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GOtv Jinja Package Channels List 2021

In today’s guide, we will be providing you with the list of channels that can be watched on the Popular MultiChoice Package called GOtv Jinja.

This is another plan that has been known to be cheap, yet with some decent arrays of programs for all. It doesn’t matter what your choices are, be it music, sports, or some Nollywood blockbuster movies, you are going to find them there.

We are not just going to list all the channels’ numbers on the package, but also provide the subscription price, how to renew, and a few FAQs which might serve your queries.

What is GOtv Jinja?

GOtv Jinja is another affordable plan offered by Multichoice to their esteemed customers. The price may be very low but does not make it less remarkable as you still get to watch some great content.

However, this plan may not have the exclusive list known to GOtv max, but will still keep you entertained and updated.

The channels you are likely to come across on Jinja are Supersport select, Africa Magic, and other popular ones.

How much is the GOtv Jinja?

The price of the GOtv Jinja Package is NGN1,640. Payment can be made online or you can also go to any Gotv dealer around you.

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Once payment has been received, it should not take much time before you can start watching your favourite channels. Not the best, but for the price, it is value for money.

How Many Channels Are On Gotv Jinja?

The Gotv Jinja has over 45 Channels for subscribers. It consists of one movie channel, 2 sports channels, 3 music channels for music lovers, and several different genres.

GOtv Jinja Package Channels List

1 Africa Magic Epic  9
2 Africa Magic Hausa  4
3 Africa Magic Igbo  11
4 Africa Magic Yoruba  5
5 Afro Music 76
6 Ait 93
7 Aljazeera 40
8 Arewa 24  101
9 Arise News 44
10 BBNaija 29
11 BCOS 105
12 Biscon Tv  108
13 Channels Tv 95
14 E – Entertainment Channel 26
15 EBS 104
16 Emmanuel Tv 82
17 Event Channel  29
18 Faith Network  80
19 Galaxy Tv 99
20 Islam channel  81
21 ITV 107
22 Jim Jam 61
23 Liberty Tv 110
24 Ltv 90
25 Mitv 94
26 Naija FM 301
27 Nickelodeon  62
28 NTA 46
29 NTA 1 91
30 NTA 2 114
31 NTA Parliament 115
32 OG Tv 100
33 OnTv Max  96
34 PBS Kids 65
35 R2Tv 112
36 Rave Tv  113
37 RCCG Dove Tv 83
38 Real Time  12
39 RSTV  103
40 Silverbird Television 92
41 Sound City 75
42 Spice Tv 10
43 Supersport blitz 30
44 Supersport select 2 34
45 Tiwa & Tiwa 111
46 Trybe 97
47 TVC 27
48 TVC News 45
49 Urban Tv 73
50 Wap Tv 102
51 Wazobia FM  303
52 Wazobia TV 98

Does Gotv Jinja Show Bbnaija?

Yes, GoTV subscribers can watch Big Brother Nigeria on GoTv Jinja Package. Meanwhile, as long as you are subscribed to any of the plans you will be able to watch the show.

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To watch BBnaija on GOtv, simply press 29 on your remote or use buttons on the decoder.

Can I Watch Premier League On Gotv Jinja

There is not much EPL football you can watch on GOtv jolly. It may not be exactly what you are hoping to get, but you will find comfort in the fact that you can watch both local and international sports on SS Select 2.

Among them are International football games, Major African Leagues, Replays of major football matches, Wrestling, African Boxing, Highlights, etc. You do not have much choice here, but live games are still a possibility but will be selected according to the order Multichoice follows.

How To Renew GOtv Jinja Package?

To renew your GoTv Jinja plan, you will need your IUC number. However, if this is your first time, then you probably need some tips on how to get the number.

To check the number, simply click Menu on your GoTv remote, then go to Information Central and then press Ok. You should see the IUC number now. Alternatively, check underneath the decoder to copy out the number.

Once gotten, you can use your bank app, or any other payment apps to renew or upgrade the plan. If you are using an app, go to the Bill payment or TV tab depending on the app you prefer to use. From there, select GOtv as the biller and follow the on-screen instructions. We recommend Palmpay.

If you do not have access to that, you can also pay using the internet banking platform, USSD Code, or payment at any of their stores spread around the country.

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