin your journey into earning cool cash.

  • Google drive
  • Dropbox
  • Survery monkey
  • WordPress
  • Corel draw
  • Canva
  • SEO
  • Google doc
  • MailChimp
  • Jetpack
  • Google hangouts
  • Microsoft word
  • Google analytics
  • Grammarly

Ideas on which business softwares to review on for all

  • Whataspp
  • Telegram
  • Facebook apps & tabs
  • Microsoft word
  • Powerpoint
  • Excel
  • Google drive
  • Google hangouts
  • Instagram automation
  • Dropbox

Tips to get your reviews approved

  1. Be real about the software. Try to give what you like most about the software. Be more broad on explanations.
  2. You should be able to give both sides of the coin. The pros and cons will help potential buyers with their decision. If a product’s benefits outweigh its issues, make it appealing to the buyers if possible.
  3. Dont give a review based on what you heard from friends. Give reviews because you have used it or at least helped to set it up. That way you will be more broad with your reviews.
  4. Ensure your review is relevant to software buyers and also avoid unnecesary use of big grammars. Write reviews that almost everyone can understand.
  5. Don’t include info about yourself or information that can be traced back to other people.
  6. Your main priority should only be on the software to be reviewed. It will also do good to avoid hateful or harrassing reviews about the product. Dont take it personal.

Capterra login – How to start earning

Everything has a process. Capterra is not am exception To begin your journey into earning from the scheme. You will need to have registered on or you can register by clicking JOIN NOW on the Capterra login page.

Step 1
Click here to begin your journey into making quick cash on Capterra.

Step 2
A new page will pop up, asking you to sign with your linkedin account. If you have one, you just need to click on “Sign in with LinkedIn”.Capterra LinkedIn

Step 3
You will be taken to a new page. On this new page, you are expected to provide your linkedin’s email or phone number you used during your registration with the site and password. Sign in when you are done.

If you have not yet joined, click on “Join Now”Capterra Log in

Step 4
Now that you have login using your Linkedin, the next thing is to find a software to review.

When you click on any software of your choice, you will be taken to a page where you are expected to fill in your job title, organisation name, industry you are representing and others.

Click next to go to the next page when you are done.

Capterra login


Step 5
On the new page, you just need to click on any range based on your experience with the software.

After doing this, click next and a new page will appear. This is where you are expected to write the advantages and disadvantages of the software on Capterra

Capterra paid reviews

Capterra reviews

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