How To Create Short Intro Video For Your Social Media

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In this digital age, text and images get shared constantly, but video gets more views. There are several reasons why people prefer video over text or static images. Video is dynamic and more engaging, so it’s the best way to reach out to people. It helps if you use animated videos for social media posts and adds even more potential views on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter because videos attract attention.

Many people are not very confident of producing high-quality videos, and believe it to be the job of professionals. But this is far from the truth. The InVideo intro video maker gives you the ability to edit high-quality videos right from your browser without any design or video experience whatsoever!

Social videos are more engaging than text or static images, especially on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. They encourage your audience to watch, comment, like, and share your content, thus increasing the visibility of your company. This intro maker can provide you with a solution for editing such social videos – making it all simple and hassle-free in order to help you reach your target audience faster. What’s more, no video production experience is required.

Creating effective social media campaigns:

Set objectives

Begin by setting objectives for each social media video you want to shoot; whether you want to boost engagement to your website or generate sign-ups for your email list, or even introduce a new product line.

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Browse the collection of storyboard templates to find a pre-built template that matches your objectives or fits the look you want for your video. Once you’ve picked your template, it’s time to start putting your video together.

We highly recommend having a clear objective in mind before you get started on creating a social media video with this tool. Since social media videos are often short and sweet, we advise putting all of your efforts into crafting a hook that will set the stage for the rest of your production so that you can bring out any subtle details in the design without causing confusion or misunderstanding!

InVideo’s collection of storyboard templates will help you decide on the aesthetics of your upcoming videos. Choose from a variety of layouts that match your brand and goals so your next video is captivating!

Unlock your audience

You can push the social media envelope by delving into the characteristics of your audience and grabbing their attention with surprises they weren’t expecting.

And to do this you have to know what makes them tick. Thankfully, platforms like Facebook and Instagram give you access to information that helps you better understand your target customer, but it’s only when you use this data wisely that you’ll be able to tap into your fan base.

Create your social media video strategy and pick your channel by knowing who you want to reach out to, and where they are. Luckily, social media makes it easy to connect with people by giving you information about which channel users prefer.

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Standardize best practices

Find out what’s working for you, and more importantly, what your audience likes! Then, go ahead and standardize and follow best practices in your communication efforts. Were the videos you recently created well-received by your peers? Is the clickthrough rate on emails improving over time? That’s a sign to keep doing more of that kind of thing while still maintaining diversity among company channels.

Look for patterns that may emerge among similar content like memes, video clips, or blog posts, and then try to use those same tactics with new products coming out next season. Use different testing tools to determine which versions display better ROI.

In this new digital age, it is important to gauge how your business is doing when it comes to competition and influence. The world of internet marketing may have changed in many ways but some things will always remain the same. One thing you can’t forget now that there are so many different social media platforms out there is that there are resources available to you. You have the expertise from InVideo, which has proved its worth when it comes to helping a business do well. Consider taking advantage of these programs and turning them into allies in your quest for online success!

Additional tips for creating social media videos

Any social media management application that helps users schedule updates to Facebook and Twitter quickly and easily, knows all about the importance of effective storytelling. In order to succeed on social media networks like Facebook, where stories go more viral than ever before, it’s important for video content to be captivating.

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That’s why Buffer decided to create multiple videos quickly by using InVideo. By running dozens of tests related to the aspect ratio, device targeting, and style of content, Buffer discovered that square videos significantly outperform horizontal ones on smartphones.


Are you ready to begin exploring different strategies for social media marketing? If so, there are plenty of awesome starter guides you can find right here. As you make your own videos to share on Facebook or other platforms, we’re happy to help along the way! We want to make sure that you have all of the necessary tools you need here at InVideo to get things started. So, join a community of others just like yourself who are using video on social media and chime in, as well as offer your own input! In addition, feel free to check out our blog for helpful tips and ideas for creating visually appealing videos.

Let’s talk about social videos. As you plan videos for your business, there are some basic best practices you can use to make sure you’re on the right path. Try to familiarize yourself with as many of these as possible. Build your knowledge and confidence of the tools and software, and you are ready to go.

With InVideo, you can join their community on Facebook to get started! They have a team of marketing experts who are here to help with tips, ideas, inspiration and feedback.

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