how to check airtel data balance

How To Check Data Balance On Airtel

There is always a need to check account balance on Airtel Nigeria to find out much data you have used or your phone is consuming.

This can be beneficiary also if you do not have auto renewal activated. Who want to stay without data on their smartphone especially in this era where social platforms are now getting big upgrades.

I don’t see any reason why you will not activate airtel cheap data plan now that they are coming up with different plans. There is always something for everyone. Whether you want the mini-plan, monthly plans, mega plans, Instagram bundles, 4g plan; be rest assured that with Airtel Nigeria that nothing can go wrong.

Meanwhile Airtel network is one of the fastest network, if not the best in Nigeria. The common argument has always been between 9mobile, which also is very fast. It will be very rare before one can see a 9mobile subscriber complaning of poor internet connection.

The 4g network on Airtel is amazingly fast and has almost covered the 36 states in Nigeria and FCT. It is just a matter of time before the company will be able to boast of presence in every place in Nigeria.

This article centres on how you check your airtel data balance the easy ways. This will only be possible if you have already subscribe to a data plan, receive a bonus from the network provider or have some data transfered to you.

How To Check Your Airtel Data Balance

Maybe this is not what you really need but want to know the airtel data plan codes, prices and validity then you might need to check my post on that. The post will guide you on how to subscribe to the data plan of your choice.

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Meanwhile, do not use your airtime to browse the intenet because you will always be at the receiving end. Airtime should be used for voice calls to any network and reach out to people through SMS.

However, let us get back to the main issue at hands which is how can a airtel customers check his or her data balance. If you are in the categories of people who do not know how to check their data plan on Airtel Nigeria network, then here we go.

There are two ways to check your data balance. One is through dialing certain USSD codes or using the Airtel Care app.Airtel data balance ussd code *223# or *140#

Option 1

Depending on what OS your phone runs, you can download the app from play store or apple store.

If you are an Android user, then play store is for you. Apple fanboys should move to apple store for their Airtel care app.

Option 2

  • Dial *140# from your airtel mobile line to check airtel data balance. After dialling *140#, your data balance and the expiry date will be sent through sms.
  • Customers can also dial *223# if you want the system to show your data balance immediately on the screen.

The advantage it has over the other is that it shows your airtel airtime bonus, social plan balance, weekend bal, talkmore and many more.

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