How to transfer Airtel Credit to another number using These Simple Steps

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How to Transfer Credit to another number using These Simple Steps

In this post, we will show you how to transfer credit to another using these simple steps.

Know that just like MTN, Airtel also allows customers to share their airtel balance with their friends and family.

This approach will mean so much especially when that niece, friends or sibling ask that you should top up their balance.

Know that there is a charge attached to each transfer and it goes for 10 per transfer. You say cheap?

Well, it is, at least better than having to stroll out to get the recharge. Also, no matter where you are, be it in the toilet or in a remote place, you can always send it.

What do you need to transfer?

1. Airtel Sim
2. Airtel Transfer pin (you must chan
3. Airtel service number for transfer (432)

What is Me2u?

Me2U is an airtel transfer number which is designed by Airtel to allow you to send or share your credit with families and friends.

Step 1 – Have the amount loaded on your balance.

Make sure you have the amount or more on your balance. Since Airtel will be charging you 10, you should have the extra 10 available on your phone.

Eg. you are sending 100, you should have 110 or more for the service to work.

Step 2 – Your Transfer Pin

If this is your first time of using the service. Then you need to change your pin.

Default pin is 1234 but if 1234 does not work, use 0000.

Dial *432#
Type in 3 on the space provided by the pop up box
Follow onscreen instruction.
You will receive a response when done.

The reason why Airtel always advise you change your pin is to protect against unauthorized credit transfer from your account.

Step 3 – How to transfer credit to families and friends

There is 2 easy way to transfer Airtel Credit. You can transfer using USSD or through SMS. No matter which one you choose, it will still be smooth and fast. For me, I prefer using USSD.

To transfer using SMS, Type Beneficiary’s no Amount New Pin and send to 432. Like this, type 08021100034 100 3423 and send to 432

Or just dial *432#
A pop-up box will emerge, enter 1 into the box provided.
Beneficiary’s mobile no
Amount to be sent
Then pin

How to transfer on airtel

You will receive a confirmation as regards the transfer.

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